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Digital Restaurant Menu

Your very own digital restaurant menu. Website and mobile app with QR code and online reservations included. 

On-site ordering, home delivery, curbside pickup, takeaway, and more.

Fully Comprehensive, Fully Yours

A complete system created for restaurant owners just like you.

  • No hidden commissions: a straightforward monthly subscription model.
  • A complete online ordering system
  • On-site ordering
  • Free website and mobile app
  • QR code menu and online reservations

Stay In Full Control of Your Orders

You’re in full control of your revenue and your delivery operations. From start to finish.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Adjustable delivery zones
  • Add or remove menu items in seconds
  • Create special takeaway deals
  • Offer on-site orders, home delivery, curbside pickups, takeaways, and more.
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Much More Than Just Food Delivery

UpMenu offers a complete restaurant ecosystem. Take a moment to explore what you’re getting with your UpMenu subscription.

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Your Online Ordering System

Your customers can order directly from your app and website. Skip the nonsense third-party fees and maximize your business profits.

Restaurant Website and Mobile App

The restaurant delivery software is just an extra. With UpMenu, you get a restaurant website and mobile app.

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Restaurant Marketing Solution

A complete marketing toolkit for restaurant owners.

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards
  • Feedback system and reputation analytics

Online Reservation System

The digital menu is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Keep your customers coming with the UpMenu online reservation system.

Discover Free Restaurant Online Reservation System
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Customize Your Website and Mobile App

This block-based, no-code system makes it easy for you to keep your branding consistent across all platforms.

  • Choose from 60+ templates
  • Upload your logo 
  • Add your own menu items
  • Upload photos of your dishes
  • Change prices live

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

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During these 10 years of cooperation, we have saved $1.5M. This would be the cost if we only used 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

~ Andrzej Pelc-Gonera – Owner of the Sushi Kushi, King Kong and Ramen Shop restaurant chains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re looking to create your own digital menu, you first need to build your restaurant website and online ecosystem. To get a custom website with a working digital menu system, you might be looking at up to $5,000. If you’re looking to get a functional app that includes a QR code and lets your customers order from the table, you might be looking at $50,000 more. 

It’s generally much wiser to find a dedicated food ordering system that you can use in exchange for a small fee. For example, you can get a digital restaurant menu along with an ordering system and mobile up for as little as $89. If you don’t need a mobile app, you’re looking at $49/mo.    For most restaurant owners, building their own order management system is not worth it. 
A digital food menu is an electronic version of a traditional printed menu, designed to offer customers an intuitive and interactive dining experience. With a digital restaurant menu, patrons can access your menu directly from their smartphones or other digital devices, usually by scanning a QR code generated by a QR code generator. Unlike a PDF menu, which is static and needs to be downloaded, a digital menu is dynamic, allowing for real-time updates, special promotions, and more.

Creating a digital menu involves several elements, including digital menu boards, digital menu display solutions, and potentially even technology for allowing customers to scan items or QR codes to view menus on their personal devices. The cost to create menus digitally can vary widely depending on the needs of the business, the complexity of the menu, and whether the system will be deployed across multiple screens or multiple locations.

One of the primary advantages of a digital food menu is the ease with which customers can browse, making it a better menu experience overall. Many digital menus are compatible with mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay, further streamlining the ordering and payment process. Your QR code menu can be prominently displayed on table tents, walls, or even the traditional printed menus, making it easy for customers to switch to the digital experience.

In summary, a digital food menu serves as a modern, efficient, and customer-friendly alternative to traditional paper menus, enhanced by features like a QR code generator and compatibility with various payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
The use of a digital menu in restaurants significantly elevates the dining experience by providing a versatile, efficient, and interactive platform for ordering and payment. One of the key features is the implementation of a QR code for restaurants, which customers can easily scan to access your digital menu. This QR code can be placed on your tables, walls, or even integrated into a traditional printed menu.

Once accessed, the digital menu for restaurants allows patrons to browse menu items in a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Customers make their choices with just a few taps, facilitating a smooth ordering process. In addition, the digital menu can be updated in real-time to reflect daily specials, sold-out items, or new additions, ensuring that customers always have the most current information at their fingertips.

Another significant advantage is the ability to order from any device and at any time. Whether a customer is using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can easily access the menu online. This flexibility is especially useful for takeout or delivery orders, allowing restaurants to serve their customers beyond the physical confines of their establishment.

Overall, the use of a digital menu in restaurants offers convenience, efficiency, and a more engaging experience for customers. From letting patrons order from any device to making real-time updates to your offerings, the advantages extend to both the restaurant and its customers.
The cost of digital menu boards can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per screen, depending on the size, quality, and features of the display. Some businesses might prefer high-end displays to ensure the longevity and visibility of their menu items, while others might opt for more cost-effective solutions. 

Creating a digital menu does not necessarily imply the need for purchasing screens or elaborate display systems. To reduce costs, you may use an existing platform, such as Upmenu, which allows businesses to create digital menus that customers can access and use to order food directly from their devices.

With Upmenu, businesses can create menus online and make them accessible via a mobile app, allowing customers to browse menu items, place orders for their tables, or even order food for home delivery, starting at $89 a month. This can be a particularly convenient and efficient solution for businesses with multiple locations or those offering different menus, as it facilitates easy management and customization of menu items and prices.

This approach eliminates the need for multiple screens and digital menu boards at the physical location, but still provides the benefits of a digital menu display by allowing customers to scan through and order menu items directly from their devices. It caters to the rising trend of contactless ordering and payments and enhances the overall customer experience by providing convenience and flexibility.

In summary, while digital menu boards and multiple screens offer one way to present different menus, solutions like Upmenu provide an alternative that can be more cost-effective and convenient, especially for businesses looking to offer digital menus accessible for customers to order directly, whether they are at the table or ordering from home.
A digital menu operates by presenting a menu item visually, usually leveraging platforms like a smart TV or a mobile app. This method allows restaurants and food establishments to offer a more interactive and dynamic approach to presenting their offerings. It can be especially beneficial for establishments looking to provide customers with a more modern and efficient ordering experience.

To access the digital menu, customers scan a QR code with their mobile devices, which directly brings up the list of available menu items. This scan-and-view method is not only user-friendly but also reduces the need for physical menus, making it a convenient option for both the customers and the establishments.

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