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Do you want to reduce the commission for Seamless?

Seamless, like other Food ordering portals, asks you to pay a commission for every order you receive. This commission can grow indefinitely.

Your profits decrease and you start to wonder whether online sales will pay off at all.

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Launch your own online ordering and pay less!

UpMenu will help you launch the ordering system which is your own Seamless alternative. Forget the commission and increase your profits!

The system will be an integral part of your website and let you organize cooperation with portals so that it is beneficial for you.

Your own newsletter database

The contact details that customers leave when placing orders will build your own newsletter base.

Unlike Seamless, this database will be entirely yours, and you will be able to target any marketing content to it.

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Utilize new marketing tools!

The UpMenu system is a Seamless alternative; it’s also new marketing opportunities for your restaurant. Plan new promotional activities using:

  • automatic opinion collecting
  • discount coupons
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotions module
  • loyalty program
  • email, SMS, and PUSH campaigns
  • marketing automation

Don’t become addicted; earn more!

Only when you have Seamless alternative will you finally be independent. Remember that your own online orders will help you strengthen your position when negotiating terms of cooperation with a portal.

If you want to opt out of it, you will still benefit from online orders; your own with the UpMenu system!

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