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Modern Toilet Restaurant


Have you ever heard of Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan? Sounds pretty interesting, right? We all know that Asia is the right place to visit when you wish to see and experience something exciting, weird and unique. Taipei is no stranger to some oddity when it comes to extraordinary places. So, this is why that extremely uncommon toilet themed restaurant is definitely one of the spots that should appear on your list of places to visit while vacationing in Taiwan.

What to expect at Modern Toilet Restaurant?

If you are tired of same old boring restaurants, that offer you nothing but plane décor and white plates, then you should definitely visit Modern Toilet restaurant. The interior of that Taiwan restaurant can shock you with a toilet bowl that serves as a “plate” for your dish. Drinks are offered in miniature urinals and plungers are hanging from the ceiling. But there is more! You will get toilet paper instead of napkins and if you order a casserole, the delicious dish will arrive in a mini bathtub dish.

What’s the Story Behind the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan?

Since we’ve learnt about the experience at that funky Modern Toilet themed restaurant, now we can find out something about its history. As we all know, there is always a history behind each business. The Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei is a chain now. It has few branches scattered around Taiwan, with a few more Modern Toilet restaurant locations to be opened in the near future. The owner of the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan was apparently inspired by a robot character from Dr. Slump – a Japanese cartoon. He first came up with an ice cream shop, where he was selling swirled chocolate ice cream, served on paper squat toilets. The idea of a toilet themed restaurant came soon after the success of his ice cream place.

How to Dine at Modern Toilet Café?

Now is the time to mention the unusual seating and dining arrangements at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan. If you think you will sit at a regular looking chair…well, then you will be surprised to see, that all of the Modern Toilet Café locations in Taipei use the actual acrylic toilet seats. There is no other restaurant in Taiwan that will have a toilet seat as a chair. Now, that’s a fact! But those are no ordinary white toilet seats, oh no! They are covered with seashells, roses and even some renaissance paintings. The tables are also very interesting. You will dine at a bathroom sink, which is covered with a glass top. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Don’t Get Too Confused with all these Toilet Seats!

We are now about to tell you a story that might seem a bit odd and impossible, but it actually happened! In May of 2018, there was an incident, that caused the Hong Kong Modern Toilet Café and Restaurant location to be closed for nearly two weeks. A customer decided to defecate in one of the non-operable toilet seating, that were there to serve as chairs. It is still a matter of various speculations, if the person wanted to play a prank or was simply in need to use a bathroom.

If you ever decide to visit Asia, you might want to grab lunch at that awesomely odd toilet restaurant in Taiwan. You can choose the Modern Toilet Café in Taipei as an unusual place to take some cool photos to put up on your Instagram account. There are few weird restaurants around the Globe that can offer you some extraordinary experiences, and Modern Toilet restaurant is one of them for sure! Some visitors might find this restaurant a bit too shocking and even disturbing, but there is still a great deal of those customers who simply love everything about it!

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