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If you are one of those people, who suffer from food allergies, then we can totally relate and feel your pain. Nowadays, almost everyone is struggling with different kinds of allergies. Schools across America had already banned peanut butter rand any other related products. If you send your toddler to a pre-school with a sunflower seed butter – there might be some questions asked, since it kind of looks like a peanut butter. When you sit down at a restaurant, and a waiter approaches you, you will definitely be asked for any food allergies. People are being extra cautious. Thankfully technology comes with a solution!

A Food Allergy App Will Help You Out!

What is a food allergy restaurant app? Is it even legit? Yes! What is more, a food allergy app might turn out to be extremely helpful when choosing your next meal. There are apps which have many awesome and delicious recipes. The app will ask you about the ingredients you wish to avoid. Then, a full list of awesome dish ideas will appear. You can browse, choose your favorites and guess what – the app has a shopping list, which will help you buy only those items that you really need! Have you heard of Yummly? It is an app where you can get those recipes personalized to your dietary needs and allergies. How cool is that?

Oh Gluten, Where Are You?

So, there are pollen forecast apps, and there are food allergy apps. And there is this app, which will help you search through different menus of many restaurants to find a gluten-free dishes. All of those gluten-free friendly places in one app! Fine Me Gluten Free might be a perfect food allergy checker app for sure!

Dairy Free? More Like Worry Free!

Did you know you can use your phone’s camera to find out if a particular product is dairy free? App for dairy free products and meals will be extremely helpful for those of you who are allergic to dairy. There are plenty of apps that can help you out with finding many lactose free products as well.

Can I Eat This?

If you have food allergies, then you probably have asked yourself that question many times, right? Food allergy apps will help you out when it comes to your food allergies and food intolerance. A good restaurant allergy app will show you the places, where you can easily find a dish that will not provoke an allergic reaction. Dining out with a food allergy has never been easier! 

Spice It Up!

Yes, we know – some of us here might be pretty sensitive with that extra hot sauce on their meal, but let us not forget about Food Maestro or Spoon Guru – food allergy apps that are created for those of you, who have dietary preferences and health needs. There are many other apps which give you a perfect solution and nutritional expertise, so their customers can easily find meals, that will not interfere with their health and allergies. Your diet does not have to be boring!

Share Your Thoughts!

If you happen to find a perfect restaurant allergy app or a food allergy app – make sure to rate it! With so many new food allergy apps out there, choosing the right one might be a bit challenging. Just like dining out, when you have a food allergy or a food intolerance. A good restaurant allergy app will help you browse the restaurant’s menu prior to your visit, so you know what to expect. You will be able to look up only those places, that offer dishes suitable for your dietary needs.

Going on a Trip?

No worries! There are some cool traveling food allergy apps, that will help you find the right places to order your food from. Food allergies might be a bit tough while traveling, but thanks to some of those food allergy apps, you will be able to dine at places that are friendly for people with different food allergies.

Once again technology is helping us with our health. And by using those food allergy apps, we can take advantage of all of those places, without worrying about our food allergies. Apps that can give us some awesome new meal ideas and recipes. Everything just to make our lives easier and healthier. Dining out or shopping for those, who are suffering from food intolerance and allergies has become easier! It only takes few clicks to install an app. Hurry up and enjoy it! 

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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