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El Burro Burger – online food ordering system in a small town

Thanks to UpMenu, the number of our orders has significantly increased in a short period and is still growing! Every restaurant should try such a solution and offer their own online ordering system. I can definitely recommend UpMenu.

What activities should be undertaken to increase the number of orders at a restaurant significantly and in a short time period? Similar activities to the ones implemented by the owners of El Burro Burger! They launched an online food ordering system and restaurant mobile application, refreshed their website and created a special promotion for customers. So, what results did they achieve?

Brand characteristic

“El Burro Burger” is a restaurant offering new American cuisine, including burgers, lunch menus, and freshly-squeezed juices. It is seated in a small town, with 16,000 residents. A unique atmosphere can be experienced at the restaurant. Careful attention is paid to the quality and appearance of the food. The burgers taste delicious, look great and, what’s more important, are affordable.


After opening the restaurant and launching deliveries, “El Burro Burger” also wanted to have a system that would help them in organising their own online orders.


Step 1. UpMenu online food ordering system

At the end of April, an online ordering system was launched for “El Burro Burger” along with a Facebook ordering app. By May, the first results were observed – a significant increase in orders. The restaurant gained many new marketing possibilities enabling automated development of a database of customers with consents for sending SMS and email campaigns, directly from the administrative panel in the UpMenu system. Own online orders were the first step in increasing the restaurant earnings, while for the customers, the process of ordering food became significantly faster and easier.

Website of the restaurant with an online food ordering system

Step 2. Changing the restaurant website

At the end of July, the restaurant changed its website. Results were already visible in August. The number of online orders increased as well as conversion rates on the “El Burro Burger” website.

New design of the “El Burro Burger” website.

Step 3. Mobile application for restaurant with online food ordering system

4 months after implementing UpMenu system, an Android and iOS app were also launched. This is another step that has contributed greatly to increasing the number of orders and building loyalty among restaurant clientele. “El Burro Burger” promotes its application on social media by means of professional graphics.

Post promoting the restaurant’s mobile app

Step 4. Discount for first order

In order to encourage customers to make orders, the restaurant launched a special 10% discount for the first orders placed through its website. All discounts and promotions can be generated by the restaurant in the UpMenu system, even without special technical skills.

Website with information about the promotion

Step 5. Offline activities

“El Burro Burger” knows how important all types of online activities are without forgetting offline promotion. The restaurant has a branded car to deliver food as well as packaging bearing the name.

Branded packaging


The above activities contributed to an impressive increase in online orders. Within several months, the number increased by as much as nine! There were 24 orders in April, while in October there were 226!

It is clear that until July, orders remained at a similar level. Later, after introducing changes of colours on the website, a gradual increase of orders was observed. This means that even the smallest change can contribute to improving results and hence increasing sales.

Increase in the number of orders


The example of El Burro Burger shows that even a single restaurant located in a smaller town can increase the number of online orders effectively. Using all available sales channels such as the restaurant website, Facebook food ordering system, own mobile application for restaurant for Android and iOS devices, brings measurable results in a short period of time.

Also, consistency in managing promotional activities and building loyalty among restaurant customers also convert into higher profit. Everything is possible thanks to the features of the UpMenu system. If you are interested in launching your own online orders, feel free to contact us! Increase your orders quickly and effectively just like El Burro Burger!

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