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Case study

Promote your online food ordering system just like the manager of Sushi Home


When online orders and deliveries to customers were first launched, the restaurant was not yet officially opened. Hence, achieving sales goals was a huge challenge. The restaurant manager decided to build the website with an online food ordering system offered by UpMenu from the outset. The outcome turned out to be great!

Brand characteristics

Sushi Home is a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine that strongly focuses on food delivery. The team wants sushi to be fun and often, the first experience with this cuisine takes place at home. Hence, the reference in the restaurant’s name and logo.

The restaurant pays close attention to food quality and appearance. The chefs employed there are experienced sushi masters who work like artists. The owner also looked throughout Europe for special catering packaging with a large window.

As a result, Sushi Home serves top quality dishes to its visiting customers as well as in the orders that are delivered. Finding the best online food ordering system was one of the elements that preconditioned the success of the restaurant as a supplier of premium products.

The problem

The restaurant was practically unavailable to customers then it wanted to launch online ordering on its website and increase the number of orders. It was certainly a challenge to create a website that would match a brand that didn’t quite physically exist, and then to encourage customers to make orders.

A website with online orders was to be launched in May, while the restaurant’s grand opening was planned for June. There was no time to waste!

The solution

1. A website with a online food ordering system

Graphic designers and web-developers from UpMenu designed an online website presenting elegant interiors. This way, customers could be sure that the restaurant existed and was operational despite its official opening taking place later.

Both the intuitive navigation and additional “ORDER ONLINE” button redirect the customer to the active menu immediately. This positively affects conversion of orders but most of all, it is a huge convenience for the customer – the process of placing orders can be much quicker this way.

Additionally, the restaurant conducted promotional activities on social media and with flyers as early as April. This way, information about the online ordering system could reach many more people.

Discount for first online order

To encourage customers to place orders at a completely new restaurant, the manager decided to grant a special 15% discount for the first order online. The discount was active until the end of June, so for the first 2 months of delivery.

Pop-ups were activated in the menu section of the website to notify customers about new dishes and recommended products. Thanks to this, the restaurant could have an impact on the size of individual orders.

Active menu on the Sushi Home website

3. Loyalty programme

A loyalty programme is one of the most effective activities for building the loyalty of customers towards a brand and encouraging them to place orders more often. At Sushi Home, customers who make 15 orders receive a 15% discount for loyal customers for all orders, both online and in the restaurant. Find out more about the loyalty program and reward system for restaurants from our blog post.

Information regarding the Loyalty Card can be found on the website of Sushi Home


Online food ordering system and food delivery were launched on May 18. The restaurant itself was opened to customers on June 9. Despite the delayed opening, the sales results in May are really impressive.

For over 10 days of functioning in May before the restaurant was open, as many as 50 orders were completed.

Additionally, the conversion of orders increased significantly. In May 4.81% of page visits ended with order placement. In the following month, conversion was at the level of 7.32%. This means that the number of deliveries completed by Sushi Home was continuously increasing.


The example of Sushi Home shows that thanks to proper marketing activities, it is possible to promote an online food ordering system and online sales at a completely new restaurant even before its actual opening.

Consistency in managing promotional activities and building loyalty among customers, all of which are possible thanks to the UpMenu system features, help in increasing the number of online orders. This converts into higher profit for restaurant owners.


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