What with life being as rushed as it is these days, it’s a good thing so much can be done via the internet or even an app in mere moments. Not to mention 2020 has made it especially crucial to be able to order things directly to your door instead of spending time in crowded places with hundreds of other people. A lot of businesses were not even allowed to host their customers at all, especially restaurants.

This year has been an unexpectedly tricky one for many businesses, but restaurants may have had the most hoops to jump through. Establishments that previously did not pay all that much attention to the internet realm suddenly found themselves in a situation where they had to learn to swim or sink. With queries like, “nearby food delivery service”, “food that delivers to my house”, and even “google order me some food” shooting to the top of query lists the world over, restaurants had to meet that demand, and fast. Some leased cars to deliver food personally, and some relied on the services of restaurant delivery apps.

With the year drawing to a close, let’s take a look at the delivery apps for food used most often and see which one comes out on top.

Best home delivery service apps

As always, it’s hard to pick one absolute best app, because each one has its strengths and weaknesses. So let’s take a look at the most popular food delivery apps and find out what’s the best each one has to offer.

Goldbelly: a food delivery application for gourmets

You may have never even heard of Goldbelly, but you certainly should! If you are the kind of person who is picky about what you eat, this is the food delivery app for you. Unlike the other apps on this list, Goldbelly does not deliver hot meals directly from local restaurants, but rather DIY kits of gourmet foods from all over the USA. Orders can take several days to deliver and arrive as pre-made components ready to be combined, cooked and eaten. Can’t live without the Brown Butter Lobster Rolls you had at Eventide in Portland, or the vodka pie from Emmy Squared in Detroit? Goldbelly has your back!

Uber Eats: supporting local businesses

Uber eats has something of a, shall we say, mixed reputation due to its employees not being specifically trained to handle food. This has resulted in a multitude of hilarious and downright annoying mishaps, as well as some orders disappearing completely, never to be seen again. On the upside, though, Uber Eats offered local restaurants a period of free delivery to help them find their footing in the spring when the pandemic had just hit and taken everyone by surprise. It is also consistently one of the cheapest food service apps.

Doordash: places that deliver far and wide

Doordash delivers to over 6,000 cities across all 50 states. As of 2019, the food delivery app had 27% of the market in its grasp, and it charges only 20% in commission, which is not that much at all by industry standards.

Seamless: a food app that delivers what you’re craving

This is another food delivery app you may not be all that familiar with, but it has enormous potential given that 21st century adults continue to make the world accommodate them and their needs, not the other way around. The app doesn’t just let you search by restaurant, but also by the exact food you’re craving. You can simply type the name of the food or its main ingredients into the search bar, and Seamless will give you a list of restaurants that deliver to your location that can prepare just that. When it comes to restaurant delivery reviews, Seamless also stands out as an app that continuously analyzes its reviews to optimize its service.

Postmates: more than a restaurant delivery service

Postmates may have considerably less of the market than other food delivery apps –– as of 2019, it had just 12% of the market and delivered in 1500 cities. One thing its customers love Postmates for, though, is that the app delivers much more than food. If you need ingredients to make your own dinner, party supplies, or medicine, Postmates will deliver those to your home as well. Postmates drivers also report being satisfied with their jobs, as the company does not require them to commit to certain set hours, meaning they work when they can and want to. All this flexibility makes Postmates customers more satisfied on average than people who use other meal delivery apps.

Domino’s: pizza in 30 minutes or it’s free

Speaking of pizza parlors, the Domino’s app has become an absolute giant and a real favorite among people in the mood for a hot cheesy pie. Granted, they don’t really deliver anything other than pizza, but delivery is guaranteed in 30 minutes or less, making Domino’s the perfect option for when that beer-fuelled hunger kicks in late Friday evening. There are also lots of different special deals and discounts and multiple payment options, to boot. The app itself is very intuitive and uses 3D technology to make the photographs of the food look more realistic, and the toppings, crusts and more can all be tailored to the smallest detail.

Companies that deliver food to your house used to be either pizza parlors or sushi bars, but this year has been a game changer. Hopefully this little list will help you get a better idea of who is out there and what they offer to both businesses and customers.

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