More than 90% of hungry internet users will look for a restaurant online. (source) This is why you should have a food delivery website. Thanks to this, you will be able to promote your restaurant on the Internet and get new customers.

UpMenu will help you created an outstanding website that will be self-sustaining thanks to the restaurant website builder. So, what possibilities are available for your restaurant from a website prepared by UpMenu?

A good online food ordering website will help you increase the number of orders and hence your profit! The average restaurant website has 2,119 visits per month. That’s 2,119 potential customers! (source)

It is also important that a website for restaurants should be responsive. Over 50% of traffic online originates from mobile devices. A website that isn’t adjusted to such devices will not be easy for customers to use.

Let’s see why you should build a restaurant website and what benefits it will bring you. Check what you should avoid, and what are good practices to use.

Online food ordering website.

Why do restaurants need a food delivery website?

Every restaurant owner should focus on the quality of food as their main priority. However, if there are no customers, who should your chef cook for? And, how do you attract customers? The answer; develop a really great restaurant website.

Remember, you cannot put all the information about your restaurant on Facebook. Even if you show some of it, you can’t bring the true spirit of your diner onto social media. You can, however, show what it’s like with a good restaurant website design, and not only through texts and photos.

90% of Americans check information about a nearby restaurant before visiting it. (source) More than 50% of orders for delivery or take out are placed via a restaurant website. (source) If you still aren’t advertising your services online, it’s about time to start!

Gain new customers

Guess where customers look for information about your restaurant? On the internet! They want to find out what meals you have on your menu, your business hours, prices, and they want to see the best restaurant website design.

The internet is the first place your customers refer to. Without a food website, they will not be able to find you.

Developing a website can be really easy. If you choose a solution such as the UpMenu system, you will be able to create an effective free restaurant website that will be self-sustaining.

Collect online bookings or online orders with food delivery website

70% of customers say they prefer to order directly from the restaurant. If you let them, they will gladly order from your food delivery website instead of a third-party food ordering platform. (source)

It is also important for a website to offer the possibility of making table reservations. Because nowadays, we want to handle everything online comfortably. When a potential customer finds your restaurant online, make sure he can order a meal or book a table without unnecessary hassle!

Let people see the atmosphere at your restaurant

A good website for restaurants shows what the customers can expect when they visit you or order food for delivery.

Add an interesting photo of the interior and one of your team. Include high-quality, delicious looking photos of your meals with the menu. Show people that you are an ideal place for dinner or a friendly gathering!

Stay ahead of the competition

The competition is huge in the restaurant industry! Restaurants often open but close down soon after. What makes you different from the competition?

Show off your exceptional meals and give customers the possibility of ordering food online or reserving tables through your website. Respond to customer needs and offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Let’s be honest – a simple restaurant website today is a must! 80% of restaurants turn to technology. (source) If you don’t offer this to your customers, you’ll just stay behind the competition.

Build a food delivery website and a brand at the same time

If you don’t have the budget for huge marketing campaigns, you should focus on building a brand on the internet using the tools available.

Social media may not be enough on its own. It is important for you to have a website for your restaurant. This will be your property so, you can decide how to advertise it, what type of information to post on it, and what budget to spend on its development.

At the same time, new customers will be able to find you online. This is very important in this day and age. Additionally, if you launch an online food ordering system and online booking system, your restaurant website will be self-sufficient!

Online food ordering website.

14 critical elements of a food delivery website

What elements should a food delivery website have to ensure you are profitable? There are a few best practices to help you build your restaurant website. Use the UpMenu restaurant website builder and easily build a restaurant website that will be self-sustaining.

Appearance and usability

Matching the brand image

The best food website designs match the restaurant’s style. They have to draw attention but cannot overwhelm the customer. They have to realize what makes your restaurant stand out immediately. This way, you will gain their recognition.

Simplicity and transparency

When accessing a simple restaurant website, the customer has to see the key information immediately. Contact details and the menu along with an online food ordering system should be easy to find. Thanks to this, you will increase online order conversions and earn more.

Call to action

60% of customers order food online at least once a week and 31% twice a week. (source) The best food delivery websites must feature a clear call to action. In the case of restaurants, this can be, for instance, an “Order Online” button.

