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No-Code Restaurant App Builder

The UpMenu app builder was created for busy restaurant owners like you. 

Build a restaurant mobile app and sell food in minutes. Try for free. No technical skills and no credit card required

Build a restaurant app in minutes with our mobile app builder


Build and sell - no technical ability needed

You can build and customize your mobile app to fit your business needs. Customize your app and upload it to Google Play & Apple AppStore today. 

  • Build using a simple no-code app builder
  • Change your app’s layout to match your vision
  • Upload your logo, dish images, and your brand colors
  • Upload your app to Play and AppStore. It’s really that simple.
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More options, more sales

Give your customers a simple, straightforward app with all the payment options they love and use. 

  • App users get real-time updates on order preparation
  • Online payments via Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Adyen, PayPal, and much more.
  • Intuitive navigation and easy food ordering


Get more orders with branded mobile app

The UpMenu mobile app gives you full control over your deliveries.

  • Set delivery zones
  • Create special takeaway deals
  • Home delivery, curbside pickup, takeaway, and more.


Reach more customers with marketing tools

Winning loyal customers has never never been this easy. Get the ball rolling with UpMenu restaurant marketing tools.

  • Special deals and discounts
  • Email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Loyalty system
  • Feedback system and reputation analytics
restaurant app builder - restaurant marketing tools
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Maximize profits with your all-in-one restaurant solution

UpMenu is much more than just an app-building platform. You’re getting a complete toolkit designed to make you more money.

  • Branded restaurant website & app
  • Online restaurant menu
  • QR code menu
  • Table reservation and service


Our clients’ mobile apps

Sushi Kushi

4.8 / 5
665 ratings
“[...] I think the app because of the UX beats others in Katowice. Everything efficiently and quickly. [...]”

Smart Bistro

4.8 / 5
143 ratings
“A convenient, user-friendly app”

Pizzeria Presto

4.9 / 5
163 ratings
“An easy way to order pizza”
“The app works flawlessly. I can see the status of when the order was placed and the delivery time. Thanks!”


4.6 / 5
83 ratings
“Super app”
“I have never come across such an easy-to-use food ordering app! :)”
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Why our clients love working with UpMenu

“In the last 10 years, we’ve saved over $1.5M thanks to UpMenu. This is the total we would have owed to 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

Ready to start selling from your mobile app?

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Our customers experience a 23% reduction in order processing time.

Our team will help you choose the right plan and get your very own app running in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a restaurant app can be approached in two ways: hiring professional developers for a custom build or using a no-code solution like UpMenu’s restaurant mobile app builder.

  1. Hiring App Developers: This method is complex and costly. Custom app development, especially to build a restaurant app with specific functionalities, can be expensive. Maintenance adds to the ongoing costs.
  2. Using UpMenu’s No-Code Restaurant Mobile App Builder:
    • Simple and Efficient: The food ordering app builder is user-friendly and ideal for those without technical skills.
    • Customization: Easily change your app’s layout to match your restaurant’s vision.
    • Branding: Upload your logo and dish images, and use your brand colors.
    • App Store Submission: Name and upload your app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Using a no-code solution like UpMenu to build a restaurant app is more cost-effective and simpler, reducing both initial and ongoing costs compared to hiring developers.

If you’re looking to create a mobile app for your restaurant without delving into the complexities of coding, a no-code app builder for restaurants is your ideal solution. This platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you, even if you have no programming experience, to easily design and launch your app.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Food Delivery App Builder: You can integrate food ordering and delivery features into your app. This lets your customers browse your menu, place orders, and opt for delivery right from the app.
  • Customization and Branding: You have the freedom to customize the app to match your restaurant’s brand. This includes adding your logo, choosing your brand colors, and setting up your menu layout.
  • Ease of Use: This is the best way to build a restaurant app if you’re not tech-savvy. The no-code platform offers a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for any coding skills.

In essence, a no-code app builder for restaurants empowers you to create a personalized, functional app that aligns with your restaurant’s needs and enhances your customer’s experience, all without the need for technical expertise.

Having an app offers distinct advantages. Let’s go over the biggest ones:

  • Increased Orders: By providing a dedicated platform for customers to explore your menu and place orders, an app can significantly boost your order volume. It’s a convenient option for customers, leading to more frequent and larger orders.
  • Efficiency in Ordering: An app streamlines the ordering process. Customers can order quickly without waiting in line or on the phone. This not only improves their experience but also helps your staff manage orders more effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: An app allows for personalized promotions and loyalty programs, which can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Better Business Insights: With an app, you get valuable data on customer preferences and ordering patterns, which can inform your business strategy and menu adjustments.

In short, an app is a powerful tool in today’s digital-focused restaurant industry, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer engagement.

The average price to build an app for a restaurant can go well into the hundreds. However, with the UpMenu food delivery app builder, you only pay $49 per month. Why is our price so low? Our restaurant delivery app builder gives you access to our ready-made app templates, instead of the services of a software developer who specializes in restaurant app development with coding.

A professional mobile app developer can cost well over $100 an hour, which can quickly eat into your budget. With an app builder like UpMenu, you simply pay $49 a month,  instead of thousands for restaurant mobile app development.
Building restaurant applications with a mobile developer or software house is a better option if you own a restaurant franchise made up of several locations. Examples include: Tacobell, Chick-fil-a, KFC, etc. 

Why is this the case? Let’s calculate the development cost. App Development Cost = Total Number Of Hours x Hourly Rate. If building the app requires 200 hours, and the developer charges $100 an hour, you’re looking at around $20000 (200 hours x $100).

How you build the appRestaurant App BuilderApp Development Company
Who builds the appYouA hired development team
How much does it cost to build a food delivery app?From $49 per monthTens of Thousands of dollars
How long does it take to build an app~1 hourWeeks or months

It depends on who builds the app. If you choose to build it yourself using a restaurant app maker like UpMenu, then it can take roughly 1 hour to design and publish. If you’re planning to make a restaurant app with an app development company, it can take from a few weeks to a few months. 

The best restaurant app builder is easy to use (no coding required), allows the restaurant owner to freely customize the app, and comes with all the features a restaurant would need to operate efficiently. 

  • UpMenu
  • Appy Pie
  • Andromo
  • App Institute
  • Glide

For the food industry, the best solution is UpMenu. Not only is it a dedicated restaurant app builder that is easy to use, it doesn’t require any coding skills, is inexpensive, and offers all the key features a restaurant needs to run effectively.

No. With an easy-to-use restaurant app builder, you’re in control of everything. UpMenu’s drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to customize your app however you see fit. Choose your app layout, design your color scheme, add your logo, and you’re good to go. 

No need to add features, implement third-party marketing tools and mobile payments options – everything you need is in one app.

Prices for the UpMenu restaurant app builder start at just $49 per month. You can test out the system before committing by signing up for a free, 7-day trial.