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Case study

A restaurant mobile app that gives you over an 80% increase in the number of online orders


The restaurant’s sales and profits have been growing continuously and the owners decided to open another sales channel, which has contributed further to the increase in orders – a mobile application for devices running iOS and Android.

Brand profile

The unique atmosphere of the restaurant combined with the attractions and opportunities for active leisure to be found in the nearby park make the place unique. Here, you can spend time with your family, and taste the best pizza in Warsaw made by the finest chefs.

“Tre Orsi,” its name and the whole brand referring to Italy, has created a unique atmosphere. The logo contains three bears’ paws in three different colours – those of the Italian flag. “Tre Orsi” means “three bears” in Italian.

The interior of the “Tre Orsi” restaurant

The challenge

“Tre Orsi” was looking for a comprehensive solution that would help them increase the number of online orders. UpMenu suggested a solution consisting of an online food ordering system on the website and through a restaurant mobile app.

The Solution

1. Restaurant mobile app with online orders

“Tre Orsi” implemented its online orders service using an app for devices running Android and iOS. From the very beginning, the restaurant noticed an increase in the number of orders and consequently its profits.

A restaurant mobile app with online orders

2. Online orders from the restaurant’s website

The restaurant has launched an online ordering system under its own brand, giving its customers the opportunity to order food from the Tre Orsi website.
The “MENU / ORDER ONLINE” button on the website takes the customer to the active menu, from where they can place an order.

This improvement translates into an increase in the number of orders and in online order conversions, which means that proportionally more people visiting the restaurant’s website place an order. It is also a great convenience for the restaurant’s guests, for whom the ordering procedure has become much faster and easier.

Online orders on the “Tre Orsi” website

3. Promotional activities on the website

“Tre Orsi” has a broad range of promotional offers. On the restaurant websitethere is even a special tab called “Recent events” where customers can find current discounts, specials and promotions (for example, free delivery for orders above 30$).

If you want to increase your orders and profits, promoting your online pizza ordering system through different channels is an extremely important part of online sales.

Website with information about the promotion

4. The best online marketing ideas on Facebook

“Tre Orsi” runs a very active Facebook page, thereby maintaining constant contact with its fans. Not only does it post regularly, but it also shares ads that redirect its customers to the restaurant’s website.

“Tre Orsi” takes important events into account in its posts, utilising calendars for both standard and unusual holidays. It showcases its employees, shows what is happening, as well as giving them a glimpse of the interior of the premises.


A clear increase in online orders could be seen following the launch of the restaurant mobile app. This means that having an online pizza ordering system as part of the app is gaining popularity. Restaurant customers are more and more willing to order not only from the restaurant website, but above all from mobile devices, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Online orders from the restaurant mobile app

The mobile app was launched in August 2018 and since then orders have significantly increased, as indicated by the above chart. Over the past few months online orders from Android and iOS devices have risen by more than 80%! It is also worth adding that the average value of one order in 2018 was as high as 47$.


The “Tre Orsi” restaurant implemented a solution based around an online pizza ordering system. The online sales began with online orders under their own brand from the restaurant’s website, and then the restaurant mobile app for iOS and Android devices was launched. These improvements contributed to an increase in the number of orders and in the profits of the business, and also an improvement in the performance of all employees.

If you would like to implement such solutions for your restaurant, contact us! The UpMenu system will undoubtedly adjust itself to your needs. See other case studies and get to know our clients.


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