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10 Tips to Get More Google Restaurant Reviews (With Examples)


In today’s world, customer opinions are of enormous importance. Before going to a restaurant, people browse the Internet to find restaurants and review their detailed reviews. The more positive reviews a restaurant has, the more likely they are to attract more customers. 

Restaurant owners need to pay more attention to Google restaurant reviews, as the more good reviews you have, the higher your search engine rankings, which are a telltale sign of a successful business. In this article, you will learn how to get customers to leave restaurant reviews on the most popular search engine.

What are Google restaurant reviews?

Google restaurant reviews are user ratings and feedback about dining experiences at a particular restaurant, accessible on Google Maps and Google Search via the search bar. Through these reviews, people may share their personal recommendations, thoughts, and experiences with restaurants they have been to, giving other users and potential clients insightful feedback. 

Get more reviews on Google to attract more clients

Google reviews display the reviewer’s name and profile picture, providing transparency and authenticity. Users can click on the reviewer’s profile to see their other reviews and contributions. However, you can take those reviews and share them directly on your website with the help of the UpMenu restaurant feedback system. That way, your website visitors see more reviews, which makes them more likely to visit your business.

Fast facts about Google restaurant reviews
  • 88% of consumers will determine if your business is reliable enough by reading reviews (Source: Digital Air Strike)
  • 87% of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022, up from 81% in 2021. (Source: BrightLocal)
  • Google is the most trusted review platform across all industries, although Tripadvisor still has its place for accommodation businesses. (Source: BrightLocal)

Where are Google reviews displayed?

Restaurant Google reviews are displayed on various platforms and locations within Google’s ecosystem, such as Google Maps (under the business listing), Google Search Results, Google My Business Profiles, and Google Ads.

Google Search 

Google Search aims to connect users to more localized businesses than other review platforms and search engines. Google often displays a “Local Pack” at the top of the search results page. The Local Pack showcases a selection of businesses related to the search query, along with their ratings and online restaurant reviews.

When searching for a specific restaurant, Google often displays a Knowledge Panel on the right-hand side of the search results page, which provides all the details about the restaurant, including its name, address, phone number, website, photos, and reviews. Here you can read reviews, view the business’ online reputation, overall rating and a selection of review excerpts are typically displayed in this panel.

Google reviews for restaurants also can be found in Google Search

Google Maps 

When users search for a specific location or business on Google Maps, they can find a restaurant’s Google reviews, business’s details, photos, linked social media accounts, and more. In addition, Google Maps prominently displays the overall rating and allows users to read and contribute reviews.

Google Maps is also seamlessly integrated with Google Search, so when users search for a specific restaurant or browse for dining options in a particular area, Google Maps related listings appear. By leaving a review on Google Maps, you not only increase Google reviews for that particular restaurant, but also contribute to the overall rating and provide valuable insights to users searching for restaurant recommendations on the Google Maps app or website.

Each Google restaurant review is visible on the Google Maps section

Google My Business

This platform is specifically designed for businesses to manage their online presence on their Google profile. Businesses can create a profile on Google My Business and provide their address, contact details, business hours, and more information. Google reviews are a key component of the Google My Business platform, and businesses can monitor and respond to customer reviews from there.

By responding promptly to reviews on Google, business owners show their attentiveness to clients and their desire to help answer any questions, resolve any negative feedback and get to the bottom of any fake Google reviews.

 Manage Google reviews for restaurants directly from the Google My Business page

Google Advertisements 

In some cases, businesses may include their Google review ratings within their Google Ads campaigns to share positive reviews. This can help potential customers see the business’s reputation and make informed decisions. Additionally, you can target specific keywords and locations, increasing the visibility of your reviews when users search for relevant terms related to restaurants or dining experiences.

Google Ads also allows users to add ad extensions that can enhance restaurant review campaigns, such as a Google review link to direct users to specific review pages, callout extensions to highlight positive reviews, or review extensions to showcase previous users’ questions and reviews.

