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Pizza Market Share


There is no need to introduce anyone to pizza. It is definitely one of the most famous dishes in the world. Pizza restaurant sales went over 46 billion U.S. dollars last year. There are many franchise pizza restaurants that you probably know. Pizza market share will show you exactly which chain is the most popular one. Furthermore, even though the pizza phenomenon has been around for a while, we can definitely see the industry expanding every year. We can spot new pizza restaurants being opened almost every month. There are new pizza variations being introduced each time a restaurant wants to stand out from the rest of pizzerias. That means people are never fed up with pizza!

A perfect dish for a night out or to serve at your party. About to watch that exciting football game? Throwing a birthday party for your kids? Pizza makes a great addition to every event! Did you know that there are approximately 62 thousand pizzerias in the United States? And 90% of Americans eat pizza regularly. Almost 8% of all the restaurants in the U.S. are pizza places. Wow! The statistics only show that pizza is definitely one of the most prominent and desirable dishes in the whole world.

The Unpredictable Market Share of Pizza Industry

There are the chain pizza restaurants and those independent pizza places. It is no secret that the big chains tend to take over the pizza market share more easily. Famous names like Papa John’s, Domino’s and Pizza Hut do not need a further introduction. Few years back, Pizza Hut was holding almost 15% of market share, leaving its competitors far behind. Now it is Domino’s Pizza who climbed all the way up to the top position of the pizza market share. Even though small and independent pizzerias are still getting their local recognition, most people tend to get used to the digital form of ordering their food from huge franchises that have special ordering apps. Most local businesses still do not have an online ordering possibility, or if they do – there are often glitches in the systems, so people have to make a phone call to place their order. Chain restaurants offer you tons of special offers and discounts, because they can afford to do that. That is why franchises are definitely in the lead when it comes to pizza restaurant market share.

Any New Pizza Industry Trends?

The pandemic made a huge impact on everyone. The food industry was struggling and hoping that despite the fact that all the restaurants had to be closed, people will at least order food for delivery. That led to the significant increase in home deliveries and takeaways. What is more, for quite some time, people have been becoming more environmentally conscious. There is a great deal of those consumers who prefer to order pizza from places that use pizza boxes made from recycled materials and such. Moreover, another trend that has become visible in the past few years is that customers are getting more and more into healthy food options. Even though some people may consider pizza as a fast or junk food – there are those pizza places who use only high-quality ingredients and offer their customers vegan options as well.

What About Those Independent Operators?

There are many different pizza market competitors, and we all know that a well-known chain might be a huge competition to a small local pizzeria, right? Well, not necessarily. There are some family-owned pizza businesses that are doing pretty well. It is all about location, clientele, food and customer service. Even though franchises often offer amazing discounts, we must not forget that the quality of food at local pizzeria might be quite impressive! It depends on what a particular person likes. Some people are into thin crust pizza from a nearby pizza place, and others like the thick and cheesy pizza pie from Pizza Hut. Independent pizza restaurant owners might need to upgrade their website and think about some special offers to attract those customers. Afterall, pizza market share can be tricky, that is why every pizza business owner should think of some upselling actions to boost their income and get their recognition while sitting next to those chain pizza giants.

The Battle of Pizza Market Share Titans

As we have mentioned before, Pizza Hut was in the lead few years back. But pizza restaurant market share is changeable and Domino’s Pizza has taken over the first place. Chain pizza restaurants are doing their best just to gain the most sales. They come up with special offers and discounts. They want their customers to have the easiest possible way of ordering food online, that is why they use mobile apps which makes you order your desired pizza in less than a minute. Moreover, a customer is able to see the status of their order, so they know if the pizza pie is on the way. Famous pizza places are doing their best to get the attention of a potential customer, that is why they invest a lot of funds in advertising their business. Well, technically there is no need to advertise the already well-known name, but they want to release an ad with the latest discounts and special offers. Anything to make you choose their restaurant. So that they can withdraw other pizza market competitors and rank high in market share of pizza industry.

Pizza Consumption Trends

An estimated of 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the U.S. It is said that on average, 350 slices of pizza are being sold in each second. That is pretty crazy, right? People’s tastes differ anywhere from favorite pizza crusts to toppings. Customers also value fast delivery times and of course – the price. There are hundreds of different pizza competitors on the market that will do their best to deliver this joyful and delicious pizza experience as soon as possible. As we have pointed out earlier, people are more aware of what they eat. Gluten free pizza is on the rise. Some pizza places offer various pizza crust options (and we are talking here about different flours and not just thin or thick crust). Pizza dough has gone through a whole new creation process. There are so many fresh recipes that will definitely bring out some new and appetizing flavors.

Does Anyone Would Like Some Frozen Pizza?

Some people say that frozen pizza does not taste the same as the one from the brick oven, but hey – it is still pizza, right? Many households like to have an emergency frozen pizza, just in case they feel like having a little something to eat or an unexpected guest arrives and a frozen pizza would be a perfect dish to serve. The frozen pizza market size is on the rise. Well, perhaps we should vote for a separate frozen pizza market share segment, because this popular frozen dish is one of the top selling articles from the frozen food section. Let us be honest here – is there anyone here who have not tried a frozen pizza before? Of course, the one from a pizza place is way better, but in case of a late-night cravings – a frozen pizza is a must-have item in everyone’s freezer.

Pizza Market Share Growth

The overall interest in organic ingredients, meat and dairy-free dishes as well as the raising usage of social media will definitely lead to a pizza market share growth within next two years or even less. Pizza is an extremely likable food option. Especially now, when there are gluten free pizzas, vegan ones and pizzas that are made from carefully selected organic products. Even though, more and more chain restaurants are focusing on those healthier options, the truth is that smaller and independent pizzerias are in the lead when it comes to gourmet pizzas. Will that eventually lead to some changes regarding market share of pizza industry and the fact that mostly franchises have been at the podium so far? Chain pizza restaurants are trying very hard to attract their customers with not only deals but vegan options as well, so that their eatery can serve food for every type of foodie out there.

Pizza Industry and Its Predictions

The origins of pizza derive from antiquity, where ancient cultures were making basic flatbreads with different toppings. Centuries passed by and pizza has become a dish that is well known to everybody. With the number of pizza restaurants being on the rise, the pizza industry is definitely growing. If we take a closer look at the predictions, the pizza industry in North America is expected to grow by 10 percent during the upcoming year. Even though the pandemic cast dark shadows over food service industry, the pizza business has done pretty well. Food delivery services let the food establishment owners gain some profits. Who knows, since we are slowly getting back on track with the post-pandemic reality, the pizza business might grow even faster than expected.

The market share of pizza industry is definitely changing. With all the pizza competitors that are available on the market, we might face some regrouping situations. It is all up to owners and their initiative, whether their pizza business will stand out from the rest and therefore get the highest position in ranks of the pizza market share. There are many ways to attract customers to choose your pizzeria above others. If you happen to be a proud pizza place owner, make sure to provide impeccable customer service and delicious food. People tend to come back to those restaurants, which gave them the unforgettable food and staff experience.

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