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Restaurant app development

UpMenu is restaurant app development company.

Let UpMenu develop your restaurant app for Android and IOS systems. Sign up now and have your app ready in 7 days for just $49 per month.

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Types of restaurant apps you can build with UpMenu

Use UpMenu to create various apps that’ll help you better manage your restaurant, attract more clients, and increase food orders.

food mobile app development services examples of different apps
  • Restaurant Ordering App: create your own mobile ordering app to let clients order their meals online
  • Food Delivery App: accept and manage incoming food delivery orders from clients
  • Digital Menu App: build your online menu so clients can view your menu items and order directly from you.
  • Restaurant Booking App: take online table reservations directly through the booking app
  • Multi-chain Restaurant App: manage each restaurant location from one multi-location app for restaurants.
  • Loyalty App: keep customers tied to your business with the restaurant loyalty app that rewards them for their purchases

How do we create a restaurant app?

Here’s what app development for a restaurant looks like in 4 steps.

restaurant mobile app development overview of the builder

Step 1: Create an UpMenu account to access the app configurator. Input your business data to get started.

food ordering mobile app development setup process

Step 2: Add your restaurant name, logo, and color scheme, and choose an app layout that matches your branding. You can also preview it before activating the app.

custom food mobile app development services delivery zone setup

Step 3: Add your menu items and prices, delivery zones, restaurant location, and contact information, so clients have everything they need to place food orders.

restaurant delivery app development in app stores

Step 4: Within 7 days, we’ll create and publish your app in the Appstore and Google Play Store. From there, your clients can download them and order their meals right from the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Mobile Restaurant App?

Our DIY tool for building restaurant apps is competitively priced, starting at $49 monthly. Since 2012, we’ve been designing apps specifically for the restaurant industry, and we’ve been serving thousands of restaurants around the world.

Other restaurant app development companies without DIY options
Restaurant App Design

The app development company creates examples of how your restaurant app will function and look.
$1000 – $5000, and development can take 2-6 weeks

$49 – $169 per month, depending on the subscription plan (no setup fee)
iOS Restaurant App Development

Once the app design is accepted, the development company will start creating the app. Unfortunately, most developers create separate iOS and Android apps due to technical limitations.
$1000 – $10000, and development can take 8-36 weeks
Android Restaurant App Development

As mentioned previously, iOS and Android apps are often created independently.
$1000 – $10000, and development can take 8-36 weeks
Restaurant App Testing, Fixing, and Publishing

Once tested and accepted, the development team will publish the app onto either the App Store or Google Play Store.
$1000 – $3000, and development can take 1-4 weeks
Order Taking App (Admin App) Development

You need this app to manage your menu items and delivery zones and take food orders.
$1000 – $10000, and development can take 8-36 weeks
Restaurant App Updates

Your restaurant is constantly changing, as are your dishes and prices. That means your app needs to stay up-to-date as well.
$0 – $10000 per year
Total$5000 – $38000, and can take months to develop fully
$49 – $169 per month, depending on the subscription plan

What should be included in a restaurant app?

Our dedicated food delivery app includes all of these features:

This feature allows you to create and edit your own digital menu to share online.
Use this feature to take online food orders directly from your clients.
With this feature, customers can reserve tables directly through the app.
This feature allows for multiple payment options using pos integrations.
Keep customers returning to your restaurant thanks to a customer loyalty program that rewards them for their purchases.
Manage all of your restaurant locations with the help of the restaurant management feature.
Manage all incoming food orders for delivery, take-out, curbside, or dine-in.
Turn your restaurant into a cloud kitchen and take online food orders for delivery or pickup.
Get the word out about your latest offers and newest dishes by sending push messages right to your clients.
Build your online reputation by collecting feedback on your website, which helps get you more customers.
Create delivery zones so that clients know exactly where you can have their meals delivered to and how much you charge.
Edit your menu items and prices, and change your menu template to keep it up-to-date.
Offer your website in multiple languages to make ordering more convenient for all your customers.
Generate your own unique coupon codes and send them directly to clients to boost sales.
Create promotions on all or specific menu items to boost sales and increase revenue.  
Let clients order their meals ahead of time so that they don’t need to wait for them to be prepared.  
Log into your account with your Google, Facebook, and email credentials.
Collect and secure valuable customer data in one spot.
Accept, manage, and update all incoming food orders directly from the Admin App.