Share your Google restaurants reviews to attract more clients

Users can search through the Google search engine and access Google Maps or directly within the dedicated app. For example, a potential customer craving Vietnamese food searches for the highest-rated Vietnamese restaurants in Manhattan, New York. After putting the phrase in the Google Maps Search, they will see a map with Vietnamese restaurants from Manhattan.

Get more reviews on Google in order to stand out from competition in your area

They can filter the Search by Rating, Price, and Opening hours. 

Potential clients can filter Google review restaurant ratings to find the best local restaurants

While clicking on a given restaurant, they can see Google restaurant reviews for this particular place.

 All of your Google restaurants reviews are in one spot

Why do Google restaurant reviews matter?

Google reviews allow potential customers to check others’ opinions on food, quality, service, and the overall dining experience in a restaurant. In a competitive food industry, observing what diners say about your business and reacting to their opinions is crucial. Here are the reasons why you should pay attention to Google restaurant ratings. 

  1. Positive Google reviews boost your restaurant’s search ranking, increasing visibility. According to ReviewTrackers, restaurants with more than the average number of reviews on Google tend to rank higher in search results. Many people rely on online reviews, including Google restaurant reviews, to inform their dining decisions. The more positive reviews, the more chance one has of attracting potential customers to a restaurant, while negative reviews can deter them.
  2. Managing your reputation is possible through Google reviews, shaping public perception. When potential diners see that others have had positive experiences at your establishment, it instills trust in your business. 
  3. Google restaurant reviews drive increased website traffic, attracting more visitors. The number of reviews and the overall rating affect how visible your restaurant is in search results. Your restaurant may be more likely to be found by potential consumers if it ranks higher in relevant searches thanks to favorable reviews and ratings.
  4. More Google reviews for your restaurant correlate with higher sales potential. More favorable Google reviews can set your business apart from rivals, which boosts your sales potential. Positive feedback is the determining factor when potential customers compare restaurants. 
How to start collecting Google restaurant reviews?

To start collecting Google restaurant reviews, you must create a Google Business Profile. Here you can check how to set up Google Business Profile for restaurants and what needs to be included.

Once you create it, remember to keep it updated and always take time to respond to reviews. 

If there are negative Google restaurant ratings, address the customer’s issues and concerns as soon as possible. 

10 Tips on How to Get More Google Restaurant Reviews 

If you want to get more Google reviews for your restaurant, check out our tips below. 

Tip 1: Automate review gathering with your own online ordering system

Consider gathering your restaurant feedback with your own food ordering system. Such a system enables you to collect customer opinions automatically. 

Find my restaurant reviews all in one spot in UpMenu

In UpMenu, you can decide whether to publish your customers’ feedback on your website. You can still respond to these reviews even if you choose not to display them on your restaurant website. 

Tip 2: Include a link to your Google reviews on your website

Another idea is to add a link to your Google Business Profile on your restaurant website. To do this, firstly, you need to create your restaurant website. For that purpose, you can use a restaurant website builder.

Browse our ready-to-be-used restaurant website templates, choose one, add your menu and images, and start selling food online. Remember that you can customize your restaurant website; for example, add a pop-up window encouraging customers to share their opinion. It could be a simple text like “We care about your experience at NY Pizza! Did you enjoy your order? Please help us grow by sharing your thoughts on Google reviews. Your feedback helps us improve our business, and your feedback is very important to us!! Put a link to the Google restaurant reviews page here.”

 Ask clients to leave a Google review for restaurant feedback that you can share

Tip 3: Make it easy for your customers to write a restaurant review

We are talking about encouraging customers to write reviews, but they don’t necessarily need to know what to write. Think about making it easier for them. You could add information on your restaurant website and social media channels. Here is an example of what you could include:

  • Let us know when you visited our restaurant.
  • Please share the menu items you liked and would recommend to others.
  • Could you highlight one or more enjoyable aspects of your dining or ordering experience?
  • If you visited our restaurant, could you please share your thoughts on:
    • The food taste and quality
    • The restaurant’s decor
    • Customer service

Thank you for your feedback!

