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Restaurant interior design ideas to help yours stand out


Restaurant interior decoration can be a bit of a conundrum for many restaurateurs, especially because of how important it is to choose the right decorative elements to create the desired atmosphere. If you overdo it, your restaurant can end up looking like an Easter egg. Too little interior decor, on the other hand, and your restaurant ends up looking cold and uninviting. Attempting to save money will make things tacky, but going for pricey antique could leave you broke. So where’s the compromise? Keep reading for some simple restaurant interior design ideas that will help you find it.

Restaurant interior design ideas

Restaurant interior styles depend on the kind of food you serve, the clientele likely to be coming in. At the end of the day, however, there are few “good” or “bad” ideas – the key is to have one coherent theme that you stick to. A few surefire hits in 2021 include:


We don’t just mean a flowerpot on a windowsill here and there, either. Having, say, vines shimmying down the light fixtures will throw all sorts of interesting shadows and lend your restaurant a truly unique atmosphere.

Open kitchens

There’s a good chance every dish your chefs create is a little work of art in and of itself, so why not put it on exhibition? You heard that right, make your kitchen a part of the decor! Having an open kitchen is a surefire way to take your restaurant interior up a notch and be an endless source of entertainment and awe from your guests.

Murals or other wall art

Inviting a local artist in to put an absolutely unique piece of art on your wall is not only a way to give your restaurant character, but it’s also a great promotion idea. Lots of people are going to want a selfie with that mural, and when they post it, they will also be helping to get the word out about how great your restaurant is. Win-win!

Bar and grill interior design ideas

Bars are a place people come to kick back and let go of all the stress they’ve been carrying around with them. That’s why the further your decor can take them from their everyday lives and problems, the better! Wondering how to do that? You could:

Use up those bottles!

Why throw away all of the bottles you go through? There are plenty of creative ways to put them to good use and give your bar some character, to boot! Beer bottle chandeliers or wine bottle candle holders, to name but a few. You could even build a beer bottle Christmas tree!

Pick a sport and go all out

Is your bar all about watching baseball? Hockey? Soccer? Boxing? Make your bar interior reflect that every step of the way! Frame posters, paint end zones around your toilets, organize competitions with free drinks for people who can shoot the best hoops! Trivia nights focused on your sport of choice will be lots of fun, too. Long story short, your bar’s character is what will have people coming back again and again, instead of going next door.

Get some unique wall art

Yes, this one has been mentioned already when we talked about restaurants, but it is just as good if not a better idea when we talk about bars. Nothing will get people in a rum mood more than a mural depicting the archetypical drunken sailor, Ahab pursuing Moby Dick, or a Kraken wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting ship. Just the same, a painting of the world-famous lake Como can work miracles towards making up for a less-than-romantic view out the window. Paired with a few plants and some good lighting, a nice piece of wall art could be what really sets you apart from the competition.

Your restaurant interior decoration is definitely worth putting some thought into! As ever, the more effort you put into getting things right with your business, the more it will pay off in the future. Do you have any other ideas for a unique interior design at your bar or restaurant? Make sure you share in the comments!

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