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Christmas Ideas for Restaurants


There is still some time before Christmas, but we encourage every restaurant owner to slowly start thinking about Christmas marketing ideas for their restaurants. Last minute actions are not always profitable, that is why you should come up with a plan with Christmas deals and offers for your customers. The sooner you start advertising your Xmas promotions and deals, the better. Of course, everyone knows that the Christmas fever starts the second Thanksgiving Day is over. So, do not let anything surprise you and prepare your Xmas sale strategies now, so that later you will not have to worry about being late with advertising your restaurant’s Christmas deals. 

Christmas Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

December restaurant promotions might definitely increase your restaurant’s revenue. People tend to feel festive around Xmas time and they are more likely to eat out. Christmas shopping, hanging out with some friends and grabbing lunch at their favorite restaurant. What is more, some people work a lot and they simply do not have time to prepare Christmas dinner, so they seek for restaurants that offer catering services. Make sure to let your customers know if your restaurant can cater their Xmas dinner. People are getting more and more convenient and they simply do not feel like spending their Christmas Eve cooking. There are some restaurants that are planning to stay open on Christmas Day. But that would require a lot of employees to come in that day. 

Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants usually revolve around Xmas discounts and deals. Two-for-one, a complimentary dessert or a drink and a 15% discount are some of the most popular Christmas promotion ideas for restaurant. You can also organize sweepstakes. People would love the idea of winning a gift card to your restaurant or some other prizes. You can also have a “12 Days of Christmas” raffle. That could encourage your customers to come back more often to try their chances. 

December Promotions at your Restaurant that Will Boost your Income

Most restaurants do Christmas promotions. In addition to some December sales, you should reward your loyal customers with a gift card or at least a complimentary drink. Special restaurant’s software has a digital loyalty card option, so you will be able to see your devoted clients and then send them a promotional email. There are some other restaurant marketing ideas for December, like sending out Xmas cards to all customers who are in your data base. A coupon for a free dessert can be attached to each of those cards.

Christmas promotions are something we all love. Just like freebies. You may order a bunch of customized mugs, pens, key chains or even notepads and give them away for the customers who visit you in December. You can also order a few umbrellas for your loyal clients. Do not forget about discounts. “Buy one get one free” promotions are also very popular. Remember about families with kids. Always have something prepared for the little ones. It can be a small toy or a drawing book. 

Do Not Forget About Your Restaurant’s Christmas Décor 

Christmas decoration ideas for restaurants is a thing! Putting a Christmas tree and some lights will not do the work. Many restaurant marketing ideas for December are about the Xmas décor. Visuals are important. Keep it nice and elegant. Dimmed lights add some mellow atmosphere. It might seem that buying all those decorations will cost you a lot of money, but it will last for many seasons, so think of that as an investment. People like to spend time in nice places and interiors. If a restaurant has a nice décor, customers are more likely to come back and even recommend the place to other people. 

Christmas décor does not have to be all red and green. You can also create some sort of a winter wonderland at your restaurant. White Xmas trees, tree lights, silver statues and glittery starts. But if you prefer to stick to a traditional Christmas look, then you can always get a classic Christmas tree, colorful lights and a bunch of elves and a Santa Claus. You can either get contemporary Xmas decorations, or buy classic Christmas items that will make your restaurant look all nice and cozy. A lot of Christmas advertising ideas for restaurant revolve around Xmas promotions and offers. If you want to print out some flyers or coupons, make sure that they look nice and are printed on a high-quality paper. Maybe you can also include pictures of your restaurant’s interior and couple of your food specialties.

Come up with New Menu Items

New menu items are one of the most popular Christmas ideas for restaurants. Some people like to experiment with food, others prefer to order the same thing every time they eat out. From time to time, it is good to customize your restaurant’s menu. Wait staff will know which dishes are very popular, and they can tell you which menu items are not selling. This is why, when December (or even late November) comes, make sure to upgrade your restaurant’s menu with couple of additional dishes. You can call them Xmas Specials or Winter Wonders. This might attract some people to come to your eatery and try out those new dishes! Make sure to let your Instagram followers know all about the new winter menu. 

You can also introduce few new cocktails to your drink’s menu. Upselling drinks and cocktails can increase revenue. One of your Christmas promotion ideas can be a “Christmas Combo” – customers get a 15% discount on their orders, but they have to pick one new item from the food menu and one new cocktail. 

Christmas Advertising Ideas for Restaurants

How can you advertise your Christmas promotions that are happening at your restaurant? Most Christmas advertising ideas for restaurants involve social media platforms. Paid ads, radio, newspapers or flyers. But Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are the most powerful sources of an advertisement. Many businesses choose to advertise their shops or restaurants on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to keep your social media accounts updated. Post pictures and all the information about promotions. Christmas restaurant promos and other discounts can be easily advertised on your restaurant’s website as well. What is more, if your restaurant offers food delivery or other services – make sure to let your customers know about it. 

Be Ready to Host a Christmas Party

Many companies are throwing Christmas parties for their employees. You can offer to organize such Xmas parties at your restaurant. You might need to create a prix fixe menu for those kinds of occasions, but it might be a great way to gain new customers and get some recognition. Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants often mention the fact than the more you offer, the more you get. If you limit your restaurant to just one thing, then you might lose a lot of clients. But if you expand your food business to catering, food delivery and maybe even an online shop – then you might earn a lot! 

There are many different Christmas marketing and advertising ideas for restaurants. Most of them are about offering your clients special deals and discounts. Christmas time is always very hectic, because people are doing some Xmas shopping and they are getting ready for the holidays. Your restaurant can be a place where people may sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal and a hot cup of tea. You may also offer  Christmas dinner deliveries, so that people who simply do not have time to cook, can still enjoy a fancy meal during Xmas. 

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