iPad restaurant ordering system Make food ordering through iPad easier than ever!


mobile application for iPad restaurant online ordering system

Use a restaurant app for iPad

80% of internet traffic from tablets is generated by iPad users. Increase profits and build customer loyalty thanks to the numerous professional tools available on the restaurant iPad app.
order example in ipad ordering systen
example of ipad restaurant ordering system applications

Fast and easy ordering

69% of mobile users order food using their devices. They want to do it quickly and easily. The iPad ordering system will make it possible to place orders comfortably, while you increase your profits!

Design that will match your brand

The iPad restaurant ordering system allows you to match its appearance to your restaurant brand. Your customers will actually download your application from the App Store, while you build customer loyalty.
Stripe payment on ipad restaurant app
Order rating example on ipad restaurant ordering system

Build loyalty with push notifications

An iPad ordering system will allow you to send push notifications to your customers. Push notifications have a 7-times higher click rate than email campaigns. Advertise this way with UpMenu.

iPad ordering system for restaurant chains

The UpMenu system enables you to place all the restaurants in your chain on one restaurant app for iPad. Manage your menu and delivery zones in one place. Save time and money. Start a free trial today.
Restaurant choice example on restaurant application for iPad
Stripe online payment on ipad restaurant ordering system

Bring in more customers with online payments

Stripe payment integration makes convenient transactions available for your customers right away. Take more orders and attract new customers thanks to online payments integrated into the iPad restaurant ordering app.

Customer feedback

iPad restaurant ordering application lets your customer rate their orders. The system collects and displays valuable feedback in an accessible way. Collect consumer’s ratings and reviews to adjust your restaurant’s operations.
iPad restaurant ordering system rating feature

Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.