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Having a Facebook profile just is not enough. A website is a focal point not only to create your online image, but also to generate online sales. The better your website, the higher your sales and profits. The website must earn money. With UpMenu, you will never want to use an external agency or befriended IT specialist to build a website. It is not worthwhile.

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Suitable for mobile devices

Do not lose your mobile customers. People using mobile devices constitute as much as 50% of all customers visiting restaurant websites. UpMenu sites can be reached on such devices to increase the sales of your restaurant.

Easy to use

We know how problematic and time-consuming it can be to update a website. In UpMenu, you get a CMS (content management system) for your website. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or IT support to modify information on your website.

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Our websites are optimised for search engines and they support SEO. You can freely modify your keywords and come high in search results.

SSL security, hosting and own address

You get hosting as a part of your subscription, so you do not incur any extra costs for your own server. We also provide you with SSL security certification. You can also choose any address you want for your website. Simply speaking: You focus on your restaurant and we focus on the technical aspects.

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Many modules and options

Galleries, blogs, news, job offers, special offers, contact form, restaurant search engine… These are just some of the options. With UpMenu, you can have the website of your dreams.

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