When you build your restaurant website remember that your customers must see such a CTA clearly. This will convert into greater profits.



A Top food website must be responsive. 80% of customers order food only through mobile devices. (source) If the restaurant website is displayed badly on a smartphone screen, it will contribute to a reduced number of food delivery orders for you to provide.

Google search results with restaurant website.

SEO friendly

When you develop the best food websites, don’t forget about their positioning in online search engines. Let your customers find you easily. A free UpMenu restaurant website is SEO friendly, which means:

  • it’s are responsive;
  • it loads quickly;
  • it can be integrated with social media and SEO plug-ins;
  • it features an HTML menu;
  • it uses ALT tags.

Easy editing

The best food delivery website needs a great CMS, which is a system for content editing and publishing. Implementing it will make it easier to modify the website in any way, without specialized skills. Therefore you don’t need to employ an IT professional to introduce a simple change or make an update on your food delivery website.

Speed of operation

Your food delivery website must load quickly. This process should take a maximum of 2 seconds. Otherwise, the customer can become irritated and more hesitant to place an order, and probably will not return to your website. 

The best food delivery website content

Intuitive navigation

A few main sections will be enough if you want to have the best food delivery website: “Homepage”, “Menu”, “Contact”. The good division will make it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for. This way, they can place the order faster, and that is what you want to achieve. It’s also a good idea to build a one-page restaurant website.

Contact details

Remember to include the key details in an easily visible place on your food delivery website – a menu and an online food ordering system, telephone number, and address. If these elements are not present, your customers will be discouraged and won’t place orders.

Photos of food and interior

Photos are one of the key elements in presenting your restaurant and the food you serve. Make sure you invest in high-quality photos of your restaurant and display its best dishes.

Photos on the best food delivery websites should be virtually everywhere: on the homepage, in the menu, and separately as a photo gallery section. Customers should really want to visit you or order food when they look at those photos.

Photos of the menu

Restaurant websites make it possible to present meals along with photos, short descriptions, and the price. This way, customers know exactly what they are ordering. Try the menu themes offered by UpMenu and create a food delivery website that will sell your products really well. Read more about taking appetizing photos of your meals here: Professional photos of your dishes without a photographer – is it possible?

Customer reviews

92% of customers read restaurant reviews. (source) Opinions add credibility to your restaurant and emphasize its professionalism. Include several reviews on the homepage or on the menu. The UpMenu online food ordering system will help you collect customer reviews automatically, which can later be used to increase the number of food delivery orders.

Newsletter subscription form

An interesting newsletter will increase your profits. You can inform customers about new promotions and the latest products in this way. The top food websites feature a newsletter subscription form. You can also take things one step further – the UpMenu system will develop a database of customers automatically. When customers place orders, they can grant their consent for marketing contact.

Up to date

The best food delivery websites always contain the latest information. Information about events that took place several years ago or outdated promotions will discourage customers. Update your restaurant website frequently, so that you don’t lose any food delivery orders.

Online food ordering website.

15 mistakes to avoid creating the best food delivery website

When you want to build a restaurant website, you should choose verified solutions. 85% of customers look for restaurants online. A well-developed food website simply generates more profit.

Despite this, you can still find critical errors. See if your restaurant website has any mistakes. If yes, you will be losing profit.

No contact details

Imagine a situation where a customer decides to order something, but they can’t find the phone number or an online food ordering system. When you consider how to create a restaurant website, make sure you include your contact details. Customers will not be able to find you without them and you will earn much less.

No menu

The top food websites must include a menu. They are useless without it and do not present any value to the customer.

A menu in PDF format is also not a good solution. A file that a customer has to download scares them away as it takes more time to place an order. This has a negative impact on the quality of your service.

No prices or photos on the menu

The best food delivery websites themes include photos and prices. Delicious looking photos attract customers and encourage them to place orders. Presenting your prices shows transparency and honesty – the customer should know how much they will pay right away. Choose one of the UpMenu restaurant menu themes and never lose customers who want to place orders.

Music in the background

This is a relic of the 1990s. Avoid it if you want to build a restaurant website in the 21st century. Music that is too loud and cannot be disabled usually irritates customers. It often just makes the customer want to close your food website as soon as possible.

