Restaurant app for iPhone Reach new customers with a mobile app for food ordering and earn more!


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Launch a restaurant app for iPhones

Apple devices hold a 46% market share in the US smartphone sales and 15% Worldwide in 2020. It is a substantial customer base that exclusively uses applications published on the App Store. 45% of restaurant customers state that the mobile ordering option would encourage them to order online more often. Let iPhone users order directly from you through the app for restaurant compatible with iOS.
Order example in restaurant apps published on App Store
Presentation of the best restaurant apps feature - interactive menu

Get new customers with restaurant app

60% of all online orders are placed via smartphone. The mobile ordering market is reaching a worth of 38$ billion dollars in 2020. Earn more with a mobile application for restaurant brand designed with the iOS devices in mind. Win over customers with quick and convenient food ordering through a restaurant application for iPhone. Clients select menu items for order on an interactive menu present in the restaurant app. Next, all delivery information will be forwarded to you in a matter of seconds.

Customizable layout in iPhone app for restaurants

70% of restaurant customers prefer to order from native apps for restaurant brand than third-party platforms. Get their attention with the app that catches the unique essence of your establishment. UpMenu enables you to thoroughly customize layout, colors, logos, and images present in restaurant applications, to express your brand image adequately. Win customers over with a native customized restaurant app.
Mockup of best apps for restaurants created by the UpMenu
Screen of multiple restaurant locations presented in iOS application for eatery chains

One restaurant app to manage the entire chain!

In a food delivery iPhone app created with the UpMenu system, you can place all the brick-and-mortar premises in your chain on one connected network. You can set up different prices, promotions, and loyalty programs for each location individually. Customers will be able to choose any of your restaurants from the list and check essential information like address or active promotions. Increase the number of orders using the restaurant app for the entire chain.

Restaurant app for iOS with PUSH notifications

The restaurants app for iPhone offers entirely new marketing opportunities possible thanks to integration with the online ordering systemPUSH notifications. Notifications can display a message, play a characteristic sound, or update a badge on your app icon, whether it is running in the background or turned off. Utilize the PUSH notifications feature of restaurants applications to inform customers about new menu items, discounts, and loyalty programs in your establishment. Build an engaged client base with timely and relevant updates.
Order rating example in best restaurant app for iOS
Presentation of in-app restaurant loyalty program for iOS enviroment

In-app restaurant loyalty programs

75% of consumers say they favor restaurants that offer rewards, and 45% state that loyalty programs and mobile ordering encourage them to order online more often. With the native application for iPhones from the UpMenu, you can profit from both of these facts. The restaurant app for iOS enables you to create and run multiple loyalty programs. Engage your customers with personalized discounts for regular clients and attractive prices for items sold in bulks, or sets. Let your patrons collect digital points or stamps and exchange them for menu items or discounts. Customize loyalty programs to get the best results.

User ratings and reviews in restaurant app

Customer feedback takes an essential part in determining future restaurant operations. Collecting client’s opinions gives you insight into what is going well in your establishment and where improvements could be introduced. It also shows that you value your customer’s opinions. The iOS restaurant app from UpMenu collects ratings and reviews from your customers from the moment you run it. Gathered data is organized and presented through automatically generated reports to make the business analysis more accessible. Get started with the iPhone app that will help you gather valuable feedback.
Customer ratings and reviews in app for restaurant- example of rating screen
Screen of online payments service integrated into app for eatery

Online payments directly in the restaurant iOS app

Customers that order food online value convenient and time-saving resolutions. Over 50% of digital orders are paid cashless. This makes online payment services a perfect supplement to a restaurant application for iPhones. UpMenu gives you access to the iOS app, integrated with the most popular online payment platforms – PayPal, Stripe, and Adyen. Give your customers the option to pay conveniently through the app and keep clients who prefer to pay online.

Easy ordering through the restaurant app

Restaurants with apps experience a spike in orders due to rising interest in digital ordering. The worth of online orders is rising three times faster than the value of dine-in traffic. The main reason for this is the convenience and swiftness of this sales channel. With the restaurant app by the UpMenu, you receive a professional tool that will assure a comfortable ordering process for your customers. Win over new clients with transparent and easy to use mobile application for Apple devices.
Easy online ordering presented on the mobile app for food delivery
Online ordering becomes a huge indicator of success for the restaurant industry. This ever-growing market surpasses dine-in value growth three times. Moreover, mobile orders via smartphones alone reach a worth of 38$ billion in 2020. And, Apple products users stand for a substantial part of this market, 45% of US smartphones are equipped with the iOS system, and 15% worldwide. Therefore, the restaurant app designed for the iOS environment is a natural next step for any brand that wants to expand on the field of mobile ordering. You can decide to develop a mobile app on your own or use one of the application builders available on the market, but both of those solutions will be costly and time-consuming.
UpMenu online food ordering system provides you the option to prepare and publish an application for your restaurant brand on the App store. Restaurant apps created within the UpMenu are connected with the online ordering system and all its features from the beginning. You can not only offer your clients a convenient and swift method of ordering food delivery but also give access to many appealing loyalty programs. Engage your customers with digital coupons and vouchers for menu items, or assure high retention with digital stamps and point collection schemes. All accessible from your native restaurant app for iPhones. Decide on a professional resolution, tailor-made for restaurants to get the best results.

Mobile application prepared for iOS devices is a must-have for new restaurants that would like to become recognizable on the local market and beyond. The native app gives you all the necessary tools to get ahead of the competition with extensive marketing tools, loyalty programs, online payments, and more. Your mobile app will make you stand out among local restaurants, ordering from your premise will be always within the reach of fingertips for your clients. Also, thanks to PUSH notifications you can send helpful reminders about your restaurant and ongoing promotions to the mobile app users. Customized messaged will help boost revenue at your premises.

Utilize extended data collected by the restaurant app from UpMenu and automatically generated reports. The system handles user reviews, ratings, placed orders, loyalty programs point fluctuation, and message exchange. Making it a great source of valuable feedback. Get ahead of the competition and distinguish yourself among local restaurants thanks to data-driven promotional campaigns. To get more from stored data utilize automatic reports that will display your brand growth in a comprehensible and clear way. Adress your shortcomings and earn positive customer ratings and reviews with ease. Becomer the first choice of dining for local and distant clients.

Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.