Facebook integration Take advantage of a Facebook ordering system and earn more

If you want to increase your food delivery and make it easier for your customers to order food, launch a Facebook ordering system. Thanks to the integration of UpMenu and Facebook, you can easily launch online orders on your restaurant Facebook page.

Facebook online ordering will help you increase the number of orders and earn the loyalty of your customers. Use the Facebook profile and earn more by selling food on social media. Integration with UpMenu is simple and will only take a few minutes.

How does the Facebook ordering app work?

  1. You can easily link your restaurant Facebook account to the online food ordering system. Click on the link, and a new tab with your products — “Online orders” — will appear in your restaurant profile.
  2. Your customers can place orders using the Facebook ordering system on your restaurant’s Facebook page account. Thanks to the functionality of the UpMenu system, the menu is clear and intuitive.
  3. The order goes directly to your restaurant in exactly the same way as orders placed on the restaurant website or via the mobile app. Facebook online ordering is thus easy for you and your customers to use. And that’s how you boost your earnings!

Increase your food delivery using the Facebook ordering system

The Integration of the UpMenu online food ordering system and Facebook will help you fulfil more orders and serve your customers better. This is a new sales channel which will help you stay ahead of your competition and increase your profits.

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Facebook integration

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