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Beautiful restaurant websites that are self-sustaining

A restaurant Facebook page will not do. Your restaurant needs the best restaurant website in order to create an image of your brand on the internet and support online sales. A good responsive restaurant website for mobile devices will help you earn more.

Use the best restaurant website themes and develop an effective website, without help of IT experts, free of charge.

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Responsiveness on mobile devices

If your restaurant website template is not adjusted to mobile devices, you will lose customers. Everyone wants to use mobile websites conveniently. 85% of hungry customers look for restaurants online using mobile devices.

Develop a mobile restaurant website thanks to the best restaurant website themes and increase online sales of your restaurant on mobile devices.

Restaurant websites
easy to edit

Forget about requesting every website update to be made by IT experts. The UpMenu system delivers a simple CMS that will help you edit content on the restaurant website in an easy way, without engaging time or additional funds.

The best restaurant websites must be up to date. Add new photos, change sections, test colors. All changes made will be visible to your customers in real time, also on their mobile devices.

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Google search engine results

SEO-friendly best restaurant websites

All UpMenu best restaurant website templates are optimized in terms of search engines and support SEO. This applies to the desktop and mobile versions. Take advantage of the above to increase online sales.

The best restaurant websites appear at the top of search results. This will make it possible for customers to find you. Add and modify keywords on the restaurant website to increase the number of food deliveries and takeout’s.

Free SSL certificate
and hosting

When you develop a restaurant website with the UpMenu system, it is created using your own domain, so any URL address can be assigned. You don’t have to worry about hosting or a security certificate.

When you cooperate with UpMenu, hosting and an SSL certificate will be provided to you within the subscription for the online food ordering system. You won’t incur any additional costs for maintaining your restaurant website.

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Plenty of the best restaurant website themes to choose from

Benefit from UpMenu themes and build your own beautiful restaurant website. All the best restaurant website templates are adjusted to mobile devices and they support online sales.

Use our restaurant theme store, choose a template and build the restaurant website of your dreams, one that will be responsive on mobile devices and self-sustaining.

New possibilities for modifying the restaurant website

You can develop a simple one page restaurant website, but it’s not a requirement. The UpMenu system provides many possibilities for modifying your restaurant website. Present your menu in the online food ordering system, add photos, contact details, etc.

Your customers will easily find the required information thanks to an intuitive layout, also available on mobile devices. The best restaurant website will ensure more online sales and bigger profits for you.

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It is important for you to be able to monitor the results of your restaurant website in detail. They should determine your business decisions regarding restaurant marketing and online sales. When you make a decision, your intuition alone may tell you wrong.

Reports that are automatically generated for you by the UpMenu system will provide actual data regarding visits to your restaurant website and online food ordering system. On this basis, you can introduce changes in the desktop and mobile versions.

You can also benefit from integration of the UpMenu system with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to develop the best restaurant website. Data about customer behavior on your restaurant website will help you understand them better.

Based on such information, you can adjust the appearance and layout of your restaurant website in a better way, including the mobile version. See why a customer ended up not placing an order or why they ordered so little then optimize your best restaurant website and online food ordering system.

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