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Event Ideas for Restaurants

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska - marketing and communication enthusiast, psychologist by education. For almost 20 years he has been working in areas related to marketing activities, customer path and decision making. Experience has taught her that the most important thing is efficiency. She boldly sets goals and implements them by choosing online and offline tools. Her passion is the analysis of customer behavior and content marketing.

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What is the best way to attract customers and increase your restaurant sales? Events!

There are literally hundreds of different event ideas for restaurants, that might significantly boost your income. You can revamp your restaurant with some awesome occasions with live music, karaoke or special themes. Creating events is definitely one of the most pleasant parts of marketing. Do not forget about budgeting and your target profit as well. But first, let us concentrate on various restaurant theme night ideas and other variations of possible events.

Let Your Restaurant Have Some Special Theme Nights!

Struggling with those slow nights at your restaurant? Maybe it is time to level up your business game here. How about All Ladies’ Night or All Men’s Night? For females – we suggest light appetizers, wine and some cocktails. Music? How about some boy band? Or a solid male singer, who will brighten up their evening with his deep voice. For male’s night – some hard liquor and beer. Darts, burgers and a rock band to accompany their evening. Seems like a total cliché, but you can adjust your event anyway you want. Remember than you need to advertise your event. Use social media, your restaurant’s website. Maybe even a radio ad would do some good here? Restaurant theme nights are extremely popular. When the world is finally getting back on track, people are excited to get out there and party. Your restaurant might be a perfect place for them to hang out and relax a bit, after a long and tiring day at work.

Single’s Night

So, we have all been hiding at our homes for quite some time. Summer season has finally arrived and all the single bodies out there might want to go out and mingle a bit. Your restaurant can serve as a perfect place for all the bachelors and bachelorettes. A single’s night event might be a hit! Invite only those people who are looking for their soulmates. Wine, soft music, (nothing too loud though– let them be able to talk and get to know each other) light food – perfect circumstances for anyone who wishes to meet their significant other.

Let Your Restaurant Have the Best Special Event Ideas

You can make it a periodic thing. You can host a different event each Friday! Let the whole city know, that your restaurant is an unstoppable leader when it comes to different event ideas. You can create a plan for few months in advance. Each event needs planning as well as preparation time. You may prepare a proper schedule for your restaurant theme nights, so that people can save the date for that special evening.

Get The Party Started

How do you feel about musical entertainment? In addition to your regular (but always different) events, you can create a weekly live music project. People who enjoy live music will be able to grab dinner and listen to some catchy tunes. You can either sign up a contract with a band for their residency or invite various artists. There must be plenty of talented artists, who would love to play live for the audience.

Do You Know the Answer?

Live Trivia Games! Sounds pretty exciting, right? You can host a game night (which can also be a weekly thing, but with different game each time), and give the winning trophy to anyone who scores the most points. A free drink or a gift card can serve as a reward for that one lucky winner. Scrabble night, Bingo, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (unfortunately without the possibility to win one million dollars) – those are just some of the options. You can host an event that would connect the entire restaurant (then you must remember about the equipment, like microphone and such) or let each table play their own game, like Jenga or Uno.

Yummy! A Cool Restaurant Theme Idea That Involves Food

Any foodies out there? How about a restaurant theme night for a genuine food lover? You can host an event, that might seem like an everyday evening, but with one significant difference – food. Each food event would involve a different cuisine. You may either come up with your own ideas for food inspirations and regions, or you can simply conduct a survey around your guests, and ask them which cuisine should be next. If they say Italian – then prepare the venue to have that Italian vibe. Perhaps those checked tablecloths, wine, some flatbread. And if they vote for French one, make sure to have the cheese platters ready.

The Price is Right!

We have another event idea, that might turn out to be a hit at your restaurant. The Price is Right show at your eatery? Why not! Your staff members can play the roles of hosts, then remember to choose someone to get the products ready. Can you ask your customers the price of your signature burger dish? Why not! If they guess the correct price – they can have the meal for free.

You can also come up with other event themes, like The Wheel of Fortune, but it might take a lot more effort to prepare the “studio”. Family Feud might be possible. You do not necessarily need a podium, but if you do want to make those restaurant theme nights a weekly or even a monthly thing, then you might want to invest a bit in the equipment.

Do We Have Any Sports Fans Here?

Every restaurant should host some special events and we have some more ideas! Sports fans are always good customers. They order food, drinks. Well, they might be a bit loud, but their enthusiasm is amazing. There are always some games happening. Playoffs, US Open, NFL, NBA – a lot of opportunities to gather those avid sports fans and let them enjoy the game at your restaurant. We know that watching a football match seems more like a bar kind of a thing, but who said a restaurant cannot host an event for US Open finals, right?

