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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Restaurants

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with going out on a date with a significant other or love interest, and good dining is a big part of the dating experience! If you own a restaurant, make sure to take advantage of the event and plan a promotion for Valentine’s Day. In this article, you will find some Valentine’s Day ideas for restaurants as well as some examples of good Valentine’s Day ads. There are also some Valentine’s Day event ideas for restaurants thrown in.

There are a variety of Valentine’s Day promotion ideas for restaurants, and in fact, restaurants are perfectly positioned for good marketing on Valentine’s Day. Making a good Valentine’s Day advertisement for your restaurant is half the battle. It isn’t very difficult to think of ideas to make your guests’ Valentine’s Day dinners at your restaurant truly special – after all, it’s pretty obvious what kind of mood you want to set. A mood of love, calm and quiet intimacy.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

It might be a good idea for you to attract some more customers on Valentine’s Day using clever promotions at your restaurant. There are various ways to go about this, and not all promotions have to involve cutting prices. For example, you could add special couples’ options, menu items and limited offers just for Valentine’s Day. The shrewd restaurateur will find a way to translate their special offers to improved workflow in the kitchen and on the dining floor.

Alcohol is a well-known catalyst of love. Give the lovebirds in your restaurant something to whet their appetites, for your food and for each other, by offering wines, cocktails and drinks. Putting alcoholic beverages on sale is a tried and tested method of getting more sales (one drink leads to another, as they say) and perhaps getting rid of some stock that is getting rather dusty in your restaurant’s cellar.

You can also set up special events for restaurants on Valentine’s Day. One example is an afternoon blind dating or speed dating luncheon for singles. When the evening comes, the couples will swap with the singles for their Valentine’s Day dinners. This is just one idea of an event idea for a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Decorations Will Get Your Restaurant Ready for Valentine’s Day

There are a number of ways to get creative with your restaurant’s décor for Valentine’s Day. When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think flowers, specifically red roses, candles, and an intimate setting in general. But if you think those things are tacky, don’t be afraid of getting creative. Paper mâché hearts hanging from the ceiling will do fine as well. You should take into consideration your restaurant’s general vibe, however. Perhaps gaudy, red, heart-shaped balloons are not the best fit for a fine dining restaurant, where red rose petals and decorative candles are a much better choice. Heart-shaped menu items also add some charm to the equation, especially desserts. Nothing makes you want to share a lava cake like that shape with precisely one line of symmetry.

Make sure you decorate your restaurant accordingly to its type and price level. You should also be able to identify your customer base on Valentine’s Day, particularly with regard to your guests’ average age. Your Valentine’s Day decorations should reflect your clientele and what they like.

Valentine’s Day Advertisements for Restaurants

It is very important for restaurants to put out Valentine’s Day ads whether or not they are planning special events. After all, you need to put the idea for a successful date into the heads of your potential customers. Your target should be young men, in particular – although appealing to women at the same time wouldn’t hurt either. Make sure your restaurant’s Valentine’s Day ads are visible and competitive among all the other ads out there if you are using traditional advertising methods. Also, remember about your target audience and where they tend to hang out. Ideally, your advertisement should have greater penetration among your target than people you aren’t necessarily targeting. There are various ways to achieve this, but they all involve knowing the habits of your target audience.

Of course, we live in the 21st century, so we absolutely have to mention online advertising. Online advertising of your restaurant for Valentine’s Day is super easy in the age of social media. Let your customers know you are open for business and in the mood for love on your social media profiles. Your regulars may be looking at what you have to offer for the occasion, so whatever it is they like about your restaurant on an ordinary day, make sure to turn that up to 11 for Valentine’s Day.

General Restaurant Marketing Tips and Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The sum total of your advertising, special events, promotions and decorations for Valentine’s Day constitutes your marketing strategy. Every piece of the puzzle is crucial to whether you are successful in making a bigger profit on Valentine’s Day than on a regular business day. You will know if you are successful when you see couples waiting in line for their own table for two.

Speaking of tables for two, you should adjust your floor layout to accommodate more of them, but don’t forget to have at least several tables for four, because double dates are the preferred Valentine’s option for some people. Try to put as much space between tables as possible or feasible from a business perspective. The mood of intimacy and seclusion is very important to your guests on this day. Slight alterations to your floor plan may be in order. Try to understand your guests’ needs on this day, and you will be rewarded by throngs of couples.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, because your bold, new ideas may be precisely the factor that attracts more customers. Also, track trends in past years and what your competitors are doing. Don’t get frustrated watching long queues forming in front of your competitor’s door instead of yours because you didn’t come up with a sufficiently competitive idea. Also remember that making a good impression on Valentine’s Day, particularly one that leads to your guests’ desired outcome for the evening, will get you repeat business in the future. Perhaps some wedding anniversaries will be celebrated at your restaurant at some point in the future?

Valentine’s Day is Meant for Restaurants

Dining at a restaurant is an iconic feature of Valentine’s Day in pop culture and in the minds of anyone who has ever gone to the cinema to see a romantic comedy in February. Designing the right Valentine’s Day promotion for your restaurant and coming up with some good ideas aren’t just things that will make your guests feel good, they are also an excellent business decision.

Valentine’s Day ads for restaurants should be provocative and mood-setting at the same time. You know what your guests’ desires are – play to them. There are any number of ideas that restaurants can employ for Valentine’s day, from promotions to events. You can choose to create a time slot and space for singles as well as couples on Cupid’s Day, so you get the best of both worlds. The bolder you are in experimenting and being creative, the more appealing your restaurant will be to those looking to celebrate their love in the most socially acceptable way – by eating and drinking. It’s as if Valentine’s Day was made for restaurants.

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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