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Stuart delivery service for restaurant + UpMenu

Enhance order efficiency by connecting your online ordering system with Stuart with just one click.

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Start delivering orders with Stuart & UpMenu

Unlock the potential of food delivery Stuart offers to enhance your restaurant’s online sales.

  • Manage all orders in one system to streamline your restaurant operations 
  • Send online orders to Stuart without manual data entry
  • Stay updated on order status through the UpMenu dashboard
  • Allow customers to order online from your store to maximize your profit


Benefit from Stuart’s deliveries and reduce your costs

Ensure fast and efficient order processing while cutting down on your costs. 

  • Don’t pay commissions for the orders; pay for food delivery only
  • Empower your consumers to track orders via a clickable link upon acceptance
  • Save time by letting Stuart handle food delivery with their driver fleet 
  • Cut down your labor cost by relying on Stuart deliveries
stuart delivery - integration of an online ordering system with stuart
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Why our clients love working with UpMenu

“In the last 10 years, we’ve saved over $1.5M thanks to UpMenu. This is the total we would have owed to 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

Ready to use Stuart delivery with the UpMenu online ordering system?

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Our customers experience a 23% reduction in order processing time

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stuart is a versatile delivery and logistics company catering to various industries, including restaurants, grocery stores, retail, and luxury brands. They specialize in offering flexible and on-demand delivery solutions, ensuring that products are efficiently delivered to meet the demands of various businesses. 

Stuart’s delivery services are designed to be flexible, reliable, and easy to integrate into various industries, making it a valuable partner for restaurants, retailers, and other businesses looking to streamline their delivery operations.

To use the integration, you must register accounts with UpMenu and Stuart.

UpMenu’s online ordering system provides three subscription options:

  • Basic – $49 (up to 75 orders per month)
  • Standard – $89 (up to 210 orders per month)
  • Premium – $169 (unlimited order capacity)

Referring to the pricing of Stuart, your charges are solely based on each delivery, and Stuart’s pricing is determined by the distance traveled by the courier from the pickup to the delivery locations. Here you can check the pricing.

Once you activate the Stuart integration through the UpMenu dashboard, you can receive orders within the UpMenu admin panel and set the pickup time for the courier. Your staff can monitor the order’s status within the UpMenu panel and access the Stuart panel by clicking the provided link. After accepting the order, your customers can track its progress by clicking on the provided link.

Stuart delivery operates from 8 am to 11 pm, seven days a week. Whether you opt for Stuart as your primary courier fleet or to enhance your in-house delivery capabilities, you can count on having access to a skilled team of independent couriers capable of delivering to your customers within 30 minutes or less during their operating hours.

Stuart operates as a last-mile delivery and logistics platform that connects businesses with a network of independent couriers. They link businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries with top-tier independent couriers, providing tailored delivery solutions designed to impress their final customers.

The integration of UpMenu with Stuart is accessible in the following countries: 

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain 
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Italy

Yes, Stuart does offer same-day delivery services. Stuart specializes in providing on-demand and same-day delivery solutions for businesses in various industries, including restaurants, retail, e-commerce, and more. This means that they can deliver items to customers on the same day they are ordered, making their services particularly valuable for businesses looking to meet the immediate delivery needs of their customers.