Wine Tasting Theme Nights

There are multiple event ideas for restaurants, but there always has to be a wine tasting night. You can either divide each day for different wine region, or simply host one wine tasting event and offer your guest a wide range of different wines from all over the country. It would be good to have someone to talk about different wines. A person, who is passionate about this elegant liquor. An educated persona, who will be able to share their knowledge, so your guest will not only taste different wines but also learn some interesting facts about this divine alcoholic beverage. Like glossary! For example, did you know that botrytis is a beneficial mold that pierces the skin of wine grapes and leads to dehydration? And sec is a French word for “dry”.

Let Me Hear Your Voice – Event Ideas for Restaurants for People Who Love to Sing

Probably almost everyone, at least once in their lifetime, attended a karaoke night. Perhaps they did not sing, but at least witnessed someone else singing (or screaming) a well-known tune. Your restaurant can host a karaoke night event. A perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday or promotion. Sing a song and win your prize.

Comedy Theme Events

If you need more event ideas for restaurants, we have prepared something else – a comedy night. You can either hire a professional comedian, or host an event for those people, who are not comedians but would like to have a try. Chances are, that the aspiring comedian might not be as funny, and the entire event might turn out to be a huge failure, so be prepared to save the situation and have a standby or someone to take over the stage.

Charity Night Events

It feels awesome to do something for a good cause. Your restaurant can take part in something special. Host a charity night event and gather some funds for those who are in need. Perhaps your local child care center needs some school supplies. Your guests can contribute by giving donations.

Very Important Person

Your restaurant can host many different theme nights, but a VIP Only should definitely appear on the list of upcoming events at your restaurant. You can send out special invitations, so that your loyal customers will feel very special.

Happy Hour!

We all know the terms and conditions of a happy hour. Every restaurant and bar across America offer happy hour to their guests. Well, at least most of them do. Your restaurant should not stand out from the rest. Figure out the day and advertise anywhere you can, that happy hour is waiting for those thirsty customers.

Invite Those Guests

Another cool idea for a restaurant event is to invite a guest chef or bartender from another restaurant to your eatery. Let your customers experience a different cuisine and enjoy a refreshing drink from a one-night-only special cocktail list.

Favorite TV Show?

Another fun theme event ideas for restaurants are those TV shows parties. You can also ask your guests to wear at least an accent from their favorite TV show, and then the rest of the party people would have to guess the name of the show.

Halloween is Approaching

Even though the summer time has just started not so long ago, Halloween is slowly getting here as well. Your restaurant should host events for special occasions and annual things like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, International Chocolate Day. The list keeps going! Make sure that your restaurant remembers about all those special occasions and moments.

Kid’s Events

Let us not forget about our little ones. Your restaurant might boost its income by creating a special themed events for kids. Disney theme, Princess theme, Pirate Theme – there are so many options. What is more, kid’s events might attract a lot of families with children, so you might need to work on kid’s menu as well.

How to Manage Those Events?

Many event ideas and their realization might involve some investments. If you happen to spend a lot of money on equipment, hiring additional staff, lighting and such, then you might want to consider selling tickets for those events. A standard event that requires small financial kick will bring you income from the food and drinks. Not every event has to cost you a fortune. Plan your schedule ahead and see which events require your financial input. Do not plan a whole month of pricey events, because once you start selling tickets for the entire month of events, your customers might get a bit discouraged. Create a free event, like a karaoke night, then invite your customers to a wine tasting thing, but let them know they would need to buy a ticket. Make sure to point out what will be included in the ticket price, so that people know what to expect.

Restaurant Theme Nights Will Boost Your Business’ Income

Events will give you great content for your social media. You can spice up your marketing strategy a bit and use your restaurant’s Instagram or Facebook accounts to promote and advertise your upcoming events. And as for the past theme night parties – make sure to always take pictures, so that later you can post those fun photos on social media and attract your future customers. Let the world know what a great host your restaurant is. Event ideas for restaurants can be really different but they may also repeat themselves. And that is okay. As long as you implement small changes, like music or food selection. Every event will definitely have different energy, but we are pretty sure that your guests and staff will have a blast each time an event will take place at your restaurant.

The list of event ideas for restaurants and restaurant theme nights is too long. There is no way to write down all the possible themes and options. Your restaurant does not have to host an event every day or every week, but at least once a month. One of the marketing strategies of a restaurant business is to create events, so be sure that once you decide to host a theme night, the sales and profits will definitely go up!

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska - marketing and communication enthusiast, psychologist by education. For almost 20 years he has been working in areas related to marketing activities, customer path and decision making. Experience has taught her that the most important thing is efficiency. She boldly sets goals and implements them by choosing online and offline tools. Her passion is the analysis of customer behavior and content marketing.

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