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If you want to run your restaurant more efficiently, then you definitely need a point-of-sale system. You need a special software, which will not only help you manage your business, but also make those profits go up. The pandemic challenged a lot of food establishments around the world. Food delivery turned out to be one of the reasons why some restaurants have survived those rough times. Apart from that, people in general are becoming very convenient, so they are ordering their food online more often.

Technology is constantly improving, so there are numerous ways and software that can easily enhance the performance of your restaurant. If your eatery still does not offer a food delivery option, then we strongly encourage you to take a closer look at some of the POS delivery software and choose the one that suits your business’ needs. And if you already have a POS for food delivery, then we suggest checking what else is available out there, since all those point-of-sale systems are constantly developing new features.

Restaurant Delivery POS Software

With the right point-of-sale system, you can speed up your restaurant delivery orders and optimize the entire workflow of your business. Whether it is a curbside pickup or home delivery, POS systems will definitely make it all fast and smooth. Restaurants that do not offer food delivery are instantaneously depriving themselves of even up to 20% of their sales. Online ordering became a trend and it has reached its prime last year, when almost everyone was stuck at home. Not everyone wants to leave the house when hungry, so when a self-pickup is not an option – a home delivery will definitely do the job here!

Find the Best POS Delivery Software for Your Restaurant

There is a wide range of various point-of-sale systems available out there. Before you make any decisions, make sure to contact a POS vendor and ask them some questions. Will the system easily integrate with other online ordering providers? What are the exact monthly fees and is there a long-term contract? Ask for a demo option, if available – so you can see if the system is easy to use and meets your requirements and expectations.

A POS System for Delivery Business That Will Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales

The delivery business is definitely on the rise. The benefits of implementing a POS system which easily integrates with a food delivery platform will definitely increase the income of every restaurant out there. Most systems collect customer’s data, like name, phone number, address and their ordering history. What is more, the system sends notifications, so that the customers know when their food if out for delivery. It is also good to send out notifications once the online order got in.

What Are Some of the Features of a POS for Delivery?

A simple user interface is something every software should have. What is more, when we want to discuss some of the key features of a delivery point-of-sale system, we need to focus on calculating the estimated delivery times, which will be based on how busy the kitchen is and what is the distance between the delivery location and your restaurant. Look for a software that lets you route all the deliveries and charges accordingly to each delivery zone.

Let Us Take a Look at Some of the POS Systems for Delivery Restaurants

Below we have presented a couple of the most efficient POS systems for restaurants that offer food delivery. Some of the companies gives you a free trial. The pricing varies, depending on specific programs, devices and features. You can always ask the vendor for the exact quote, because in many cases – prices are customized.

Monthly fees will differ as well. All in all, it is all about what you really need and which features would interest you the most. Do not forget, that a good POS system will definitely improve your restaurant’s workflow and increase the efficiency of your business.


This highly professional POS delivery software lets you enter the order in a few simple steps. CashDesk can bring your restaurant some serious profits. The system works either on a tablet or a PC computer. Moreover, there is a function where you can see which drivers are signed in and which orders are out for the delivery. A special trip tracker shows you which trips have been taken by which driver. The software is also equipped in an automated time tracking feature, so you may use the info when preparing the payroll. What is more, a special built-in GPS will help you see where the delivery guys are located.


SpeedLine is a well-known POS for pizza restaurants. It is not a cloud POS. If the offline functionality is essential to you, then you have found your dream system here. The system allows you to view a map and see if any deliveries can be grouped together for a higher efficiency. You may also view the estimated return times, so you get the idea of when the next orders should be ready and out for the delivery. The map can also show you which items are selling the most in which areas. What is more, the system is equipped with a tool that allows your customers to pay with the card, even with home deliveries.

NCR Aloha

This system is used in hundreds of restaurants across the world. It is user friendly and it can integrate with other systems quite well. You may subscribe to the Aloha POS and get an access to all of its features. You may use the system in order to complete payments, generally improve restaurants operations and enhance customer service. The system will also help you with the food preparation, timing and delivery services.


This system will also help your business with many aspects of managing a restaurant. You can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. If you choose to enroll for the ability to use more options and advanced features (if you own multiple restaurant locations), then your monthly fee will cost you $60. You can also get the premium version, but the price will be customized then.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is often said to be pricey, but it will definitely give you the functionality and the convenience your restaurant business needs. It has a built-in drivers management feature which gives you the ability to manage your delivery drivers, just like the servers at the restaurant. Assign orders to drivers, send them maps and directions and track the status of the entire delivery. The customers will be notified once their food is out for delivery as well. This particular POS delivery system offers many other amazing features, but the delivery aspect here is highly developed and polished.


Toast is one of the most popular restaurant POS systems. It can easily integrate with GrubHub or other online ordering apps. It can also add orders than come in from your own restaurant’s website. The system will help you manage all the drivers and their availability at the time being, check the routes, so that each customer will get the food delivered as soon as possible. The initial setup, hardware and monthly fee might seem a bit pricey, but it is an investment, that will help your business grow and provide a better services to your customers.

Lightspeed Restaurant

This all-in-one POS for restaurants might be the answer for all your needs! Very intuitive, with competitive pricing – great for small businesses and so called “ghost restaurants”. The system will easily work on iPads, so you can download it from the App Store. There is no installation fee – you can do it all by yourself.


Another great POS for delivery restaurants.  The system can easily receive orders from the third-party delivery platforms. Send a customized text message to customers and let them know when the food is ready. Upserve will generate customer’s profiles and you will be able to see their order history and such.


TouchBistro POS is perfect for different full-service restaurant businesses, bars or even food trucks. The system is known for the tableside ordering. It will also help you with inventory, staff and menu management. The system has an integrated online ordering solution, which allows you to get orders directly from your restaurant’s website, without paying fees for those third-party platforms.

CLYO Systems

CLYO Systems may provide solutions for almost every food establishment out there. For delivery restaurants – orders from other platforms will all go directly into the CLYO Systems POS. What is more, the system allows you to edit your restaurant’s menu, see the sales reports and so much more!

Running a successful business can be quite venturous. Thankfully there are multiple ways to make it all work more efficiently. Finding the right staff in important, but choosing the right POS system is also quite crucial. Take your time and look around a bit. Check if some POS vendors offer a free monthly trial. You can also talk to other restaurant owners and listen to their suggestions.

Most POS systems offer similar features, like payment processing, menu, inventory and staff management, reporting, delivery and take out. Delivery restaurants should also take a closer look at those POS systems that have enhanced delivery features, which will help you with driver’s management, show maps, directions and estimated delivery times so that the whole delivery process can work even more efficiently, and your customers will be pleasantly surprised with the speed of the food delivery!

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