Your employees interact with your customers on an everyday basis. Waiters serve customers and know when it’s the best time to ask your customers for restaurant feedback. Train them to do this naturally and be friendly to encourage your guests to leave Google restaurant reviews. Have your staff ask clients if they enjoy their restaurant experience. Ask them to leave a review if the feedback is positive, as it helps your business. You can also include incentives, such as a discount on their next order if they leave you a review.

Clients will more likely rate restaurants on Google pages if you find the right way to ask them

Tip 4: Train your employees to actively encourage clients to write reviews.

Your employees interact with your customers on an everyday basis. Waiters serve customers and know when it’s the best time to ask your customers for restaurant feedback. Train them to do this naturally and be friendly to encourage your guests to leave Google restaurant reviews. Have your staff ask clients if they enjoy their restaurant experience. Ask them to leave a review if the feedback is positive, as it helps your business. You can also include incentives, such as a discount on their next order if they leave you a review.

Training your wait staff is the best way to get Google reviews

Tip 5: Place cards on every table

Let your customers know you have a Google Business Profile and would appreciate their support in leaving positive reviews. Placing cards with instructions on accessing your page and writing a review is a great solution. A huge advantage of the card placement is that it keeps visible to your customers throughout the visit.

Consider putting the information on the card about a small incentive like a free dessert or drink. In the same way, you can encourage customers who order online from your website. Consider adding a flyer to each online order, kindly requesting positive reviews if customers enjoyed your food. Additionally, you may want to share restaurant survey questions for customers to answer.

Table tents are another great way to earn Google reviews for restaurants

Tip 6: Implement email campaigns

As a restaurant owner, you also have the option to send emails or text reminders to customers who visited your restaurant or placed an order online. In this way, you can ask them to leave a review and to boost the number of Google reviews.

For that purpose, you can use the UpMenu email marketing software for restaurants. You just need to import your email, use one of the email templates, add email content, and send it to your customers.

 Send email marketing messages to encourage clients to leave a Google restaurant review

Tip 7: Engage with customers on social media

Using social media is an effective strategy to get more Google restaurant reviews. Promote your restaurant on popular platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, including a link to your Google reviews in your bio, to reach a broader audience and inspire your customers to share their opinions.

You can also ask your customers to tag your restaurant in their posts or use a specific hashtag, fostering increased engagement and encouraging people to share their experiences about your establishment.

Another idea is to include asking for leaving reviews in your social media content plan. For example, once a week, you can create a post with a picture of your bestseller asking your followers if they tried it already and, if yes, ask them to add their Google restaurant reviews. Alternatively, you could create a post asking if there is a dish your customers would love to see on your restaurant menu or give them a choice between a few menu items you consider adding to your menu and encourage them to vote for a dish and place their Google restaurant reviews.

When looking for ways on how to get good Google reviews, make sure to engage with clients online

Tip 8: Offer your customers incentives

One of the effective ways to encourage customers to leave their reviews on Google is by offering them an incentive. For example, when requesting reviews, you could mention that customers can earn loyalty points or rewards for sharing their feedback. Don’t forget to explain how they can redeem these rewards or points during their next visit or placing an order online.

In UpMenu, you can configure your loyalty program and let customers collect stamps or points, which can be redeemed for rewards. The setup process is smooth and easy, and it can directly influence the increase in the number of Google restaurant reviews as well as in the food order values by up to 30%.

Use incentives to get more reviews on Google

Tip 9: Share your positive reviews

Another idea is to share positive reviews across social media platforms and display them on your restaurant website. Remember that social proof is a great marketing tool that builds credibility and encourages potential customers to explore your restaurant’s offers. According to BrightLocal, reviews significantly influence consumer decision-making, with 76% of consumers “regularly” reading online reviews when browsing for local businesses.

Showing off your positive Google restaurant reviews is a great way to attract more clients

Tip 10: Respond to all reviews your restaurant received

Regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative, responding to all customer feedback is important. Doing so makes customers feel heard and acknowledged, increasing the likelihood of them leaving another positive review when they revisit your restaurant.

