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Collecting stamps online and at the restaurant

Collecting stamps on paper loyalty cards is inconvenient for your customers. Your employees and customers have to remember about them. Cards are often lost.

Launch a restaurant loyalty program and build loyalty among your customers. UpMenu restaurant loyalty software works in the online food ordering system, on your restaurant website, and in the mobile app, as well as in the restaurant.

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Stamps for food ordering
Points for food ordering

Collecting points in a restaurant loyalty program

Your customers don’t have to collect stamps. You can create a point-based loyalty system where each dish in the online food ordering system will have a specific number of points assigned.

You will decide how the restaurant loyalty software is to work. The UpMenu system can be easily adjusted to your ideas for rewarding customers.

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Reward programs build loyalty among your customers

Your customers like to be rewarded. The UpMenu loyalty program makes it possible for customers to collect points and exchange them for rewards in a simple, automated way. The simple-to-use loyalty software will not cause any problems for you or your customers.
Loyal customers will place orders and visit your restaurant more often. A restaurant loyalty program will help you generate bigger profits.

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Different colors for loyalty program
Different colors for loyalty program

A restaurant loyalty program adjusted to your brand

Each of the restaurant loyalty programs can be adjusted to your brand, restaurant website or mobile app. Change colors and add your own symbols for stamps.

The UpMenu system really makes it possible to adjust each solution, including loyalty software, to the image of the restaurant’s brand. Your customers will see immediately what location they are ordering food delivery from and which loyalty program they use.

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Integration with an online food ordering system

The UpMenu online food ordering system is fully integrated with restaurant loyalty programs. Thanks to this, loyalty points or stamps are immediately added to the customer account.

This is a huge convenience for you and your customers because you don’t have to remember about adding points. Restaurant loyalty programs also work offline in your restaurant.

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Receiving loyalty points
Newsletter and SMS campaign

Engage and reward your customers thanks to new marketing tools

The UpMenu restaurant loyalty program will provide completely new marketing possibilities for you that will help you use loyalty software even better. Build customer loyalty and increase sales thanks to:

  • Email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • Advanced promotion engine
  • Automated generation of a newsletter database
  • Collecting customer reviews
  • Marketing automation
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A restaurant loyalty program is one of the best methods for building customer loyalty. This way, customer order more and more often while you make more and more money. Use the loyalty program to increase your profits.

As many as 57% of customers declare that they will be more willing to order food delivery or visit a restaurant if it offers a loyalty program. More than half of your customers want to place orders at your restaurant in exchange for a loyalty reward!

The traditional approach to restaurant loyalty programs may turn out to be insufficient. Customers no longer want to use loyalty cards. Participation in a loyalty program needs to be automated.

The UpMenu restaurant loyalty program software enables customers to collect and store points or online stamps. There is no need to worry that the loyalty card will be lost or someone will forget to collect a stamp.

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