The gastronomy world is heavily dominated by men. They’re supposed to be better chefs, run restaurants better and manage teams. Women, on the other hand, are most often assigned the role of waitresses or kitchen assistants. Fortunately, there is a huge breakthrough in this matter and women are starting to play the leading roles. They open their own restaurants, develop gastronomic concepts and manage work in the kitchen. Darcy Green, the owner of Brosia Bowl, who has been involved in the culinary industry since she was 14 years old, talks about stereotypes and difficulties, whether it is easy to be a woman in modern gastronomy and if gender still matters.

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Where did the idea to be associated with the catering industry come from? Did you go through different positions or did you decide to start your own “restaurant on wheels” with your husband?

I have been in the restaurant industry since I was 14 years old. I decided to start this company when I realized there were very few healthy restaurants in the surrounding area. I was in catering for a while and decided to branch off on my own. The food truck was just the next step in the process of getting the word out about ‘Brosia Bowl.

Where did the idea for such a restaurant concept come from? It is quite unusual 🙂

I decided to quit eating meat back in 2014. Around here, there are very few options to get a meal without meat in it. So I decided to start my own business that was completely meat-free and emphasized healthy options.

Is it something that makes you happy? Do you feel fulfilled in what you are doing?

I love what I’m doing. Every day is different, challenging, rewarding, and exciting! I created a job out of thin air and now I am my own boss, sharing my love of healthy food with everyone around me.

Tell about the situation of women in the world of gastronomy. Is it harder for them to break through in this industry? Do they have to try harder to get noticed?

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In my short experience, I have noticed that woman in this business do have to work a little harder to be taken seriously. We have to speak a little louder and be a little bit more stubborn. But around here, it isn’t as competitive as in other parts of the nation and world. I think women are definitely making their way.

From the beginning of your adventure with gastronomy, have you noticed that this industry has changed and is more friendly to women?

Definitely. Especially after Covid. More people are quitting their mundane jobs and fulfilling their dreams because they’ve realized life is too short to not pursue what makes them happy. More and more women are staring food trucks and bakeries and restaurants, getting out of their comfort zones and doing what they love.

Do you think women bring other values to gastronomy than men? Does gender really matter in this industry?

I think there was a social stigma around woman in the industry, but I think that ship has sailed. Around here, there are just as many women as there are men who have started their own business. I think gender was a bigger deal years ago, but we are evolving past the social norms of gender roles.

Have you encountered any stereotypes about women in gastronomy?

I think there will always be men who speak to me like I don’t know what I’m doing. But two of my biggest mentors are men, and they are both very proud of my tenacity and knowledge. They both see that I know what I want and I’m not going to stop until my dream becomes a reality.

What inspires you in gastronomic activities?

I love seeing people trying new things and breaking out of their comfort zones. When people tell me how much they love my food, it fuels the fire in my belly and keeps me pressing forward. It’s the customers that inspire me to do better, keep creating, and make the best food I can.

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