According to ReviewTrackers, 53% of consumers expect businesses to respond to online reviews within 7 days. So take it into account and respond to all reviews received.

If you notice the tendency that there are more bad reviews, don’t try to look up how I can delete restaurant reviews on Google. It’s not a solution. Instead, respond to these reviews and show your customers that you listen to them and care about what they say.

Each Google review for restaurant businesses should be responded to promptly in order to show that clients are valued.

Key Takeaways

  • Google restaurant reviews are of huge importance, as customers tend to read them before visiting a restaurant
  • Google restaurant reviews improve your restaurant’s search ranking and your sales potential
  • Consider gathering Google restaurant reviews with your own food ordering system
  • In UpMenu, you can gather your customer feedback automatically and decide if you want your customers to see them on your restaurant website or not 
  • Think about incentives for your customers to encourage them to leave reviews
  • Always respond to Google respond reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Google reviews cannot be removed directly by restaurant management or owners. According to Google’s policy, reviews are only deleted if they are against the company’s rules. Google can remove reviews in specific situations, such as when they contain spam, fraudulent information, or violate community guidelines.

However, restaurant owners and managers can flag reviews that they feel go beyond Google’s rules. When a review is highlighted, Google will investigate whether it breaks rules. In addition, Google has the right to delete reviews if they are found to be in violation.   It is significant to remember that attempting to influence or falsely report reviews can have unfavorable effects, including fines from Google.
You can adhere to these general instructions to write a restaurant review:

Choose the Platform: Choose where you’ll post your review. Examples of popular platforms include Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. Next, select the media type that best suits your preferences or experience.

Find the Restaurant: Use the platform of your choice to look up the restaurant you wish to evaluate. To discover the particular restaurant listing, use the search option or peruse the categories and locations.

Rate the Restaurant: A star rating system is used on many review websites. Give your experience a rating, with 5 stars showing exceptional service and 1 star showing subpar service. Additionally, some systems could provide rating options for particular elements like ambiance, service, and food.

Check Your Review Before Submitting: Check the accuracy of your rating, content, and uploaded images. Then, submit your review as soon as you’re satisfied.

Adhere to Community Rules: Make sure your review complies with the platform’s terms of service and community guidelines. For example, avoid using foul words, insulting remarks, or unrelated material.
The typical Google restaurant review might vary greatly based on the location, popularity, general level of food and service quality, and personal preferences of reviewers in that region.

Google uses a 1–5 star rating system for restaurant reviews, with 5 representing the highest rating. The total rating on the restaurant’s Google Maps listing often serves as a proxy for the typical Google restaurant review. However, the exact average rating can vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant.

Google has systems in place to identify and deal with fraudulent or phony reviews. Google employs various strategies to detect patterns and anomalies that may signal a fake review, even if the actual methods and algorithms used by the company to identify fake reviews are not publicly revealed.

Below are some methods Google may use to identify and deal with fraudulent reviews:

  • Google uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to evaluate review patterns and spot potential indications of fraud or manipulation. The usage of unusual language patterns or a rapid inflow of reviews from a single source are only two examples of anomalies in review behavior that these algorithms can identify.

  • Google may examine the IP addresses connected to reviews that are submitted. It may be reported for further inquiry if several reviews come from the same IP address or a group of IP addresses, as this may be a sign of a coordinated effort to manipulate reviews.

  • Google encourages people to flag dubious or false reviews using its reporting system. Google can conduct investigations and take required action against false reviews using user reports.
Anyone can report a Google review if they think it breaks one of the company’s review content guidelines. Users are urged to write spammy, false, or otherwise improper reviews by Google. When a review is reported, Google examines the material to see whether it breaks any rules.

It’s crucial only to flag reviews if you firmly believe they are against Google’s rules. Reviews flagged intentionally or without good cause may suffer negative repercussions and violate Google standards.
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