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Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Examples


Looking for a job was never an easy task. When applying for a specific position, there is a bunch of requirements and documents that have to be delivered. If you happen to search for a job as a restaurant manager, you will most definitely need to have your cover letter ready.

How to Write a Perfect Application Letter for a Restaurant Manager Position

There are many different restaurant manager cover letter examples out there. Start with some research. You need to learn about the company and the position you are applying for. You must know to whom the letter should be addressed. It is better to use the full name, and avoid sentences like “To whom it may concern”. People dislike those universal cover letters, so make sure yours will stand out!

Make that Application Letter for Restaurant Manager Your Secret Weapon

A cover letter consists of several sections, in which you will be able to introduce yourself and outline your skills and experience. You can start your letter with describing your interest and showing some enthusiasm. Make sure to add a purpose of writing the letter – put it in the first paragraph. Keep the polite tone and do not use abbreviations. You can use phrases like: “I was thrilled to discover your job posting and I would like to apply for the restaurant manager position”.

Make Your Application for Restaurant Manager Flawless

You will need to emphasize your skills and experience. Definitely include all the key assets that every restaurant manager should have. Do not forget to mention your excellent customer service and organizational skills. Let them know that your communication and interpersonal skills will help you solve any problem. Flexibility and commercial awareness should appear on your list as well. Make them aware that your dynamic nature and previous experience in the restaurant industry would make you a perfect fit for the job.

Use Those Tips and Write an Awesome Application Letter for Restaurant Manager

The internet is full of restaurant manager cover letter examples and tips. Many people are looking for a perfect application letter sample for restaurant manager, but those letters seem to look the same. You need to be creative. Make sure to mention your accomplishments. Perhaps you grew up in a restaurant that was owned by your grandfather? If not, then focus on your most relevant experience that will emphasize your qualifications. Always make sure to close the letter by thanking for time and consideration.

Why Do You Even Need a Cover Letter for?  

Cover letter help recruiters to learn something more about you. It is your opportunity to show your abilities and achievements. You may use your cover letter to explain why you think you would be a perfect fit for the job. You can go beyond your resume and highlight your skills.

Structure of a Restaurant Manager Cover Letter

A proper application letter should be formal. You need to start with addressing the hiring manager personally. Keep the letter brief but informative. Write an opening paragraph, where you introduce yourself and state why you are writing the letter. The body of the cover letter is the most important part, so you can use the middle and second middle paragraphs to outline your skills and experience and let the recruiters learn something more about you. Show how your achievements and qualifications can contribute to the company. Close the letter with a call to action and your signature.

Things You Should Avoid When Writing a Restaurant Manager Application Letter

There are several things you should not put in your cover letter. Do not mention lack of any skills. Try not to make it all about you. Even though it is your cover letter, add something good about the company you are writing to. Do not talk about money – it is definitely too soon! Keep it polite – harsh language is unacceptable. Avoid using abbreviations and slang language. And most importantly – do not make it too long.

Even though, there are many cover letters structures available online, most of them show that all the names, dates and address details should appear on the top left side of the page. You may also put your name and address at the very center, but the good old classic template tells you to place it on the left side. Keep it nice and neat. Make sure to use the correct info and check the entire letter for any spelling errors and mistakes. Remember, a good application letter might open up your path to a whole new adventure and land you a dream job that you have always wanted!

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Monika Kamińska

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