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Restaurant app for Android

Let your customers order food
from their smartphones

Android app for restaurant

Even 87% of smartphones worldwide use the Android system, and your client’s devices are among them Get more food orders and foot traffic in your location by using a completely new sales channel. Access an online customer base by running a restaurant app

Run your own mobile app

A restaurant app with the UpMenu ordering system enables you to customize it to suit your needs. Make an app that will help generate traffic and save time both yours and your customers Grow your brand identity and customer loyalty with UpMenu solution – one of the best among restaurant apps for android.

Online payments in restaurant apps

Keep up with the new trends – convenient cashless online payments in your restaurant app will be a great addition that will get you more clients. Over 50% of customers pay for transactions online. Take advantage of this and use the best app system for cashless transactions.

Push notifications

The open rate of push notifications on Android devices is over 91% It’s a much greater amount than the number of e-mails opened on average. Push notifications are a great way of staying in touch with customers and informing about new food products, extra features, or special offers.

Managing a restaurant chain

Manage all your restaurants in one place. Restaurant app will help you with introducing changes to your menu without a waste of time and effort. Your customers will be able to choose the restaurant which they want to order food from. Using restaurant apps urges customers to order more frequently and saves time on your part.

Collect customer feedback in restaurant app

Let your customers review your establishment, delivery, and food in the restaurant app. You will get a thorough breakdown of the collected information. Consider customers’ opinions and reviews to help improve their satisfaction and therefore get a better retention rate at your location.

Your own mobile app
for your restaurant