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Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume: How to Create + Examples


Crafting an impeccable resume for a Restaurant Assistant Manager is not just about documenting your achievements, but about showcasing your dedication and prowess in the restaurant industry.

For over a decade, we’ve assisted thousands of restaurant staff in honing their professional presence. Let’s dive into how to write a good Restaurant Assistant Manager resume.

Why writing a good Restaurant Assistant Manager resume is important?

A standout Restaurant Assistant Manager resume not only highlights your skills and experiences but positions you as an indispensable asset to potential employers in the ever-competitive restaurant industry.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Example

Jane Doe
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Email: [email protected]

Passionate and experienced Assistant Restaurant Manager with over 5 years in the dining industry. Committed to delivering high standards in service, team leadership, and operational functions, aspiring to leverage my expertise in a dynamic restaurant environment.

Elegant Eats, Chicago, IL
Assistant Restaurant Manager, 2019-Present

  • Supervised daily restaurant operations ensuring guest satisfaction
  • Managed staff scheduling, adhering to budget constraints
  • Successfully boosted sales by 20% through effective team training and promotional events
  • Conducted regular inventory checks, reducing food waste by 15%

City Diner, Chicago, IL
Server, 2017-2019

  • Delivered exceptional customer service leading to a 10% increase in repeat diners
  • Trained new servers, improving the team’s overall efficiency
  • Managed guest complaints professionally, ensuring repeat business

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Chicago State University, 2016


  • Staff Training & Development
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales & Promotion
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Budget Management

What to include in a Restaurant Assistant Manager resume?

Crafting a standout resume for a Restaurant Assistant Manager position involves emphasizing the right blend of leadership, operational knowledge, and interpersonal skills. By meticulously detailing your accomplishments and qualifications, you can make a compelling case for why you’re the ideal fit for any restaurant team.

Here’s what to focus on in your Restaurant Assistant Manager resume:

  • Contact Information: Your full name, phone number, professional email address, and a link to your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio, if relevant.
  • Objective or Summary: A concise 2-3 sentence statement highlighting your passion for restaurant management, your experience, and your career goals.
  • Work Experience: List your previous roles, emphasizing any managerial or supervisory positions. Detail your responsibilities, especially those that involved staff training, customer service improvements, and operations management.
  • Educational Background: Highlight any degrees or certifications you’ve earned, especially those in hospitality or business management.
  • Skills: Detail your proficiencies, such as team leadership, inventory management, P&L understanding, customer service, conflict resolution, and staff training.
  • Certifications: Mention any additional qualifications, like food safety training, first aid certifications, or alcohol service credentials.
  • Accomplishments: Showcase any awards or recognitions, like “Employee of the Month” or successful promotional events you’ve managed. You can also include any significant increases in restaurant ratings or customer satisfaction under your leadership.
  • References: While it’s common to note “references available upon request,” if you have endorsements from prominent individuals in the industry, consider listing them directly.
  • Professional Development: Highlight any seminars, workshops, or courses you’ve taken that are relevant to restaurant management.
  • Personal Interests: Though optional, a brief section about your personal interests can help humanize your resume and show aspects of your personality that would be beneficial in a team environment. For instance, if you’re a food enthusiast who loves trying new cuisines, it showcases your passion for the industry.

How to create a Restaurant Assistant Manager resume (step-by-step)

Creating a restaurant assistant manager resume can be challenging, so we prepared a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you:

Step 1: Start with Personal Details

Begin with your name, contact details, and a professional email address.

Example: Jane Doe, 123 Main St., Chicago, IL, [email protected]

Step 2: Craft a Compelling Objective

Write a brief statement capturing your career goals and major accomplishments.

Example: Passionate Assistant Restaurant Manager with 5 years of experience, seeking a challenging role…

Step 3: Detail Your Experience

List your jobs in reverse chronological order. Include your job title, company, and key responsibilities.

Example: Elegant Eats, Chicago, IL – Assistant Restaurant Manager, Managed daily operations…

Step 4: Highlight Your Education

Mention your degree, the institution, and the year of completion.

Example: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Chicago State University, 2016

Step 5: Showcase Relevant Skills

List the skills that resonate with the job description.

Example: Staff Training, Customer Service, Inventory Management…

Step 6: Incorporate Achievements

Where possible, quantify your achievements with percentages or numbers.

Example: Boosted sales by 20% through effective team training…

Step 7: Use Relevant Keywords

Incorporate keywords from the job description to increase the chances of your resume getting noticed.

Step 8: Keep It Concise

Ensure your resume is concise, ideally no longer than two pages.

“Fluent in English, French, and Italian. Regular contributor to ‘Culinary Chronicles’ magazine.”

Step 9: Proofread

Thoroughly proofread for any errors before sending your resume.

Restaurant Assistant Manager skills and certifications

In the fast-paced world of dining, an assistant manager must possess a diverse set of skills to ensure smooth operations and guest satisfaction.

Skills for Restaurant Assistant Manager:

  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Inventory & Supplier Management
  • Time Management

Certifications for Restaurant Assistant Manager:

  • Certified Food Manager (CFM)
  • ServSafe Food Handler
  • First Aid & CPR Certification

Tips for creating a Restaurant Assistant Manager resume

A great resume doesn’t just state your experiences; it showcases your contributions and emphasizes why you’re a great fit for the job.

  1. Quantify Achievements: Use numbers to demonstrate your impact.
  2. Use Action Verbs: Start bullet points with action verbs like “managed,” “led,” or “developed.”
  3. Tailor Your Resume: Customize each resume for the specific role you’re applying for.
  4. Use a Clean Layout: Make it easy to read with organized sections and bullet points.
  5. Highlight Transferable Skills: Especially if you’re switching from a different industry.
  6. Include Soft Skills: Such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.
  7. Seek Feedback: Have someone from the industry review your resume.

Key Takeaways

  • A compelling Restaurant Assistant Manager resume should highlight both soft and technical skills.
  • Quantifying achievements provides a measurable impact of your contributions.
  • Tailoring your resume for each job can increase your chances of getting noticed.
  • The inclusion of relevant keywords ensures your resume passes through applicant tracking systems.
  • Always proofread your resume before submitting it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely. A well-crafted resume is essential to showcase your experiences, achievements, and suitability for the managerial role in a restaurant setting.

  • Focus on transferable skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork.
  • Highlight any relevant certifications or training.
  • Include any volunteer work or internships related to the restaurant industry.
  • Emphasize soft skills like problem-solving and adaptability.
  • Provide examples of situations where you demonstrated managerial qualities.

The ideal length is one to two pages, ensuring it’s detailed yet concise.

Highlight unique achievements, showcase how you’ve contributed to the success of previous employers, and use powerful action verbs.

While not always required, a tailored cover letter can provide context to your experiences and explain why you’re a perfect fit for the role.

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