Complicated navigation

The customer usually looks first for the menu, contact details or photos on a website. Complicated navigation makes it difficult. It should be simple and intuitive. It would be best if it redirected the user to the online food ordering system immediately. This way, a customer can place an order easily, which makes them happy with the service while you earn more.

Design not corresponding to the restaurant brand

Everyone who has ever wondered how to create a restaurant website should adjust it to the restaurant’s individual character as a priority. An inconsistent concept may confuse the customer.

Try the best restaurant website design from UpMenu which can be easily adjusted to the restaurant image. You can start selling food online much more quickly.

Website not adjusted to mobile devices

Choose only the best mobile restaurant websites. Incorrect display of the restaurant website on tablets or smartphones is evidence that the customers’ needs are being ignored. 80% of them use mobile devices when looking for restaurants. (source) Non-responsive restaurant websites’ themes will be useless to them.

No call to action

Many customers remain undecided if they are not motivated to perform a certain action. Consequently, they will close your restaurant website. Use a call to action, for instance, as a button redirecting users to the online food ordering system. This way you can be sure to provide more food delivery services.

Outdated content

Photos from a carnival ball from 2011 will most likely not be interesting to anyone. There is nothing worse than outdated promotions that mislead the customer. If you want to create a restaurant website that will build a really positive image, update its content regularly.

Ineffective positioning

When you build a restaurant website, you should ensure its proper positioning in online search engines. Ineffective positioning reduces the chances of your website being displayed in search engines more often, which translates into lost profit.

The UpMenu food delivery website solves this problem. A website developed with UpMenu will be SEO-friendly.

Overwhelming graphic design

Certainly, you have come across restaurant websites where the layout is overwhelming and draws the customers’ attention away, resulting in a reduced number of orders placed.

Absence of customer feedback

The best restaurant websites should include customer reviews. This will be the so-called social proof that visitors look for on websites prior to placing an order. You will make more money thanks to positive customer reviews. The UpMenu food ordering system will help you earn more automatically. See how to do it here: Restaurant online marketing – where can you find valuable feedback?

Difficult to edit

When you build a restaurant website, ensure that it can be edited easily. When it’s not easy to edit, your work will be more difficult, while your customers will face frequent errors and technical breaks.

No possibility of signing up to a newsletter

A well-designed website for restaurants should have the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter. This is a great marketing tool that will increase sales, helping you earn more.

No statistics

No possibility of collecting statistics regarding site visits and order conversions can make your activities difficult or even impossible. Make conscious decisions using data provided automatically by the UpMenu system and earn more.

Content management system in UpMenu.

Food delivery website creation

🚧 How to build your restaurant website:

  • itneedstobecatchy-dot-com

    The very first step in building your restaurant website is coming up with a domain. You probably already have an idea or two – keep them in mind but make sure they are suitable before using them. 
    There are some rules of restaurant online marketing that you have to follow. Most importantly, your domain should somehow be connected to the name of your diner – ideally, perfect when the domain contains the whole name.

  • A good domain – is that all?

    Coming up with a domain is not that easy – the same goes for the name of the restaurant. Both the domain and the name should be original, memorable, and catchy to make it really worth mentioning. Remember that you should think of a name that gives the potential customer a clue about what they should expect, what kind of food you serve, what is the theme.

  • Money well spent

    Before you start making any money, you first have to invest some of it. Look at your budget and ensure you have funds to build a restaurant website. Remember that restaurant online marketing without a good website is nothing – you should only be creating your website once so, make sure this one time counts.
    You’ll probably have to find somebody who knows the deal and then have it done for you. To avoid misunderstandings, talk with a specialist about all the tabs you want to build.

  • Other expenses

    You’ll have to spend some money on other things as well. Think of the money you need to pay a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your restaurant and its meals. It doesn’t have to be a photographer who only takes pictures like these but if the photographer has any experience in restaurant marketing photography, the pictures will probably look more professional.
    Do you have some funds left? Take another step and make a video! Show your customers around before they even leave their houses – invite them to your restaurant.

Online food ordering website.

Website indicators

We’re certain you’re familiar with the idea. You want to increase the popularity of your food delivery website, you prepare a restaurant online marketing strategy that covers a blog and modified layout.

