Restaurant loyalty programmes are the best method for building loyalty among customers. As a result, your customers will order more and more often. Rewarding them will make them feel appreciated and important to you.

30% of restaurants offer various types of loyalty programmes to their customers. 57% of restaurant customers declare that they are happier to eat in restaurants that offer such a programme. If you still haven’t started to act, you are losing out on a lot.

Nevertheless, launching and operating restaurant loyalty programmes may cause problems. How will points be applied? What if someone lost their card with stamps? How to add points for online orders?

The traditional approach to a loyalty programme is problematic. Thanks to the UpMenu loyalty programme and reward system your customers will collect points or stamps in an easy way so they can be exchanged for rewards. How does it work?

Online stamps and points

Forget about placing stamps on customer cards or noting down the number of points. The UpMenu system will gather all relevant information regarding your customers restaurant loyalty programmes in one place.

Both you and your customers will have access to their account at any time to see how many stamps they need to get a reward or how many points they have and what they can be exchanged for.

Stamps and points will be added automatically with online orders. When a customer wishes to add them in the restaurant, all they have to do is show you a special code in the mobile application of your restaurant. You then scan the code to your system and you’re all set!

Collecting stamps

Collecting points

Restaurant loyalty programmes adjusted to your brand

Each restaurant loyalty programme can be perfectly adjusted to fit your brand. The choice is up to you when it comes to collecting stamps.

All changes can be introduced in one place – in your administrative panel in the UpMenu system. They will be visible to the customers immediately.

Integration with the online food ordering system

UpMenu loyalty program and reward system is fully integrated with the online food ordering system. This is mainly to ensure convenience for your customers, who can obtain information about their status in the programme automatically when placing orders.

The appearance of the restaurant loyalty programmes will also be adjusted to your restaurant website, online food ordering system and mobile application.

Additional marketing features

A restaurant loyalty programme is a great method for restaurant marketing, because it uses an element of a game. Your customers will simply want to win a reward. This is a natural psychological mechanism. They will order more and more often. Read more about restaurant marketing strategies in our article Overview of online marketing strategies for food place.

To reinforce this effect, you will receive many new marketing tools with the UpMenu system! Notify your customers about the latest products and encourage them to compete to win rewards in a [oyalty programme through the following:

  • Email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • Advanced module for promotion and discount vouchers
  • Marketing automation


Use the restaurant loyalty programme and reward system to gain more orders for your restaurant. Your customers will order more and more often and, when they collect a reward, they will feel really appreciated.

If you would you like to launch your own loyalty programme, feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to help!

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