Benefits of creating your own branded restaurant app

Should you create your own branded mobile app or allow a third party to build and run it? Here’s why your restaurant needs a mobile app in 2023 and why many restaurant owners prefer to create their own apps.

Third-party ordering apps like Uber Eats, or GrubHub charge you 20-30% on commission rates. By creating your own app, that money goes into your pocket.

With your new sales channel, customers are more likely to order from your restaurant.

With the integrated pos system, your clients can order and pay for their meals right from the app.

Create your own promotions and marketing messages directed at your clients to encourage them to order from your restaurant again.

Your branded app gives clients a seamless and quick online food ordering experience.

Collecting customer reviews is quick and easy. After finalizing their orders, your clients will be prompted to leave you a review through the app.

Use the built-in loyalty program to keep customers returning to your restaurant.

Why choose UpMenu as your food mobile app development company

Should you create your own branded mobile app or allow a third party to build and run it? Here’s why your restaurant needs a mobile app in 2023 and why many restaurant owners prefer to create their own apps.

Our restaurant app development services are specifically for the betterment of the food industry.

We’ve been offering digital restaurant services for the food industry since 2012. Our restaurant app development team has partnered with thousands of restaurants worldwide.

We’ve built so many apps for restaurant owners that we decided to give them the tools we use to expedite the app-building process. 

Create your own restaurant app for just $49 per month.

We build your apps and make them go live in just 7 days.

Many companies advertise themselves as native app builders but only build websites that look like mobile apps. Our apps are native iOS and Android.

Restaurant App Development in Action

Discover the app development in our comprehensive video guide. From configuration essentials to creating seamless user experiences, our experts will guide you through the entire app development process. Dive into the world of limitless possibilities today!

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A restaurant mobile app, also known as a dedicated or branded restaurant mobile app is an app restaurant customers download to access your e-menu (digital menu), online ordering page, make online payments, and leave reviews.

The main advantage of a restaurant app over a website is that clients have your restaurant at the tap of a button, which makes it far more convenient for diners when ordering their meals, paying for them, and browsing restaurant menus.

It usually takes us around 7 days. Start by signing up for a paid UpMenu plan and design your app by adding your logo, layout, and colors. Once you pay, we’ll begin working on the development process. This process takes a few days, and once your app is ready, we’ll publish it on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Restaurant app development agencies and restaurant mobile app development companies. 

Companies that build apps utilizing their own DIY app builder are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. UpMenu is the perfect example of one of these companies.

Some companies build apps from scratch, which can be expensive (upwards of a few thousand dollars for the entire development process). Only large restaurant franchises usually create their apps with such companies. Here are a few examples of these app developers:

When looking for the right  restaurant mobile app development company to design your app, you need to look at a few factors:

  • Is your restaurant a franchise, medium-sized, or small?
  • What mobile app features interest you the most?
  • Are you looking for an easy-to-use app builder?
  • Is there app support available, and it doesn’t cost extra? 

UpMenu is the best all-around restaurant app builder. In just 7 days and for only $49 per month, you could have your own branded mobile app for Android and iOS. And don’t forget about all the great features you get, like online ordering, online menu creator, online payments, customer feedback collecting, restaurant chain support, and multi-language options. 

For small businesses, it’s best to reach out to a restaurant mobile app development company with its own DIY restaurant app builder. Building an app for your restaurant is as easy as:

  • Creating an account with UpMenu to get access to the app builder
  • Customizing the app to match your branding (add your colors, logo, and name)
  • Add your menu items, business details, and delivery zones
  • Publish your app

In a DIY app configurator, you can customize several sections in real-time:

  • Change your app name and description
  • Update your logo
  • Edit your welcome screen
  • Try out different app colors
  • Change your restaurant’s address and phone number
  • Update menu items, labels, and modifiers
  • Add new menu item photos
  • Add and edit delivery zone details
  • Make changes to your loyalty program’s details

We offer restaurant app development services in the UK, the US, and all other countries worldwide, no matter where your restaurant is located.

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