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PayPal Integration

Allow your customers to handle their payments with the assistance of the World's most popular online payment system

Let your customers order food with PayPal

Ordering food with PayPal is the most popular online payment method for restaurant delivery orders. A huge part of 300 million currently active accounts are used to pay for food ordered online. What decided about the success of this service? The swiftness and convenience of this platform made it the most chosen payment method among restaurant clients.

Time and comfort are the most substantial factor for restaurant delivery orders. Customers are looking for a solution that will make the payment process quick, secure, and convenient. And PayPal delivers on all those fields.

PayPal -online payment system for the win

What exactly is PayPal and how it works? It is a worldwide payment system (available in 200+ countries/regions)with support of online financial transfers and serves as the most popular alternative to paper transactions. It can also act as a substation to credit card services.

Customers all around the world use PayPal on account of simplicity and security it offers. Restaurants can benefit greatly from integration with PayPal payments. Your customers will have much greater confidence in orders placed through a system that is recognized and used by millions.

Customers that get the option to buy food online with PayPal are on average more prone to order more from the establishment that facilities their favorite payment method. Therefore, restaurants that accept PayPal payments can expect a rise in the number of food orders. Customers that bounced off your restaurant website so far due to the lack of preferred payment system will now have a possibility to order online.

Use PayPal – the most popular service for digital payments to streamline the food order process and boost your revenue.

How to integrate PayPal with UpMenu

UpMenu online ordering system houses convenient integration with PayPal services. You can implement it in the online ordering system on the restaurant website within a couple of clicks. Without the need of assistance from a professional web developer.

  1. First of all, you have to create an account for UpMenu online food ordering system. You can create a new website for your restaurant in our system, or implement it on your already existing site
  2. Publish interactive menus created by the UpMenu system on the website, and test if the system is correctly set up with test order
  3. Sign up with PayPal on the
  4. Navigate to “My Apps & Credentials” to create an application in the “Live” mode
  5. Check the “Live” button and click on “Create App”
  6. Populate “App name” field and click on “Create App” again
  7. You will get access to live API keys – PayPal client ID and Paypal secret key – save them for further use
  8. Navigate to “Restaurant” → “Payment types” in UpMenu system and turn “Online Payments” on then check “PayPal”
  9. Paste API keys in appropriate fields, save changes, and PayPal is set up!

You can find a detailed guide on how to integrate PayPal and UpMenu with video explainer in our Help Center.

How your customers can buy food with PayPal

You have already learned how to integrate PayPal with the UpMenu ordering system. But how exactly your clients get access to online payments?

When they order food using a menu powered by the UpMenu system they will get a third option, besides card and cash, to pay with – online payments. Within the pop-up window, they will choose the preferred online payment method – PayPal service will be available here. If they decide to pay for food with PayPal – the whole process of the online transaction will be handled by the service provider from this point on.

Customers got to pay conveniently, and you will receive money in no time.

Paying with Paypal in your restaurant

PayPal is an online payment system that can be used to pay at thousands of restaurants, either for delivery, pick up, or at the physical location. Customers can pay for ordered food with a PayPal account balance and either connected bank accounts or credit cards.

There are a few different ways to use PayPal at restaurants — on the online ordering menu published at the restaurant’s website or connected mobile app, thanks to integration with the UpMenu system.

Either way, when a customer decides to order food with PayPal in your restaurant, the cash transaction is handled by external service, while the purchase is passed to your order handling system. In a matter of seconds, you are presented with all the details of the placed order, and money is quickly transferred to your PayPal account.

Now you can concentrate on preparing astonishing dishes and arranging delivery.

Let your customers order food online with Paypal on an app or website

First of all, you have to be found by your potential customers. Having your own website for the restaurant is a must-have sales channel. UpMenu system houses a thorough restaurant website builder that will enable you to create astonishing and traffic gathering website. Use one of the selected by UpMenu templates that support food ordering, and create a responsive webpage that will attract potential customers. Having your own website gives you full control over marketing operations, which is also supported by the UpMenu system.

With our system, you get access to extensive set of tools, applications, and integrations with third-party software providers that greatly enhance your restaurant operations. Opportunity to use PayPal for delivery, pick-up, and dine-in is just one of many instruments you can utilize to raise your customer base and boost revenue.

You should also use PayPal integration to let customers pay securely without leaving your homepage. Get rid of abandoned shopping carts and let your customers order food online with Paypal

Another great sales channel comes with mobile application. Having your own means your restaurant brand can be always within the reach of your customer. There is no better way to get regular customers than being the most convenient way of ordering food. Moreover, with a mobile app created by UpMenu, your PayPal integration carry on. Your clients can order food with PayPal the moment your application is launched.

Customers prefer to use Paypal when they are ordering from the native restaurant website. Buyers are reluctant to pass their credit card details to the unchecked parties. If you accept PayPal payments you can dismiss those concerns by offering a well-know and secure solution.

Advantages for restaurants that use PayPal

Restaurants that have an online ordering system where you can place your order for delivery or pickup often utilize a couple of online payment methods. And a large quantity of them use PayPal as the main payment system. Customers that order food with restaurants that accept PayPal through integration with UpMenu are presented with a choice of implemented online payment services. They just have to click on PayPal to pay with it for their delivery order.

Quick, convenient, and secure.

Security is a huge factor when you are about to connect your credit card with online payment service. Customers prefer to make purchases through transaction platforms that are well known to them, and PayPal holds 1# places as the most popular payment service in the world. Known for the convenience and security of transactions, it is a great asset in competition for customers seeking to purchase food online.

Another huge advantage of Paypal food ordering is how fault-proof it is. PayPal is present on the market from 2002 and pioneer of the industry, who could take better care of your transactions? That appeals to customers that require a completely secure and consistent payment service.

Could you imagine anything worse than waiting for a delivery that wasn’t paid for correctly and is not processed by a restaurant at all? Moreover, what when a client is charged with costs for food order, but you haven’t received any funds? Restaurants that use PayPal don’t have to trouble themselves with this dilemma, even if something went wrong with a transaction. PayPal offers full support in such cases through the Buyer and Seller Protection programs.

Get started with Paypal and receive more delivery and takeout orders, on your mobile app or website. Take advantage of integration with quick, secure, and easy to use payment service.

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