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RedChili WordPress Theme Get your customers' attention with the RedChili WordPress restaurant website theme. The fiery layout will remain in their memory. And in addition, run an online ordering system and earn even more.


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Presentation of Restaurant WordPress Theme on desktop and mobile devices

Theme features

RedChili theme Do you want your restaurant to look outstanding online? This WordPress theme will give your website a whole new style.

Keep in mind that WordPress templates are very easy to plugin. You will not need much help and you’ll be enjoying your RedChili theme in no time at all.

Your website should catch people’s attention RedChili is a vivid, expressive website theme that mirrors the uniqueness of your restaurant.

Every page looks intriguing and modern, and the bright colours immediately catch your customers’ attention.

Reveal your spicy style Does your menu consist of well-prepared, delicious dishes? Do you offer Italian, Mexican or perhaps American cuisine?

Consider choosing this template if your restaurant dares to be one of a kind and you want to share this fact with your customers. You will also receive 6 months’ support from Radius Theme.

Sales will go up The RedChili theme will make your website look amazing - but that is not all. The new look will be appreciated by new customers as well as your regular ones.

Your professionalism will increase your guests’ trust in you and they will make orders online more often than ever before.

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