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The Best Food Cost Calculator App


If you are new to restaurant business, then you might still have some questions about figuring out some issues. And even if you have been running a food establishment for years now, your restaurant may also need some sort of a system upgrade. Technology is changing our lives. Years ago, restaurants used to keep appointment books and calendars. Now – thanks to point-of-sale systems and restaurant CRM, owners can manage their businesses better and more efficiently. 

What is more, there are many additional apps that can help you run your eatery smoothly. Some restaurant software systems are quite pricey. Especially if you choose the ones with a lot of different features. Monthly fees might rise up to a certain amount of money and if you run a smaller food establishment, you probably would like to lower your expenses. You can download an app for food costing, which will generally help you calculate how much a particular dish should cost. That will definitely help you achieve your cost targets. 

Restaurant Food Cost App Will Help Your Business Grow! 

Food waste is one of the main reasons why most restaurant businesses fail. Sometimes restaurant owners forget to designate a person who should be responsible for keeping the inventory. There are times when manager orders too much of something, and then it goes to waste. They want to regain the money loss and, in most cases, – they increase the prices on the menu. This could lead to a situation where less customers would show up. Of course, inflation causes all the prices go up, but when you run a business, you need to adjust your food cost, so that it will be beneficial for you but also fair to your customers. People do not like to overpay for things. The best food calculator app will help you calculate recipe cost and figure out the selling price of particular dishes. Food costing definitely has an impact of your restaurant’s profitability, so make sure to implement a proper food costing app that will help your restaurant grow.

Get a Food Costing App for Free

The best food cost calculator app does not have to be expensive. What is more, you can even find a food costing app for free! You can download an app onto your phone and see how it works. There are some apps that might have a small monthly fee, but they often offer a free trial first. Do not hesitate to check out few different restaurant food calculator apps, before you make your decision. The importance of calculating your restaurant’s food cost is quite significant. Keeping your eye on food cost percentage will result in reaching maximum profit. The best food costing app can help you formulate a proper pricing for the menu. 

Manage the Expenses and Let the Revenue Grow

Every restaurant needs a food cost app. Did you know that food costs are one of the biggest expenses for food establishments? If you want your restaurant to remain profitable, then you should definitely get the best food cost calculator app. If you know your food costs, you can easily reach your cost targets. You may also control food costs by monitoring vendor price changes and keeping an eye on your restaurant’s inventory. Remember that increased costs and unsatisfied customers are just some of the results of a poor inventory management. According to some research, almost 40% of US’ food supply goes to waste. This number is very upsetting. Reducing food waste in your restaurant will reduce the food cost. You may even try a “zero waste policy” – it might be a bit challenging though! You should also take a closer look at serving sizes. If you notice that a lot of food is often being left on the plate or if people say that they cannot eat that much – maybe it would be better to start serving slightly smaller portions. You can conduct a survey among your loyal customers and ask them if they feel like the serving sizes are too big. Figuring out the right portions will optimize your profits and reduce food waste. 

What are Some of the Features of a Food Cost Calculator App?

Prices of food can fluctuate. It can change due to demand and supply. Sometimes you might need to tweak the food menu and implement few changes in order to stay profitable. Wondering how to calculate food cost percentage at your restaurant? Figuring out food cost percentage is not very difficult but it might take you some time. You simply add the value of the inventory at the beginning of the week to the value of the purchases that were made throughout the week and then subtract the inventory value at the very end of the week. You get your food costs and then you divide the results into your total sales. Food cost is basically the ratio of the cost of ingredients and food sales. A good food cost calculator app will allow you to work out food cost per dish and avoid mistakes when ordering the necessary ingredients. Restaurant 365, EatApp or GoCanvas are just some of food cost calculating apps that can be used in restaurants. You may also find special restaurant food cost software that can be a bit more elaborated. Remember that most apps offer free trials. You may see which app works the best and gives you the most of what you need. 

How to Control Costs? 

Knowing your food costs is important. But you should also learn how to control costs in general. We have mentioned that keeping track of your restaurant’s inventory is essential when it comes to preventing your food establishment from food waste. It will help you avoid any unnecessary expenses. Finding the sources of food waste can also improve your restaurant’s income. This is why checking your inventory on a regular basis is so important. To lower some costs, you may always ask your food suppliers for a discount. And if you often order in bulk (which is definitely more cost-effective), try to see if you can have the order sent in few shipments instead of one. That way you will avoid food spoiling. Offering limited menu can also contribute to lowering your food costs and food waste.  

Formulating an effective pricing policy will definitely benefit your business. You can easily download an app and calculate your restaurant’s food costs on your phone or tablet. See how much money can be earner by selling dishes compared to how much it costs to actually make them. Track and analyze the cost of ingredients. Minimalize those costs and maximize revenue! The best food cost calculator app will definitely benefit your food establishment! 

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