Restaurant app
for iPhone Get new customers
and earn more!

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Launch a restaurant app for iPhone

45% of smartphone users have iPhones. When running a mobile app don’t forget about the iOS version.

Let your customers order directly from you. 70% of customers prefer to order in this way.

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Get new customers

Ordering food through a restaurant application for iPhone is simply convenient.

60% of all online orders are placed via smartphone. Earn more with technology.

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Customized layout

Adjust your mobile app to the image of your restaurant brand in a simple way.

Your customers will have an app in their iPhones that really is your restaurant's app.

Push notifications

The Restaurant app for iPhone also offers completely new marketing opportunities.

Increase orders and customer loyalty thanks to push notifications.

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One mobile app for managing your entire restaurant chain!

In a food delivery iPhone app with the UpMenu system you can place all the premises in your chain on one network.

Customers will be able to choose any of your restaurants from the list. Increase the number of orders using a restaurant app for iPhone.

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Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.