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Kitchen Layout for a Small Restaurant


Designing a small space, like dealing with a small restaurant kitchen design might be a bit challenging, right? How to fit everything that is needed there in such a tiny little space? Where to start when designing a small restaurant kitchen floor plan? We are here to help! If you are looking for some cool kitchen design ideas for a small restaurant, keep on reading this piece!

Inspiration is Everything! Find the Best Kitchen Layout for a Small Restaurant!

There is always hope. Even when you have to squeeze in some kitchen appliances, sinks and working area in one small room. We all know how hard it is to find a spacious place for a restaurant, that will be affordable. Sometimes we need to go on a compromise, get a restaurant space that is not too big, and find some small commercial kitchen design ideas. There is no need to panic! Even if the kitchen space is not too spacious, you can still make it work. There are plenty of designs available online. What is more, make sure to visit those show rooms. You will be surprised how inspiring they can be!

Step by Step, and You Will Get It Right!

When browsing through small commercial kitchen layout ideas, we often come across the idea of being extra organized inside the cabinets. Use up all of the space in a way that everything has its place and stays in order. What is more, when it comes to a small restaurant kitchen plan, the stations that share the same menu components, should be arranged next to each other.

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Layout for Your Restaurant?

If there is plenty of space in the kitchen, then we have no problem. But what if we have to come up with a kitchen layout for a small restaurant? It is not easy to find a perfect small commercial kitchen design, especially when we are on a budget, and hiring a professional interior designer is not an option. Remember to browse the internet. There are plenty of news, stories and advice. You can always reach out to people who work or used to work at small commercial kitchens. They might give you some guidelines on how to make it all work. Which elements are crucial, and which are unnecessary?

How to Achieve a Modern Restaurant Kitchen Design?

Let us not forget, we are dealing here with a small kitchen space. But simplicity can be a synonym for modern. Get only those really important components, and try not to clutter the kitchen area too much. A commercial kitchen needs some industrial strength equipment. Fortunately, some foodservice equipment manufacturers came up with many compact and multipurpose appliances, that will help you save up some space for working areas. If you are planning to hire more than one person for the kitchen, consider that they both need to have their own working stations there.

What About the Staff?

Yes, so as we mentioned above – if you need to hire a chef and a chef’s helper, you should remember that those people need some space to move around and some space to chop, stir, fry and mix. Team work will do a lot of good here, but there is also the need to come up with a mini restaurant kitchen design that will be as comfortable for the employees as possible. Do not forget about the safety requirements too. Try to get as much counter space as possible. Yes, it might seem a bit hard at first, but if you try to plan and organize your restaurant kitchen layout well enough, you will be surprised by how much space can be gained.

What About an Island in your Kitchen?

An island in the kitchen is a perfect way to gain more counter space. Let us be honest here though – if the kitchen at your restaurant is rather small, the design of its layout might not include an island. It all depends on its size and shape. No worries! There are other ways to get that extra space to cut the cucumbers and make those delicious meals! Maximize the limits of shelves, so there will be less things on countertops. And if you happen to be able to fit that island there – congratulations! More countertop space and more storages units will be available in your commercial kitchen!

Commercial Kitchen Necessities

Even though, there are some cool layout ideas for a small restaurant kitchen, you still need to take some things under consideration. Even the smallest commercial kitchen requires at least two sinks. Ovens, freezers and refrigerators, safety equipment, mixers, slicers, food processors, ranges and ventilation. Seems a lot, right? And that was just a main list. What about plates and other small accessories? Before you make any arrangements, make a list of items that you need to put and store in your commercial kitchen. When it comes to the storage of those smaller items – sometimes all you need is to possess those good organization skills.

Find That Extra Storage Space!

A good layout design for a small commercial kitchen will definitely include some awesome ideas when it comes to storage units. While some restaurants have that extra room to store some of the kitchen accessories, other eateries need to deal with small space, therefore there is not enough room for some of the excessive things. Try to use up the space above the fridge. Or see if you can add some extra shelves in different areas. Use containers to organize your kitchen items. Good planning will do some good here for sure!

What About the Color?

If you look up some of the restaurant kitchen design ideas, you might see that some designers advise to use brighter colors for an optimum effect. Go with soft tones, like off-white. Lighter colors are good for our well-being and it was proven, that if we work in pleasantly looking office space (in this case – bright kitchen), we tend to be happier and work more effectively. Make sure there is a lot of day light in the kitchen. And if that is not possible – invest in those special bulbs, that imitate the daylight. Your employees will definitely appreciate that!

Look for The Best Price

When you eventually make a list of items for your commercial kitchen, and when you come up with a layout for that small restaurant kitchen, then you will need to go shopping. Before you make any purchases, make sure to compare prices. There are many manufacturers, so the prices should be competitive. Read the product reviews and remember to check all the delivery dates. There is a chance that different commercial kitchen appliances might need some additional time to be delivered.

Try to Find Any Additional Storage Space

Take advantage of an open wall space if possible. It can be a perfect way to store some additional items. Organize things according to the way you will be using them. Throw the less needed ones on top shelves, and put the often-used ones at your fingertips, in more accessible areas, so there will be no unnecessary commotion in the kitchen, while searching for the right items. Keep it organized and keep it simple! It will definitely pay off.

A carefully planned commercial kitchen layout will make your restaurant run effectively. Let your kitchen flow! Remember that the kitchen equipment should be placed strategically. You can also create an energy efficient commercial kitchen, that will definitely help you save up some money. With a bit of a hard work and a dash of imagination, as well as some cool inspirations from the Internet, you will definitely come up with the best commercial kitchen layout idea! And with all that, the success and prosperity of your restaurant is closer than you think!

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