Entrepreneurs often forget that marketing activities should be measurable. Only in this way will you find out if your work achieves the intended results. And if it doesn’t, you know where to look for the cause and how to change it fast. Find out about 5 key indicators for your restaurant website.

Number of visits 

You will see the number of users and amount of time they spend on your pages, the time of heaviest traffic, and the components of the website that users find the most interesting. Why would you need such information?

The best restaurants have up to 3,614 visits per month! (source) Think about it. With such knowledge, you can check the effectiveness of other activities, e.g. positioning in online search engines. If the popularity of your website increases, you know that your SEO activities are generating the proper results.

Knowing how much time a visitor spends browsing your food website, you can estimate how many people are actually interested in your offer. On this basis, you can take further actions that will convince users that you really do offer what they are looking for.

Information about when the heaviest traffic occurs on the website is a sign that new posts should be published exactly at that time. Furthermore, you can test the popularity of particular website elements. If an article about coffee art attracted a record-high number of users, prepare more similar posts.

Sources of visits

What could be the sources of visits to a food delivery website? There are several options. Direct visits, visits from search results, from social media profiles or from external services. Why should you check such data?

Because, on this basis, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. If you think that most site visits are generated by search engines, or the opposite – if the click rate is too low, you can strengthen activities that aim at positioning.

If your customers visits your website through links from social media, it means that they like the content you publish there.

It is worth taking care about acquiring visits from popular external websites: cooking blogs, restaurant search engines, etc. Customers originating from such sources have already decided to buy your products.

Mobile traffic

Yes. Quite a lot of people. Currently, approximately 25% of restaurant site visitors are mobile users. We hope that this number convinces you to adjust your website for use by mobile devices.

Online sales

Reports available in the online food ordering system enable you to precisely calculate how many orders you completed within a day, week, month or year. On this basis, you can assess the average sales in a given period and try to better analyze when you can anticipate bigger profits.

Check order details, i.e. which products from the menu are the most popular. On this basis, choose a group of these popular products and incorporate them into your promotional activities.

Online sales conversion

This indicator shows the harsh truth. Not all site visitors will actually become customers. Statistics show that only 2 in every 100 visits end in a purchase. Don’t worry though. Restaurants using the UpMenu system usually achieve as much as 30% conversion!

The conversion indicator for online sales enables you to determine the number of orders placed compared to all site visits. In this way, you can assess whether your marketing activities generate the desired results and if they are worth investing in further.

Online food ordering website themes


Nowadays, the vast majority of restaurants need a food delivery website. 60% of restaurant owners believe that the introduction of delivery and takeout significantly increases their profits. (source)

The best food delivery websites simply help eateries make money from online orders. 90% of customers check the restaurant website before ordering. The best-looking restaurant website with a food delivery option will attract them more.

There are several necessary elements if you want to build a restaurant website. Remember to include accurate contact details, online ordering options, and matching the restaurant website design to your brand.

Remember to track your food delivery website result indicators so, you can be sure that your marketing activities and the website design are fitting and engaging for potential customers.

You can enhance further your restaurant operations and management through the implementation of Point of Sale Systems. Here you can find a breakdown of best POS systems for restaurants.

Check out the website themes from UpMenu. Thanks to them, you can build a free restaurant website, run an online food ordering system, and increase your profits: The 23 best restaurant website templates, 11 of the best pizza website templates for online ordering.


❓ Why food ordering website is crucial for a restaurant?

– Accelerates customer base growth
– Facilitates table booking system
– Promotes restaurant public image
– Builds brand recognition and online presence

❓ What are the most common restaurant website creation errors?

Missing contact details and menu
Lack of product pictures and pricing
Overcomplicated navigation and cluttered graphical design
Non-corresponding design
Missing CTA(Call-to-Action) directed to the ordering page
Customer feedback function vacancy

❓ What are the essential elements of the best food delivery website?

– Appearance relevant to brand image
– Responsive and intuitive design
Call to Action inclusion
SEO optimized structure
– Easy to use editor
– Engaging, easy to navigate through content
Contact details inclusion
– Consumer experience-enhancing photos of food and interiors
Customer feedback and communication support
– Up to date content

Launch an online food ordering system
on the restaurant website