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21 Best Responsive Food Website Templates for your Restaurant

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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Having a dedicated website for your restaurant is the gift that keeps on giving. A flashy restaurant website with its graphical design coherent with the place itself is sure to attract new customers. In order to find the edge over your competition, you need to use the most beautiful yet functional food website template around. Thanks to the sheer variety of food website templates, you can easily find one that accurately reflects the nature of your restaurant. However, this variety has one serious drawback: it’s really hard to find what you need on your own.

Luckily for you, we have prepared a list of, in our opinion, the best of the best food website design templates. They range from WordPress themes to HTML templates for all kinds of users. WordPress has the advantage of being more modular, an experienced webmaster can pick and choose the settings and functions one needs. However, if you are just starting to explore the world of website building, perhaps an all-in-one HTML template is the thing for you.

Without further ado, let’s get into the world of restaurant website templates.

Delice – our choice among food service website templates

This website template has probably the best cost to effect ratio among all food service design templates. It allows you to build the restaurant website of your dreams with breathtaking fullscreen backgrounds coupled with gorgeous parallax animations, and many other distinctive visual flair options. With a little bit of creativity and just a couple of intuitive clicks, you can really spice up your restaurant’s website and really make it stand out among the competition.

Tomato – great template for your restaurant website

Tomato comes with a plethora of visual options to customize your restaurant website. From different styles of parallax animations, through video backgrounds, to several distinct colour schemes. On top of that, you get many powerful tools as part of the whole package: WPBakery and Revolution Slider to name a few. Although the price of this website template is a bit steep, you have to consider what comes with the template. This theme adheres to all the contemporary web trends, for example responsive layout, search engine optimization, and cross-browser compatibility.

Divi – excellent restaurant website template builder

If you have any sort of knowledge about website building and templates, Divi is the one product that needs no introduction. It is probably the most versatile of all the online templates, perhaps not aimed at the food industry specifically, but it just fits. It comes with a unique drag and drop block building interface that lets you start building your restaurant’s website immediately after purchase. Divi is renowned for being the benchmark for responsiveness, your restaurant website is sure to run on any device imaginable with this template.

Kruton – one of the best simple food website templates

This is a very simple looking, yet highly functional multipurpose website template for your food place. The creators of Kruton put a very strong emphasis on user friendliness, allowing even the most newbie webmaster to experience the power of this food website design template. It has all the obligatory options and modules you expect from a responsive website template. You can even set up online cooking courses for your customers, a feature unique to this template alone.

Ristora – perfect food ecommerce website template

Ristora is an amazing website template dedicated solely for the restaurant business. You can set up your website in any way you want, from simple one-page landing sites, to multiple pages packed with info and visual flair. Its fresh, clean look will surely attract many new customers to stay on your restaurant’s website. Ristora comes with a fully fleshed-out online reservation and ordering module, which will help your food business in this online era.

Pearl – impressive food service website template

If you are a big fan of the parallax effect (you really should, it’s all the rage nowadays), Pearl might be the best choice among food service website templates. It has an extra template for hotels if you feel the need to expand your business. It features many other great options which you come to expect from a premium food place website template. It can even set you up with a blog, which are rapidly becoming the number one way to communicate with fellow foodies and increase your client base.

Picante – magnificent example of food product website templates

This seemingly simple food website template will surely allow you to spice up your clients’ online experience with your restaurant. It’s incredibly versatile, this template allows you to set up your food website to meet your expectations. It comes with eight separate demo websites, each of them highly customizable so you can build the website your business needs, regardless of whether it’s a bar, cafe, or a haute cuisine restaurant. The aforementioned customization is built with drag-and-drop technology which makes the whole process as easy and painless as food company website building goes.

