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Restaurant Catering Systems by UpMenu

Get more customers for your catering
restaurant with online order feature

Restaurant catering system with online ordering features

30% of all food orders are placed online – take part in it with an online catering ordering system on your own. Get it as a part of the UpMenu system and manage every aspect of your catering company in one place.

Upgrade your business thanks to professional software for caterers with online ordering. Complete more orders and increase profits thanks to improved catering management.

Online menu on your website or mobile app

Catering software from UpMenu makes menu management quick and easy. Use a simple drag-and-drop method to create appealing menus.

Customize the layout, adjust the design to your brand identity, and implement menu engineeringprinciples to start selling more with our software solution for catering companies.

Catering app for your restaurant

Orders placed through catering apps in the US are worth over $100 million a year. Go mobile and expand your sales by up to three times faster than the traditional way.

Get your own customized mobile application by UpMenu and stand out among other apps for catering. Let customers order even more easily from your catering business.

Simple order handling with catering software

Receiving orders can take literally 2 seconds with restaurant catering systems. You can manage all the information right away in one place – the catering system management panel.

Forget about mishandled phone orders and errors – manage your sales with software solutions prepared for the catering business!

Catering management made easy

Manage and measure all operations regarding your catering company in one place. Monitor sales, orders, and customer interactions to keep your business on the right track.

Catering management software by UpMenu supports online payments. This way, you get paid for the order, even before you start preparing it. Save time, nerves, and money you would lose on unpicked orders.

Loyalty programs and discount coupons in restaurant catering systems

Enhance your customer experience even further with additional marketing and loyalty-building features introduced in catering software by the UpMenu.

Create appealing loyalty programs, customizable discounts, and digital stamps to improve customer retention rates.

Furthermore, engage your consumers with personalized messages delivered through email, SMS, or PUSH notifications to communicate special offers.

Catering software with email marketing tools

Reach your customers with the UpMenu unique feature among restaurant catering systems – automatically generated messages that will improve process of your email marketing.

Communicate with customer base thanks to additionally featured push notifications and customizable SMS campaigns. Gather customer’s data and email addresses with catering software for use in further marketing campaigns.

Multi-location support

The UpMenu catering program allows handling the management of multiple localizations in one place. You can manage your entire catering enterprise in our application.

Your customers will be presented with the opportunity to choose from which location they prefer to be served. And, place orders online in a matter of seconds

Restaurant catering systems make order management much easier and more streamlined. Operations that traditionally take a large part of catering company employees’ time, now can be done in a matter of seconds. Moreover, thanks to software support your order handling process will be completely error-free. Customers appreciate orders being handled up to their expectations and right on time, especially when it comes to big orders for catering.

UpMenu online food ordering software collects extended data about your customers and sales. Thanks to it, you get access to accurate reports generated from the verified source of information – directly from your business operations. Analyze gathered knowledge about marketing efforts and customer reactions to it to adjust the management of your business.

Improved time and quality of order management is only one of the advantages you are earning when you decide to work with the UpMenu software solution for a catering company. Extended marketing support tools for the food business will make advertising simpler and cheaper. Thanks to promotion engine and automated messaging systems you will get access to a comprehensive set of promotional mechanisms, and a convenient way to communicate them to customers.

If you get started with UpMenu online ordering solution for catering companies, you don’t only earn access to a comprehensive order management tool fitted with marketing support. You get access also to a well-developed website builder. You can create your own place on the internet to communicate your products and services to potential customers.

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