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How to start earning in the partner program? An interview with our reseller Liam Brown


Liam Brown is one of the Upmenu resellers thanks to whom our brand portfolio has been enriched by over ten new customers within a month. To understand how he manages to be so successful in reselling our software, we asked him to talk and give our potential partners a few tips on how to turn such a collaboration model into a quite profitable venture.

How did your adventure with the gastronomy industry and UpMenu start?

For many years I had been a manager in several London restaurants. In one of them I even had the opportunity to implement UpMenu and after many years of gaining experience in the restaurant management, I opened my own marketing agency for the catering and food industry. Many of my customers look for such exact solutions for their businesses, which UpMenu offers, so recommending your software comes our very naturally. I believe that the tool accurately meets their needs, especially nowadays, when a significant part of businesses have to learn how to function in the online world.

Why did you choose this particular model of partnership?

I became a reseller mainly because I have a greater influence on how much I earn on the partners program as I set the amount of commission for my clients myself. Certainly, it’s not just me who take benefits. It can be said that this is a win-win situation: I’m satisfied because it’s an additional income for me and my clients are satisfied because they gain a proven tool for their restaurant that maximizes their profits. They don’t have to waste time for looking for and testing the right solutions for them.

I must admit that in my case it was also very important that, as a reseller, I have access to the white label function. I run an agency, I offer my clients many different services, so often, to make everything more consistent, I resell UpMenu under my brand. I think it creates for my business less chaos in some situations.

Are there any disadvantages and risks of being a reseller?

Certainly, as in every business, you can never be sure that a client for whom you spend so much time and energy will suddenly withdraw from the contract or won’t pay you for your service on time. However, I think that this is a risk you must take in every business and you need to be aware of it from the very beginning.

What advice do you have for those who would like to become resellers in our partners program?

First of all, that they should get to know the UpMenu software very well, even if they won’t use it themselves on a daily basis because they don’t run a restaurant. If you know all the functionalities of the tool, you won’t be surprised by any question. You won’t be pouring honey in your customers’ ears but you will present the real benefits and advantages of this system. You won’t have to worry that you are selling something untested.

I’m in such a privileged position because I know the inside out of the gastronomy industry and I have many contacts. If you are a beginner, my advice is not to wait passively for clients, but to be active in marketing, even if at the beginning the costs may be higher than the profits.

Thanks to the partner program, we, as UpMenu, are constantly learning how to build and improve partnerships. Is there anything you’ve learned by working with us?

Thanks to this partnership, I learned to approach business cooperation with greater confidence, because you keep proving that you are really interested in the success of your partners. You consistently fulfil your promises and act with complete honesty. I have never regretted recommending UpMenu to my clients.

Agata Kubiak - Padkowska

Agata Kubiak - Padkowska

Digital content creator, passionate about helping restaurants to start selling online.

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