The Spice Lounge – spice it up with this splendid online food website template

The Spice Lounge is a beautiful and vibrant website template designed for bars, cafes, and restaurants. It offers multiple ready to use themes, each with a light and dark colour scheme. Its pre-built pages, including several different home variants, allow you to build your WordPress restaurant website very quickly and efficiently without any real experience required. This website theme’s architecture allows you to pick what suits your restaurant website. There are many different menu layouts, several types of sliders, all of them very easy to customize.

Lambert – food company website template that your business needs

With Lambert, your restaurant home page theme can be displayed in one of six distinct styles, with beautiful full screen and video backgrounds. The creators of Lambert are really into gorgeous parallax animations, allowing you to make your restaurant website really stand out in the crowd. Another feature that can make your website truly shine with Lambert is the wide array of optimization options which allow you to greatly speed up loading on every browser and device.

Majesty – not only a website template for food products

This lavishly stylish website template is the perfect fit for your new haute cuisine business. It is very easy to set up, with all unnecessary options tucked away if you need them to be. Majesty features over two hundred distinct company website templates, many of which are from the food industry.

Berg – a website template that is minimalistic yet packed with functionality

Take a look at this incredibly lightweight multipurpose website template. It features extremely clean code, mouthwatering visual options, and excellent SEO optimization. Included are several restaurant website template demos which can help you set up your web page with just a few clicks.

Gourmet – specialized multipurpose website template for the food industry

This is an excellent multipurpose website template which you can set up to present your restaurant’s website in just the way you want it to. Gourmet’s creators put a strong emphasis on loading times, streamlining file sizes to approximately half of the size of its competitors. Fully integrated with e-commerce tools, this theme allows you to set up safe online payments.. And if you need multiple language versions, Gourmet is among the best responsive website themes for you.

TinySalt – simple yet effective food company website template

Here is another multipurpose template for your restaurant’s website. It is being regularly updated with new templates. Currently, you can use this template with a cool set of design options, widgets and other options for an e-commerce shop, agency, blog, or portfolio.

This template includes a stylish and useful website framework to reflect the quality of your foodie masterpiece.

Restabook – parallax restaurant HTML website template

This template is an elegant choice for your restaurant website. It allows you to set up a custom menu using a wide selection of widgets. On top of that, Padre offers everything else you come to expect from a premium WordPress theme for restaurants. It’s also packed with several breathtaking animations designed to spice up your simple restaurant website.

Lecker – restaurant website template for your small business

Lecker is one of the cheapest premium website templates aimed at the restaurant market..It offers ten visually distinct web page designs, each as a one page or multipage.  With its wide array of fonts and icons, you can really make your WordPress restaurant website look exactly how you want it to. Fully responsive, it can handle any device you try to open it on.

Freshio – responsive restaurant website template

Despite the whimsical name, this is a high-quality multi page restaurant website template. Its modular design allows you to build the right website for you, choosing from multiple page styles, headers, and fonts. It’s highly customizable and comes with excellent SEO optimization.

Gaucho – restaurant and food template

Take a look at this yummy, reliable, and fully responsive food website template. You get a complete package of several different landing pages, many distinctive menu options, and lots of page styles to choose from.

Pizzaro – dedicated website template for pizza places

Being one of many specialized templates for food websites, Pizzaro is focused entirely on restaurants that serve pizza. It’s SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly, responsive, and deliciously beautiful.

Fooday – simple restaurant HTML template

This template is a great solution for a simple food website. You will definitely benefit from the great variety of customization options. It also has great built-in functionalities which make it stand out among other food website templates.

Hungry – food website design template

Take a look at this premium one page food website template. It’s packed with amazing functionalities and design elements that you can pick and choose as you see fit. This specialized website design template is all you need to set up your first food company website.

Rozario – specialized yet simple food website template

Rozario is a stylish food website template for restaurants. It features a distinctive navigation experience with the restaurant business in mind. It is extremely SEO optimized, helping your site be indexed by various search engines. On top of this, Rozario offers a wide array of features and functions that are usually included in similar premium website templates: responsiveness, customization, extensive documentation, and excellent customer support

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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