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DoorDash alternative

Control every aspect of your online presence with a DoorDash alternative and scale your restaurant

Count how much you can save

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You can save so much by launching your own ordering system instead selling by portal.


DoorDash alternative – save More, earn More

Having your own food ordering system means all orders placed at your restaurant. With commission rates on DoorDash going as high as 25% – thousands of dollars can be saved!

With rising commissions, and excessive consumer complaints – DoorDash is a poor choice to partner with.

Online ordering is crucial to your business

Did you know that 63% of consumers believe delivery is more convenient than dining out? That is close to two-thirds of your target audience.

What we are offering is an opportunity to put your name in front of your consumers – through a DoorDash alternative.

Leverage consumer data

While major food ordering applications keep all your consumer data to boost their marketing efforts, this DoorDash alternative believes in empowering our clients.

All contact information entered is utilized to boost your marketing database. The next time you have an email newsletter ready – you have a database full of subscribers!

Control how you operate

When partnering with popular food ordering marketplaces, like DoorDash, restaurant owners have to abide by their rules – even when the matters to relate their restaurant.

From editing menu items and introducing new items to changing the pricing structures – UpMenu allows owners full control.

Increase online conversions manifold

On generic online food marketplaces, your brand is nothing more than a menu item in the list.

However, DoorDash alternative allows you to create an entire following of loyal customers through various marketing tools.

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