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How did the 7th Street Bar & Grill increase profits in 3 easy steps?

As it turns out, not every online order works, the new site from UpMenu and their system made everything finally work as it should!

How much can an online food ordering system influence the quantity of food delivery? Important! A useful and intuitive, user-friendly menu on the restaurant website makes it easy for customers to place orders, and extensive marketing opportunities encourage them to do it more often!

The owner of the 7th Street chain, who after almost three years of using a dedicated solution, created especially for him, decided on UpMenu system. Why did he decide to change the online sales tool?

Characteristics of the brand

7th Street is a chain of restaurants with American cuisine, built on the basis of a franchise . The restaurants serve burgers, steaks, hand-battered chicken and typical American desserts. Most of the dishes are available as a delivery option to the customer.


Until the cooperation with UpMenu, the 7th Street chain used a dedicated restaurant [online food ordering system] built especially for them. However, despite the huge cash invested, the system did not meet expectations.

  • Website inconsistent with the brand’s image – which badly affected the willingness to place orders.
  • Unintuitive navigation – it made it difficult to find an active menu, and the ordering process was too long, which caused many customers to resign.
  • No possibility to configure complex promotions – discounts in restaurants can be very complicated. Simple online stores do not allow for proper configuration, so customers prefer to place orders by phone to take advantage of the promotion.
  • No marketing tools – the old 7th Street system did not have additional functions to run activities, such as sending an SMS / email campaign or marketing automation settings.
  • Low conversion and no profits – a non-functional system translates into a drop in the number of orders, and finally no profits from online sales.


Step 1. New online orders

Despite investing a lot of money in building your own system, the chain owner decided to change the online ordering system. He chose the UpMenu solution, where in the price of a fixed monthly subscription he was given access to an extensive list of tools, along with technical support.

Step 2. New website and visual identification

In addition, the website of the 7th Street chain was completely rebuilt, and the visual identification of the brand began to refer to the US flag, the power of the superpower and its energy.

The new website is designed so that the customer is immediately directed to online ordering. Huge photos of 7th Street products made in the concept of “food porn” sharpen the appetite, and a good font attracts attention.

Step 3. New marketing opportunities

The UpMenu system is, for 7th Street, completely new marketing opportunities, allowing for the automatic construction of a customer database with consents for marketing contact and sending them SMS and email campaigns directly from the administration panel!

The chain may also use the settings of marketing automation when in certain situations the SAM system sends notifications to customers about special promotions and new products on sale. This tool allows the 7th Street chain to lead restaurant online marketing at the highest level.

The effects of launching a new online food ordering system

The online food ordering system of the 7th Street chain has been in operation for 33 months. The UpMenu system, for 11 months of operation, or for three times shorter, has generated better sales results for the chain!

Summary and conclusions

In the three times shorter operating period of the UpMenu system on the website of the 7th Street restaurant chain, sales increased on average by as much as 13% in all establishments. The conversion was more than twice as large as the conversion generated by the old page and dedicated online ordering system.

A good website with a functional UpMenu online ordering system is able to significantly affect the quantity and value of deliveries. If you want to run an effective online food ordering system on your restaurant’s website just like the owner of the 7th Street chain, please, contact us and start making money online!