Restaurant ordering system
for Android Let your customers order food
from their smartphones

online ordering mobile application example on Android

Restaurant mobile app for Android devices

In the US, over 128 million smartphone users have Android devices.

Your clients are among them. Increase the number of orders using a completely new sales channel.

Restaurant online ordering application creation for Android
Restaurant online ordering app for Android

Run your own mobile app

A mobile app with the UpMenu restaurant ordering system for Android enables you to customize it to suit your needs.

Build your brand and customer loyalty - sell more online and increase your profits.

Online payments

Keep up with the latest trends - use integration mobile app for Android devices with Stripe and PayPal.

Over 50% of customers pay for online transactions. Take advantage of this and offer a service for cashless customers.

Online payments in restaurant ordering app
Push notifications in restaurant ordering application for Android.

Push notifications

The open rate of push notifications on Android devices is over 91%! It's definitely more than on iOS.

Push notifications will help you stay in touch with customers and increase the number of orders.

Managing a restaurant chain

Manage all your restaurants in one place. Any changes will be immediately visible in the restaurant ordering system for Android.

Your customers will be able to easily choose the restaurant from which they want to order.

Restaurant choice example in restaurant ordering system for Android devices
Order rating example in Android restaurant application

Collect customer feedback

Let your customers rate how much they are content with their orders in your restaurant online ordering app.

Consider clients opinions to boost their satisfaction and therefore their retention rate .

Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.