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What’s New at UpMenu (August 2023)


In this month’s edition of ‘What’s New?’ we’ve got a few tweaks that we hope will improve your experience.

This month we’re introducing:

  1. New payment options and other integrations.
  2. New free website templates.
  3. Restaurant open/closed status added.
  4. User experience improvements.
  5. UpMenu installation simplified.

Let’s get to it.

1. New Payment Options & Other Integrations

One of the big changes this month is the introduction of new payment options. Since each country and region has a different way of processing payments, we’re making sure that you have access to the best tools wherever you are. 

You can find all the payment options and other integrations in the integrations section.

Other integrations include a few updates to delivery services, new order management options, and new website builders.

Changes like these are possible only with your feedback, so please let us know what we can improve next time.

2. New free website templates

We understand that the user experience is an important factor when trying to convert visitors into customers. We’re making sure that we can continue delivering the highest quality website templates so that your restaurant looks up-to-date. This time, we’ve prepared 4 new templates for you to work with.

Explore all restaurant website templates.

3. Restaurant open/closed status added.

The new status view will provide your customers with straightforward information about whether your restaurant is currently open or closed.

Before the change took place, there would be information about opening and closing hours. Now, in addition to that information, there will be an open/closed status shown in green or red, respectively.

We’re striving to make the UI of the UpMenu app as straightforward and unambiguous as we can. Let us know what else we can do to make the app work better for you.

4. Tiny Tweaks Improving User Experience

We’ve made a couple of visual tweaks in the Order Types section. The aim was to make the feature more intuitive for both old and new users.

We’ve also moved the Language Selection to a more accessible spot. We’re hoping that this will make the system a little more readable.

More changes like this can be introduced very easily, so make sure to tell us what you need!

5. A simplified way for installing UpMenu on your domain

Whether you’re a new user trying to install the UpMenu system on your domain, or a seasoned UpMenu veteran looking to launch a new restaurant project, we’re making sure that the process is as simple as possible.

We’ve made a few tweaks and moved the entire process to a single ‘Domain’ screen. Whether you’re looking to add a custom domain or embed the menu in your website’s code, you can access all options from a single screen.

The embed setting opens in the modal when you click “I want to embed the menu directly onto my website.”

That’s it for August. Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with all the features to get the best out of your UpMenu system.

Emil Gawkowski

Emil Gawkowski

Creative digital writer and marketer. A caffeine-fueled madman who loves to make things better.

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