Increasingly, more and more customers expect everything to be done online. An online booking system for restaurants will help you meet these expectations! Check out the list of 6 benefits provided by having your own online booking system.

1. More customers will visit your restaurant thanks to integration with an online booking system and online food ordering system

Do your customers like to order food online? Give them the possibility of making a reservation too. Thanks to offering an online food ordering system and online booking system on your website, you can increase the number of customers at your restaurant.

When placing their order, customers will also see the possibility of making a reservation. They will certainly appreciate such convenience and will be happy to visit your restaurant.

2. Smaller number of cancelled reservations thanks to the prepayment option

When you offer online table booking, you can also suggest making an order online with prepayment which will be delivered at a certain time. Your customer won’t have to wait for their food and you will limit the number of cancelled reservations. Read more about preordering in our article: UpMenu online booking system and pre-ordering.

3. Less work for you and your team thanks to the online booking system

Are there times when you have to answer the phone while carrying boxes of vegetables you just bought at the market? Or perhaps your waitress wasn’t able to answer the phone because she was in a rush to serve customers?

An online booking system for restaurants will help you in such situations. Each reservation can be accepted with just one click! You will save time and be better able to handle your work duties.

4. All relevant information in one place

Think how many times mistakes were made with orders because of being in a rush, lack of caution or just to much to do at your restaurant. The UpMenu system helps you gather all your online reservations in one place.

You don’t have to note down the instructions given by your customers over the phone. You will see all the details regarding the reservation in your administrative panel.

5. Greater comfort for the customer

We want to handle everything quickly nowadays. As soon as possible! The same applies to booking a table. Customers are used to handling all manner of things through the Internet.

Thanks to the online booking system, your restaurant will be more attractive to customers. You will build an image of a professional organisation that follows the latest trends among restaurant owners.

6. Profit and savings – smaller numbers of cancelled reservations.

On the one hand, thanks to online booking you will increase the number of customers, and hence the profit. On the other hand, such a solution will enable you to generate savings due to the possibility of optimum planning of the number of customers in your restaurant. You can use the entire space and your visitors won’t have to wait for a table!


The online booking system is a tool that enables to improve the work of your team and most of all, to increase your income. Online reservations provide a greater sense of comfort for your customers who will certainly appreciate such a system.

If you would you like to launch your own online ordering system, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help!

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