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Free Bakery Website Templates

Build your very own bakery website using our free dedicated templates. Customize your menu and website to reflect your brand and convert visitors to customers.


The Floury is a top bakery website template designed for user-friendly navigation and sales efficiency. It effectively showcases products to boost online sales and elevate your bakery’s online presence.

Increase Sales with Professional Bakery Website Templates

Increase customer conversions using dedicated bakery website templates.

  • Easy 5-minute setup
  • Created specifically for bakeries
  • Highly-customizable
  • Free and ready to use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To launch your own website for a bakery, begin with a page builder that offers the best bakery templates. Integrate your bakery’s menu, and accentuate it with crisp images of your treats. An essential feature is the ‘order online’ system, best when integrated with your POS, ensuring efficient transactions for both owner and customer.

A bakery website should envelop visitors in a design that mirrors your bakery’s brand and values. Navigation should be a breeze, presenting vital elements like your assortment of baked goods, physical address, business hours, and a transparent **blog section** for sharing stories or recipes.

For those embarking on their own website adventure or watching their budget, there are platforms with a page builder that showcase free and premium bakery templates. These can be tailored to resonate with your bakery’s essence, allowing site visitors a delightful experience as they browse your offerings and order online.

In shaping content for your bakery, prioritize transparency and completeness. All pivotal details, from the order online procedures to the bakery’s exact location and how to get in touch, should be readily available. Employing platforms known as the top choices for bakery website creation ensures that content updates keep your site vibrant without additional hassle.

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