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Restaurant table booking app

Earn more and reduce no-shows thanks to the restaurant booking app

Online restaurant booking on your website

Over 47% of customers prefer to place reservations in restaurants online. This is a convenient and time-saving way of booking a table.

Increase the number of customers in your restaurant, plan your employees’ work more effectively and reduce the number of no-shows thanks to the table booking system.

Reduce no-shows with a pre-ordering option

As many as 15% of all restaurant bookings are no-shows. That way, you lose thousands of dollars! Use the pre-ordering features in the table booking system to minimize loses.

Your customers will be able to choose meals and pay for the order immediately after booking table. Run an online restaurant booking on your website.

Simple installation

A restaurant booking system can be easily installed on your website with a simple integration process, without hiring a developer.

Thanks to this, you can start accepting online reservations in your restaurant today. Start a free trial.

Receive reservations easier than ever

By using a restaurant booking system you will receive more reservations more efficiently and faster than ever.

Forget about mistakes when customers book a table. You will get all the information on the screen immediately and user will experience a convenient restaurant booking process.

Use the table booking system to organize the work at the restaurant in a better way. When you are aware of how many customers are expected, you can plan your restaurant’s staff and stock levels better.

The online reservation for restaurant system can be launched within moments on your webpage. If you don’t have a website for your establishment, we will help you develop it with one of the best restaurant website themes. 85% of customers look for restaurants online before placing reservation for a table. Let them find you!

Make restaurant reservations available in a quick and easy way on your website. Launch the UpMenu table booking system and let your customers book tables online easily and quickly.

Use the additional features of an online table booking management system to handle all reservations in your restaurant. This also applies to reservations made over the telephone or in brick and mortar locations. This will save valuable time for you and your employees by streamlining your restaurants booking process.

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