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How to make money on pizza ordering system – the case of Little Italy

The functions offered by UpMenu have been very useful for us. They have allowed us to create a lot of interesting promotions which has increased our profits.

The Little Italy pizzeria has found a way to increase its sales, and its profits, by using three sales channels and a few simple marketing tools. Little Italy launched an online food ordering system on its website via its own mobile application for restaurant and on Facebook.  See the results – and the benefits – this has brought them.

Brand profile

The restaurant serves food prepared in an authentic Italian style, which really stimulates the customers’ imagination! The menu features dishes for fans of the classic pizza, as well as a number of less familiar ones that transport their guests straight to sunny Italy.

In order to compose the toppings so beloved by Italians, Little Italy uses specially selected ingredients that are rarely found in pizzerias outside Italy. The restaurant also offers pasta, salads and a whole range of sauces and olive oils in various flavors, all of which perfectly complement the Italian-style pizzas.

Excellent chefs who are passionate about their work ensure that every dish tastes perfect. What is more, customers can order their favorite food without leaving home. They can do this through the ordering system on the restaurant website, via the mobile application, or using the Facebook food ordering system.

The problem

The restaurant needed a pizza ordering system which would increase the number of orders, and the restaurant’s profits, and enable their clients to place orders online using various channels. They also wanted to be able to easily and conveniently configure promotions, discounts and vouchers.

The solution

1. System for online orders established

The Little Italy online food ordering system has been available since September 2018. Thanks to online orders from UpMenu, the restaurant now maintains a consistent, and growing, number of orders. They have also gained access to new marketing tools including promotions, discounts and special offers created at the UpMenu system level.

Online orders on the Little Italy website

2. Photos in the menu = increase in orders

The restaurant noticed an increase in online orders after they added photos to the menu on the restaurant’s website. They paid special attention to getting all the details in the pictures right – extras, background, and they used real natural-looking dishes.

3. A variety of promotions

Little Italy offers a number of different promotional deals. There is even a special tab on the restaurant website where you can find all the available specials and those discount cards that are accepted by the restaurant. This information is also posted on Facebook – for example, Happy Hours or a special offer for students to buy two pizzas and get a third one free.

One of the current special offers

4. Mobile application for online orders

In order to build customer loyalty and awareness, we suggested that Little Italy launch their own mobile app for online orders. The restaurant decided to develop an app for both Android and iOS devices.

Pizzeria app with online orders

5. Orders on Facebook

In addition to the ordering system on the website and the restaurant mobile app, the pizzeria has launched online orders on… Facebook! By doing this, they have not only gained another sales channel, but also provided their customers with the opportunity to order food without having to leave the social media site, which is a big advantage nowadays.

Online ordering on the restaurant’s Facebook page

6. Facebook Ads

These days, restaurant owners know how important it is to have a presence on social media, and that is why Little Italy has placed sponsored posts and ads on their Facebook page to inform their customers about their offers. As a result, the restaurant has gained the opportunity to acquire many new customers and make them aware of the possibility to order food online.

“Little Italy” Facebook Ads


In the very first month of working with UpMenu, the restaurant received 255 online orders. Currently, the numbers remain at a similar level – with a noticeable upward trend, especially if you include the orders from the restaurant mobile application.

Number of app orders in September – October 2018

The restaurant itself is very happy with the functionalities UpMenu has given them because they are extremely intuitive, easy to use and support their marketing activities.

Little Italy produces a lot of special offers for its customers. The restaurant uses the UpMenu system to create promotions and discounts, as well as to send discount vouchers via e-mail and text message or share them on social media. This is the optimal form of restaurant marketing – regular and frequent, using various channels and aimed directly at the pizzeria’s customers.


The example of Little Italy shows that even the simplest of marketing tools can generate tangible results and benefits in the form of increasing the number of online orders. The turning point for the pizzeria was adding photos to the menu on their website. After this innovation, the staff noticed a definite increase in the number of online orders.

If you are thinking about launching your own pizza ordering system to sell your dishes via various channels, and you want to access the best marketing functionalities that UpMenu offers, get in touch. We are keen to work with you!

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