Restaurants loyalty programs software Launch loyalty program and build a community of committed customers

Launch loyalty program and build a community of committed customers Ninjagrill customer loyalty program restaurant on desktop display

Restaurant reward programs build a loyal customer base

Restaurant customers like to be rewarded. 45% declares that restaurants with loyalty programs encourage them to use online ordering services more often. The UpMenu promotion engine allows clients to take part in multiple customizable customer loyalty programs for restaurants.

Loyal customers will place online orders and visit your restaurant more often. Furthermore, a restaurant loyalty program will help you generate bigger profits thanks to its up-selling and cross-selling capabilities. Sell more thanks to discounts for items sold in bulk.

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Different color layouts for loyalty programs restaurants design
Loyalty program for restaurants - digital stamp collection on the website and mobile app

Collecting stamps online and at the premise

Collecting stamps on paper loyalty cards is deemed to be one of the best restaurant loyalty programs, but has one crucial flaw. The card can be lost or misplaced, setting back your customer and diminishing his dining experience.

Launch a restaurant loyalty program with a digital stamp collection system to build a positive retention rate among your customers. Give your customers a simple and convenient way of participating in a rewards program by implementing a digital punch card.

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Collecting points in a restaurant loyalty program

You can create a point-based rewards program where menu items will have a specific number of points assigned. Customers will earn points for every dollar spent and can use them to earn rewards or get discounts.

Decide how the loyalty programs for restaurant work in your establishment with easy to set up promotional engine. The UpMenu features support for a variety of restaurant customer loyalty programs.

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Rewards program for restaurants - digital point collection system
Different design layouts for loyalty programs in restaurants

A restaurant loyalty program adjusted to your brand

Each of the restaurant loyalty programs can be adjusted to your brand, restaurant website, and mobile app. Change colors, adjust the layout, and personalize symbols for collected stamps to fit the brand image.

The UpMenu system makes it possible to adjust each solution, including loyalty programs, to the image of the company’s brand. Your customers will see immediately what location they are ordering food delivery from and which loyalty program is available.

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Integration with an online food ordering system

The UpMenu online food ordering system is fully integrated with restaurant loyalty programs. Thanks to this, loyalty points, stamps, and earned discounts are immediately appended to the customer account.

This is a huge convenience for you and your customers because you don’t have to manually add points after every transaction. Restaurant loyalty programs also work offline on your restaurant premises.

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Receiving loyalty points in best restaurant loyalty program by UpMenu
Newsletter and SMS campaigns created in loyalty program for restaurant

Engage and reward your customers thanks to new marketing tools

The UpMenu restaurant loyalty program will provide completely new marketing possibilities that will support your promotion efforts even further. Build customer loyalty, inform about ongoing promotions, and increase sales value thanks to:

  • Email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • Advanced promotion engine
  • Automated generation of a newsletter database
  • Collecting customer reviews
  • Marketing automation
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Restaurant loyalty programs on social media

The UpMenu restaurant loyalty program system gives you the possibility of publishing your interactive menu for online ordering directly on social media pages. A Facebook business page is the perfect place to inform customers about active promotional campaigns and collect more orders.

All active restaurant loyalty programs created with UpMenu will apply to orders placed through the menu published on the social page. Tap into ever-growing social platforms user base and win over new clients with the best restaurant rewards programs.

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Online ordering on Facebook social media page connected with loyalty program feature
Points distribution on customer ordering app

Customizable restaurant rewards system point collection

In the loyalty program prepared with UpMenu online ordering system, you can decide how points are going to be distributed. You can award your customers with points for every placed order, or every time order value passes a certain threshold.

You will be also able to customize how your customers can spend earned points. Give them the option to pay for an ordered meal with collected points, or use them on discounts. Also, you can determine to which product reward programs applies. Get the most out of restaurant loyalty programs with customizable discounts.

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Data-backed restaurant loyalty programs

The UpMenu system keeps track of all processed transactions and orders to generate accurate reports. The same applies to points, stamps, and discounts awarded for purchases. You can utilize this data to determine which restaurant loyalty programs bring the best results.

Learn what brings new customers and what keeps your regulars coming back. Make data-backed decisions to create the best food rewards programs that will attract more clients to your establishment.

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Automatic report generated within UpMenu system with loyalty building features

A restaurant loyalty program is one of the best methods for building customer retention and allegiance. Promotional discounts, vouchers, and point collection schemes keep your clients engaged and invested in your brand. Thanks to properly introduced loyalty programs, customers will order more and more often making your revenue grow almost endlessly. Use the loyalty program to build a dedicated client base and increase your profits thanks to elevated traffic and newly earned up-selling and cross-selling capabilities. Sell more thanks to discounts for products sold in bulks or predetermined sets.

As many as 45% of customers declare that they will be more willing to order food delivery or visit eateries that offer restaurant loyalty programs. This means that you could grow your customers base by half, just by offering an attractive loyalty program in your establishment. Usually, to run the loyalty program in a restaurant you have to install and integrate additional software, but thanks to UpMenu you can engage in a rewards program without any additional effort. The loyalty program feature is built in the online food ordering system, making promotion management much easier.

The traditional approach to restaurant loyalty programs may turn out to be insufficient. Customers no longer want to use a physical loyalty card. Participation in a loyalty program needs to be digitalized and automated. Thanks to the UpMenu promotion engine you can set up your loyalty program in the matter of clicks. All data regarding earned points and discounts are conveniently stored in the system and easily accessible botch for you in management panel, and your customers in a mobile app, or through account panel on a restaurant website. Make your loyalty programs more accessible to get your customers engaged with your brand.

The UpMenu restaurant loyalty program software enables you to collect and store data about processed orders and awarded discounts, vouchers, points, and stamps. The system utilizes this information to generate extensive reports that will help you determine the best course of action to build a loyal customer base. Analyze and compare different loyalty program strategies to discover which actions positively build retention rates and where you can improve your efforts. Verify which rewards program deems the best results and how much costs it generates. An extended database will aid you in creating the best loyalty programs for restaurants.

Happy women that received loyalty points notification message generated in the UpMenu system

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