Launch an online booking system for restaurants Earn more and limit cancelled reservations thanks to the booking management system

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An online booking system on your restaurant website

Take reservations directly from your restaurant website. An online booking system will help you handle more customers, while the work at your restaurant can be organized in a better way, enabling you to save time. Your customers want to find you easily on the internet. Give them an online booking reservation system without delay and invite them to your restaurant.

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Fewer cancelled reservations thanks to the pre-order option

Pre-ordering makes it possible for your customers to book a table through the online booking system and place an order for a specific time in the online food ordering system while also making it possible to pay for it online! The customer will not have to wait for the food to be prepared at the restaurant. You can be certain that the reservation won’t be cancelled.

Increase customer service quality and your profit thanks to the online booking reservation system.

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Easy integration of the online booking system with any restaurant website

You can launch the online booking reservation system easily on your restaurant website. Enjoy bigger profits at your restaurant thanks to online table booking.

If you still don’t have a restaurant website, use one of our best restaurant website themes and develop it without technical skills or having to pay IT experts.

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Table booking integrated with Ninjagrill website
Table booking dashboard panel

Collect reservations in a simple way while saving time

The UpMenu online booking system makes it possible for your customers to book a table while you can accept reservations in an easy way. Forget about busy telephone lines and collect reservations with one click on a tablet or iPad.

Your employees will now have more time to provide good service to customers in the restaurant. An online booking management system helps to increase the quality of customer service at your restaurant.

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An online booking management system ensures better organization of work

No more errors when taking and recording details of table bookings. You can manage all your reservations in one place, in a simple way.

Reservations made through the restaurant website are automatically sent to the booking management system. You can also enter reservations made by telephone or in the restaurant to the system.

This will make it possible for you to be in control of every aspect!

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Table booking statistics panel

Reports for better online booking management and organization of work

The reports that the online booking system generates automatically will help you plan your work better such as the required staff members and ingredients available on any given day.

More detailed information in the online booking management system will help you make better business decisions and make more money.

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Use the online booking management system to organize the work at the restaurant in a better way. When you are aware of how many customers are expected, you can plan your staff and stock levels better.

Take table reservations in a quick and easy way from your restaurant website. Launch the UpMenu table booking system and let your customers book tables online easily and quickly.

The online booking management system can be launched within moments on your restaurant website. If you don’t have a website, we will help you develop it with one of the best restaurant website themes. 85% of customers look for restaurants online. Let them find you!

Use the features of an online booking management system to manage all reservations in your restaurant. This also applies to reservations made over the telephone or in the restaurant. This will save valuable time for you and your employees.

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