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Give the customers of your restaurant a mobile app for iPad

A mobile application with the UpMenu system will help your customers place orders quickly and easily, while you increase your food delivery sales.

Increase profits and build customer loyalty thanks to the numerous professional tools in iPad app!

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Unbelievably fast and easy ordering

When your customers are hungry and want to quickly order their favourite food, they don’t have time for a non-functional online ordering system.

The iPad mobile application for restaurant will make it possible for them to place orders easily and quickly, while you will increase your profits!

Appearance that will match your brand

The application for iOS devices with the UpMenu system allows you to match its appearance to the appearance of your restaurant branding.

Your customers will actually download your application software on iPad from the App Store, while you build customer loyalty.

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Increase you profit with fast online payments

Thanks to online payments, you won’t lose customers who only like to pay with cash.

Show people that you follow the latest trends and don’t let your competition pass you by! This will help you increase the number of orders from iPad mobile app for restaurants, and most of all, the profit!

Build loyalty with push notifications

iPad restaurant online ordering with the UpMenu system will allow you to send push notifications to the customers.

This is an exceptional app that will help you generate more food delivery sales for your restaurant and also help in building customer loyalty towards your brand.

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Build customer loyalty thanks to new possibilities

Mobile application for restaurants with the UpMenu system for iPad enables you to use completely new marketing tools. They will help you build the loyalty of your customers:

  • automated collection of customer reviews
  • discount vouchers
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotion module
  • loyalty programme
  • email, SMS, and push campaigns
  • marketing automation

All restaurants in your chain on one application

The UpMenu online food ordering system for iPad enables you to place all restaurants in your chain on one mobile application. Manage the menu and delivery zones in one place. Save time and money; all changes will be visible in the application and on the website immediately.

Order rating example

Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.