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The Flavour Menu Meet The Flavour, a restaurant WordPress Theme with a classy and modern design that will definitely stand out and provide a touch of class to your web presence.


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Presentation of Restaurant WordPress Theme on desktop and mobile devices

Theme features

Consider something different The Flavour Menu is a new WordPress menu template that is becoming increasingly popular.

CMS offers all the support you need to modify the template according to your taste. What is more, it is very easy to plug into your website.

Take a look at new solutions Do you need a menu theme that is a perfect compilation of elegance, simplicity and innovation? Then the Flavour Menu is the one for you.

You can easily add pictures and create distinctive descriptions of your meals, all with the added touch of classy ornaments.

Add value with the Flavour Menu The Flavour Menu is a great choice for fancy venues that target sophisticated individuals. The theme makes every dish in your menu look even more impressive.

The Theme Fuse will help you manage the way your restaurant looks online.

Gain more profits Restaurants often struggle to find effective ways to improve sales. Choosing a stylish menu template can be of more help than you might imagine.

The pretty design will catch the attention of many potential customers. This menu template is also very intuitive, so your customers will have no issues with making their orders.

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