Not every restaurateur needs to hire a graphic designer to create their menu – fast food restaurants, for example, but also diners and other small local eateries, could probably spend that money on something more necessary and useful. Not every restaurant can afford a fancy, unique menu, either. And that’s where menu making apps and restaurant menu design software programs come in. Does that sound like something that could be useful to your business? Keep reading to find out how to find the right, often completely free menu maker, download it, and then get started.

PosterMyWall: a menu generator app with free stock photos

Poster my wall offers both a free and a paid version of their software, and which will be right for you depends on your needs. The paid version is also very inexpensive, costing either $4.99 or $9.99 per month depending on whether you want a photo or a poster quality menu. PosterMyWall is also perfect for creating eye-catching social media posts and even promo videos, all in mere minutes thanks to the wide array of available pre-prepared templates – thousands. PosterMyWall also has several practical sharing options for your designs, files and folders so you can make your own menu cards free of charge, both on your own and in collaboration with your team. Users praise the software for its ability to help amateurs design professional-looking menus and flyers, its flexibility allowing for maximum creativity, and of course the free stock images every user has access to.

Canva: the 100% free menu generator app

Like PosterMyWall, Canva can be used to create menus, social media posts and more. This versatile menu builder app offers its users 1,500 customizable templates and 130 fonts, not to mention the 1 million free stock photos – premium stock photos are also available for the almost unbelievably low price of $1 each. All this makes designing an esthetically pleasing menu that really showcases your restaurant’s personality a piece of cake! Canva’s thousands of satisfied users report using the software for everything from creating menus to posters to wedding invitations to animations. There is also a paid version, Canva Pro, which costs $9.95/monthly, but the basic version should be more than sufficient for most restaurant owners.

iMenu Pro: $15 for a menu maker program

iMenu is both the most expensive (though $15 is hardly expensive) and most versatile software on this list. This menu design program works on PCs, Macs and tablets, which is probably why it is used by 25,000 restaurants and counting. One of iMenu Pro’s clients’ favorite functionalities is the software’s ability to highlight high profit margin menu items or special offers. This makes it easier for restaurateurs to customize their menus to optimize their sales. Plus, if you pay for a year in advance, you pay 25% less than if you were to pay per month.

Restaurant menu makers make it quick, cheap and easy for restaurant owners to create the perfect menu for their restaurant, bar or cafe without having to spend excessive amounts of money and time. Do you know of any other good menu creation software or app that is not on this list? Let us know about it!

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