When looking for an online food ordering software open source it is worth considering whether this type of solution will be the best for you. Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of such solutions and some alternatives.

Advantages of online food ordering software open source

1. No costs or low costs

On the market you can find open source solutions that are free or you can buy them for a one-time fee. Many restaurateurs recognize that this is why open source system for ordering is a very good solution.

online food ordering software open source

2. Complete control over the solutions

By using open source solutions you definitely gain full control over the entire solution. Of course, the only condition is that you have technical skills and time to configure and maintain your open source system for ordering. Otherwise, over time the system will prove useless.

3. No formalities

Open source means you do not have to sign any agreements with an external provider. You just take a ready solution and use it. Consider, however, whether the quality of the solution you receive will be of benefit to you. If you get something for free, it might not work well.

Disadvantages of open source system for food ordering

1. No support

By using the open source system you can not count on technical support and solution updates. If such changes are possible, they will have additional fees. Suddenly, a free solution turns out to be very expensive.

2. High costs of maintenance and expansions

Each solution (even free) generates costs in the restaurant. In the case of open source system for food ordering they will be:

  • maintaining your own solution
  • servers
  • costs of lost orders

No fee applies only to the system start-up. Later on you maintain, configure, and expand your orders. Also, consider the costs of your work. The quality of such a system can also vary. Its maintenance can be much more expensive than other solutions available on the market.

3. Fewer possibilities

In the article Best online ordering system on the market, we described what solutions everyone should have food ordering system for restaurant. Check whether the open source solution you choose also has. In most cases you will be missing a few key elements.

online food ordering software open source

4. Fewer online orders

Smaller system capabilities often translate into fewer online orders. A commercial solution gives a lot more opportunities that translate into a larger number of orders. The money saved on the quality of the solution will be lost on a smaller number of orders.

Alternatives to online food ordering software open source

An alternative solution may be a system in the SaaS model, that is, where you pay a small monthly fee for access to a professional system. These are complex solutions tailored to the needs of catering business.

In UpMenu system – online food ordering works directly on the restaurant website, with a lot of additional marketing functions, and few steps, which dissuades the customer from placing an order. This solution is completely adapted to mobile devices, has technical support, and continuous updates at a monthly price, a small subscription fee.

Summary – when to choose open source system for food ordering?

When launching open source system, pay attention to:

  • you have high technical skills
  • time to configure everything on your own
  • the solution includes key elements such as marketing tools, automatic customer database building, and intuitive operations

Otherwise, the open source solution can be embarrassing. Then choose one of the commercial solutions in the SaaS model. So, if you are looking for online food ordering software open source, contact us and find out all of the advantages of UpMenu!